Festival Season In Focus: Turn Up the Volume for Festivals and Outdoor Events with SpeedPro Imaging

We’ve packed up the parkas and scarfs and are donning dapper seersuckers and stunning sundresses. Winter is in our rear-view mirror, spring is in full bloom, and summer, summer, summertime is just around the corner. The temperature is rising, and so should your expectations to generate business as customers focus on the great outdoors. SpeedPro Imaging, the nation’s most trusted festival, and outdoor events partner is ready to help you turn up and show out as the festive season kicks into high gear.

While there’s no scientific fact to prove it, it’s safe to say we’re a nation that likes to party. Miley Cyrus even wrote a song about it. And nothing, at this moment, defines summertime more than festivals and outdoor events. A whopping 32 million people attended at least one U.S. music festival in 2014. There’s been a meteoric rise in the popularity of music festivals this decade – Coachella, Bonnaroo, Austin City Limits—are all must-attend events for hundreds of thousands of music fans.

Consider this write-up from data management platform Umbel:

After a decade of consistent growth in the music festival business, many cities are more than happy to host one. The local economies of the host cities benefit greatly as they are infused with millions of dollars in additional tourism-related revenue. Fans come for the music and the unique experience, and sponsors and advertisers love that they have a truly captive audience, not just for a few minutes but for multiple days. Which is why so many brands are willing to pay megabucks to sponsor them in multiple ways.

And the big-ticket festivals are paying dividends for the organizers responsible for them. The five biggest festivals grossed more than $183 million in ticket sales in 2014.

But it’s not just the big-name music events that draw people outside during these two climate friendly seasons. It’s your local street festivals, food truck rodeos, and renaissance fairs.

For instance, a weekly lunchtime farmer’s market in downtown Raleigh, North Carolina in the summer of 2015 generated more than 100,000 shoppers, resulting in $200,000 in spending.

Whether you’re in Memphis, West Virginia, or Charleston, SC, the country is hungry to congregate outside with their neighbors. And this is where SpeedPro Imaging, the nation’s most trusted festival and outdoor events planner, is best suited to help you satisfy that hunger with BIG. BOLD. GRAPHICS.

Let SpeedPro Imaging, with our spectacular, high-impact graphic display options, make your festival the next “big thing.” Our customizable graphic solutions will convey your message starting with the promotional phase. Watch in amazement as your grand vision is brought to reality when you partner with SpeedPro Imaging to create dynamic stage banners and extraordinary signage that visually enhances the festive atmosphere.

  • Tents – Nothing says street festival more than a tent. And SpeedPro Imaging’s tents will speak your event’s language. Our versatile, portable and customized tents invite passersby to stop and discover what’s inside.
  • Flags – SpeedPro Imaging flags will get the word out on one or both sides. Blade or teardrop, feather or flutter, your local studio can help you design mesmerizing flags.
  • Floor Graphics – We aim to amaze and astound from the ground up. Let us provide an extra WOW with directional floor graphics. Exterior concrete or asphalt? No match for SpeedPro Imaging’s adhesive prints that are the true definition of durability.
  • Vehicle Wraps – Playing host to a food truck rodeo? Spice up that beat-up old truck with our customizable graphics that will drive home your messaging.
  • Digital Signage – Here’s a solution when you need to communicate multiple messages. We specialize in engaging signage limited only by your imagination.

As a festival organizer, you have enough to worry about. When you team-up with SpeedPro Imaging, the nation’s most trusted festival and outdoor events planner, know that your graphics opportunities will be managed in a timely fashion.

For more information about SpeedPro Imaging, the nation’s most trusted restaurant graphics partner, and to contact your local SpeedPro to get started, please visit http://www.speedpro.com/locations/.

SpeedPro Imaging: Inspiring Bright Young Minds to Pursue Creative Careers

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Nation’s Leading Printing and Graphics Franchise Celebrates SpeedPro Owner Mark Simmons for Valuing Customer Relationships and Building a Robust Internship Program with Local High School

“Never stop learning, because life never stops teaching.” That inspirational quote applies to Mark Simmons, one of the newest SpeedPro Imaging franchise owners.  Mark joined the nation’s leading printing and graphics franchise after spending more than 30 years in retail executive management, learning the ropes and learning how to deal with the ups and downs.

Mark learned the value of relationships early in his career and it factors into his early success as a relatively new SpeedPro Imaging studio owner. The studio in Apex, NC, a blossoming business and homeowner suburb of Raleigh, opened its doors in July 2016. Mark is capitalizing on the network he built during his career to leverage new connections and business. That includes substantial work with American Airlines, Leith VW of Cary, Leith Automotive Group, Coca-Cola,  and premier homebuilder Royal Oaks Homes.


vwAA CLT 1Blog 3One of Simmons toughest professional lessons came during The Great Recession when he oversaw chapter 11 bankruptcy proceedings at a national retailer. Mark had to deliver unwelcome news about job cuts to a countless number of employees. While there is no joy out of being the bearer of a major life change, the process reinforced Mark’s values of compassion and relationship building.

As Mark nurtures his budding SpeedPro Imaging business, he recognizes the value of building relationships with members of his community in Apex – something other SpeedPro franchise owners have told him is the key to success with the nation’s leading printing and graphics franchise. Mark is a member of the Apex rotary club, has joined two local chambers, and supports several non-profits in the area. He also works with a crisis ministry in the county, where they provide food for the needy, and donates signage to the program.

That’s a lot of time and effort spent on relationship building and giving back…but Mark says it’s been the key to his success as he is more than doubling expected volume levels in his first full year (check out this recent blog post to see how one SpeedPro Imaging owner, Bruce Benson, made more than $750,000 in a single month!).

“I love the area,” says Mark, a Syracuse, NY native. “The Triangle (Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill) is a wonderful place to live and raise a family.  With more than a million residents, and more being added every day, it’s also a booming market to grow a business. There’s so much development all around the city, allowing me to make connections for clients in need for graphic and signage solutions.”

But Mark’s relationship-building focus only begins with potential community clients and business partners.   The connection extends to the local high school, Apex Friendship. The school is home to the Academy of Engineering and Advanced Manufacturing. The selective AP level program gives student exposure to hands-on experiences within STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics). It’s a program his daughter Kailea, a student at Apex Friendship, takes part in. When Mark learned the school was looking to partner with local businesses for an internship program, he jumped at the chance.

“School leaders do an excellent job building relationships with local businesses, small and large. SpeedPro Imaging has a commitment to community, and the high schools are a major part of the community here in Apex. It was an absolute no-brainer when I was approached to take part in this initiative.”

The students had to earn their way into his SpeedPro Imaging studio. He interviewed 4 candidates, each with unique traits. Mark ultimately chose a rising senior with a 3.7 GPA, interested in aerospace and automotive design. “His resume was polished, he was very accomplished. I was impressed by his maturity after our interview.”

While internships are typically associated with college students, ambitious high schoolers are gradually learning the importance of the work experience. The Society for Human Resource Management says both employers, and students benefit from high school internships. “By employing students, companies get exposure to talent early in their career journey and help support the well-being of the local community,” says Robin D. Richards, chairman, and CEO of Internships.com.

The student will assume a production assistant role at the SpeedPro Imaging studio – learning exactly what it takes to work for the nation’s leading printing and graphics franchise. Day-to-day functions include handling the printing and finishing processes, along with exposure to graphic design. Once the intern is comfortable, he’ll have the ability for some level of customer interaction, both inside and outside the facility. The program is only seven weeks, but Mark believes this opportunity will be a win-win-win for the student, SpeedPro employees, and Mark himself.

“For the student, who is only 17, he’ll get hands-on exposure and experience in the design aspect that he simply would not get in school,” says Simmons. “This is an opportunity for him to implement classroom observation into real life scenarios and learn the ins and outs of a local small business and manufacturer.  He’ll be exposed to real world scenarios in a pressurized position that mirrors what it’s truly like to be a production assistant – something that rarely happens with internships.”

From a business perspective, involvement with this internship program serves as an informational session for Simmons. Later this year, he’ll use the lessons learned from the experience with his intern, as a blueprint when he hires a full-time production assistant. Simmons gets to test drive the position, without any of the associated labor costs.

“My whole team is excited because we get a chance to mentor an outstanding young man with a bright future.   This internship program gives everyone at my SpeedPro studio, including myself, the opportunity to grow and develop.   This is a rare opportunity for my employees to receive help from a highly motivated and intelligent intern who possesses skills that have real world impact.   Additionally, all of us will develop a better understanding of how to hire and what to look for in new employees while refining our delegation and training processes.   We can’t wait to get started.”

Mark and his team are excited about the upcoming summer lesson. He believes this venture is the start of a long-term relationship with Apex Friendship High School long after his daughter graduates. And Mark is thrilled his neighbors in Apex embraced him as much as he and his SpeedPro Imaging studio continues its growth.

Blog School

Great Gatsby Prints for the school’s Prom

SpeedPro Imaging franchisees across the country are doing their part of cultivating America’s brightest minds with a meaningful opportunity.   A specific focus on hiring and developing hungry and passionate employees is one of the key catalysts that have fueled SpeedPro’s development into the nation’s leading printing and graphics franchise that specializes in:

  • Banners, Decals, Digital Signage, Directional Signage, Elevator Wraps
  • Event Graphics, Event Tents, Flags, Fleet Wraps, Floor Graphics
  • Indoor Signage, Outdoor Signage, Point of Purchase Displays
  • Retractors, Signs & Graphics, Table Coverings & Table-toppers
  • Trade Show Displays, Vehicle Wraps, Wall Murals, Window Graphics

For more information on the SpeedPro Imaging franchise opportunity and what it takes to be a successful franchise owner like Mark, please visit http://www.speedprofranchising.com/.

SpeedPro Imaging, the Nation’s Leading Printing and Graphics Franchise, Hosts Record-Setting Franchisee Convention


Hundreds of SpeedPro Franchisees, Corporate Employees, and Vendor Partners Flocked to Denver to Share Best Practices and Launch Powerful New Programs

Centennial, Colo – (May 9, 2017) – SpeedPro Imaging, the nation’s leading printing and graphics franchise, hosted the most SpeedPro Imaging Franchisee Conference to date in Denver, CO from March 11 – March 13, 2017. The conference highlighted SpeedPro Imaging’s innovative company culture, promoted collaboration to develop best business practices, and inspired franchisees to continue 2016’s record setting-sales pace into 2017 and beyond.

There’s a reason why SpeedPro Imaging, the nation’s leading printing and graphics franchise, is #263 on Entrepreneur’s 2017 Franchise 500 list of the country’s best and fastest growing franchises and featured as one of the “Top Franchise Opportunities” by Franchise Business Review. SpeedPro was also recognized in Franchise Gator’s The Top 100 Franchises of 2017, coming in at #44.  SpeedPro Imaging has earned these accolades with an unwavering dedication to fueling the success of their franchise owners – helping hard working owners maximize ROI through industry leading corporate support, vendor partnerships, and training/consulting programs.

All of this was on display at the 2017 SpeedPro Imaging Franchisee Convention and the system-wide numbers suggest these awards/accolades are anything but smoke and mirrors.   Consider:

  • The average SpeedPro Imaging studio is 5.5 years old and grows double digits each year. *
  • More than 33% of SpeedPro Imaging franchisees who have been operating for 2+ years generate a 24.5% profit margin and an ODP of $215,000. *
  • More than 50% of SpeedPro Imaging franchisees who have been operating for 5+ years generate a 25.2% profit margin and an ODP of $250,000. *
  • And Bruce Benson, SpeedPro Imaging’s Des Moines-based franchise owner, became the first franchisee to earn “Triple-Diamond Club” honors by generating more than $500,000 in a single month in 2017.

SpeedPro Imaging’s CEO, Boris Katsnelson, says the powerful synergy between corporate staff members and franchisees, as well as a shared commitment to teamwork and ongoing education, and has been the catalyst fueling this success for the nation’s leading printing and graphics franchise.

“I am delighted and encouraged after witnessing the prolific accomplishments, awards, testimonies and overall enthusiasm that emerged during the 2017 SpeedPro Imaging Franchisee Conference,” says Katsnelson. “2017, from the perspective of our franchisees as well as our corporate office, is already shaping up to be another record-setting year for us. The exceptional growth at SpeedPro Imaging is the culmination of exceptional collaboration among forward thinking franchise owners offering customizable and incomparable graphic solutions to customers and a supportive business model that cultivates and rewards innovation.”

Much of the success SpeedPro Imaging franchisees are experiencing at the local level can be attributed to its industry leading field consultant program to help franchisees achieve their desired outcomes. A dedicated staff of field consultants, all of whom have personally owned and operated a SpeedPro Imaging location, works with no more than seven franchises. This equates to a less than 7:1 ratio, again, a rarity in the graphic solutions industry and something SpeedPro Imaging has pioneered as the nation’s leading printing and graphics franchise.

Large format printing is a $24 billion industry, growing roughly at 6% per year. As an industry trendsetter, SpeedPro Imaging is capitalizing as the only franchise company focused on large format printing projects. As evidence of this growth, SpeedPro Imaging welcomed 8 new franchise partners in 2016, added 5 more since the start of 2017, and expects to award many more franchise territories to qualified franchise partners by end of year 2017.

There were several additional key takeaways during the powerful conference:

  • A record number of 44 vendors participated in the 2017 SpeedPro Imaging Franchisee Conference and trade show.
  • More than 50 awards were presented throughout the three-day conference. These included  Eric Lazar winning “Rookie of the Year,” Bruce Benson taking home “Top Gross Sales,” and Jeff  and Lori kolenich  being recognized as the “2016 Franchisee of the Year.
  • Steve Moran-Cassese, SpeedPro Imaging’s San Rafael, CA-based franchise owner, won the 2016 “Project of the Year” for the fantastic rebranding project he and his team tackled alongside ArtLab Studios for the Hewlett Packard welcome center in Palo Alto, CA. The project entailed multiple applications including traditional and multi-dimensional wall murals, window graphics and a direct-print brushed metal aluminum composite wall treatment.   Learn more about these kinds of fantastic wall graphics in this recent SpeedPro blog post.
  • Production manager training, an influential program that has played a role in development, was reinstated.
  • And SpeedPro Imaging continued to embrace its role as a leader of the latest technology when it unveiled plans to introduce the new HP Scitex Flatbed 550 in stores nationwide. The brand-new equipment package will increase printing capabilities at an efficient pace.

Steven Brown, SpeedPro Imaging’s Senior VP of Operations who will be embracing a larger leadership role with the company in 2017, says he is excited about the future.

“We’re excited about what lies ahead for our company, franchise owners, our staff and customers in 2017,” said Brown. “This conference helped reinforce SpeedPro Imaging’s positioning as the number one brand in the industry. We’re looking forward to the year ahead and gathering next year to share more stories of success.”

As the nation’s leading printing and graphics franchise, SpeedPro Imaging can handle any printing project on behalf of their clients, including:

  • Banners, Decals, Digital Signage, Directional Signage, Elevator Wraps
  • Event Graphics, Event Tents, Flags, Fleet Wraps, Floor Graphics
  • Indoor Signage, Outdoor Signage, Point of Purchase Displays
  • Retractors, Signs & Graphics, Table Coverings & Table-toppers
  • Trade Show Displays, Vehicle Wraps, Wall Murals, Window Graphics

For more information about SpeedPro Imaging’s printing and graphics solutions, please visit speedpro.com.

For more information about the SpeedPro Imaging Franchise opportunity, please visit speedprofranchising.com.

About SpeedPro Imaging

With more than 20 years of experience, SpeedPro Imaging is the nation’s leading printing and graphics franchise – creating professional large format imaging for a wide variety of companies in any industry. The company specializes in high-quality products including wall murals, event graphics, tradeshow displays, vehicle wraps and window graphics. Through extreme resolution levels and unparalleled quality standards, SpeedPro Imaging takes visual communications to the next level. Today, there are 125 studios open and operating in 31 states, with several more in various stages of development.

Restaurants Turn UP for Cinco de Mayo with SpeedPro Imaging, The Nation’s Most Trusted Restaurant Graphics Partner

12 Restaurant (2 Decals_restaurant)Today is Cinco de Mayo and most restaurant owners are slammed – struggling to keep drinks flowing and tables full of spectacular dishes.   And this year’s Cinco will be more insane than most as the “holiday” falls on a Friday.

That sound you’re hearing from restaurant owners nationwide is one of “Cha-ching” filled optimism as they all hope the customers, and the margaritas, will be flowing all night long.   But far too few of them planned effectively – they didn’t plan for this night weeks ahead by showcasing Cinco De Mayo deals and specials with outdoor signage, window graphics, and table coverings.

Cinco De Mayo 2

The good news is we can help at SpeedPro Imaging.   As the nation’s most trusted restaurant graphics partner, we have decades of experience helping restaurants attract a crowd for Cinco De Mayo and all other holidays/promotions that are key to their success.   Our Great. Big. Graphics. help any restaurant owner wow customers today and inspire them to make return visits for big events…and just because.

Now, while Americans have adopted Cinco de Mayo, the celebration of a victory during the Franco-Mexican war, as our own, it’s far from the only excuse we make to celebrate at local restaurants and bars.  It doesn’t take much of a nudge to get American consumers to party. Among the top drinking “holidays” in the U.S.:

  • New Year’s Eve
  • Super Bowl Sunday
  • Patrick’s Day
  • Cinco de Mayo
  • Memorial Day
  • July 4th
  • Labor Day
  • Halloween

So, maybe you missed the boat for this year’s Cinco de Mayo. No worries. There are several holidays approaching that will bring customers out in droves, especially if you team up with SpeedPro Imaging. Notable fast approaching dates include May 14, Mother’s Day, the Super Bowl for the restaurant industry.

We’re only two Sunday’s away. And that’s just enough time for you to consult with your local SpeedPro Imaging studio to develop a graphics package that could encourage local families to treat Mom to something special at your restaurant. The possibilities are endless:

Cinco De MayoSpecial decals featuring the mothers and special messages from your restaurant’s employees.

  • Imagine the looks of amazement from patrons who can’t take their eyes off your originally designed high-quality wall mural.

8 Restaurant

  • You know it’s all about social-media. Help families capture the spirit of the day with a Mother’s Day themed point of purchase (POP) Of-course, your hashtags and web address will be in a convenient location!

Don’t fall victim to underestimating single-day events and promotions. We’re just now entering prime time for the restaurant industry. With SpeedPro Imaging’s assistance, now is the perfect time to develop your summertime marketing plan:

Warmer temperatures typically encourage locals and visitors to venture outdoors. Because the hotel industry also sees an increase in business during the tourism season, restaurants located in or around busy hotels might notice an increase in business. What’s more, some restaurants hold events during the summer months, such as outdoor music and other fun entertainment, which is likely to draw customers and increase sales.

And events are just one reason to partner with SpeedPro.  You just updated your menu to reflect the rising temperatures. But how do you get the word out? SpeedPro Imaging, the nation’s most trusted restaurant graphics partner, is here to assist. SpeedPro Imaging offers a wide range of attention-grabbing, customizable, high-impact graphics that help with any kind of promotion or announcement.   These include:

1 Resturant Wall Murals

  • Outdoor Signage – People are outdoors this time of year. Sharp impactful banners highlighting your promotions and specials will help drive customers inside your restaurant.
  • Window Graphics – Sometimes a description doesn’t do your menu justice. Put your culinary creations on display on those clean windows for the world to see.
  • Flags – Out-of-towners are flocking to your city for spring and summer festivities. Where are they going to eat? They’re heading to your establishment because the feather flags with big, bold graphics caught their eye during their initial stroll around the city.
  • Table Coverings – Do you cater to health-conscious diners? Let them know the source of your ingredients, right there on the table. Our graphics allows you to create a cool map that pinpoints where your products were grown
  • Vehicle WrapsWhether you have a big conversion van or a convertible, let our studio experts equip your valuable mobile resource with graphics where many of your customers are…on the road.

The party never ends when it comes to properly marketing your beloved business. Don’t let the opportunity to remind customers and visitors what differentiates you from the others slip away. Your restaurant and bar is the main course. Let us serve your customer’s mesmerizing graphic displays.

For more information about SpeedPro Imaging, the nation’s most trusted restaurant graphics partner, and to contact your local SpeedPro to get started, please visit http://www.speedpro.com/locations/.

Outdoor Graphics for Spring Events


10 Fair

The expression goes “you never get a second chance to make a first impression.”  No matter if you’re on Madison Avenue or Main Street U.S.A., the opinion holds true wherever you are…and SpeedPro Imaging, the nation’s most trusted provider of outdoor signage, is committed to helping business owners make first impressions count.

Right or wrong, most people will judge a book by its cover.  The outdoor signage promoting any business is often any business owner’s only chance to make a strong first impression on potential customers.   And spring-time, when home owners and business owners nationwide get serious about spring cleaning, a great time for any business to partner with SpeedPro Imaging, the nation’s most trusted provider of outdoor signage, to update, overhaul, or create vibrant and compelling outdoor signage complete with the WOW factor you want to convey.

Don’t take it from us – countless national business organizations agree few things are more important to a store’s marketability than visible outdoor graphics.  Research has consistently shown that Out-Of-Home ads significantly lowers the cost of advertisements compared to TV, online and other mediums. Consider this from the Small Business Administration:

“During a two-year study, 165 independent small businesses surveyed between 15 and 30 of their first-time customers or clients to determine what prompted their first visit. In all, 2,475 new customers were surveyed. When asked the question, “How did you learn about us?” Fifty percent responded that the company’s sign was their first exposure to the business. Hence, a business’s sign can be estimated to generate between 15 percent and 45 percent of a small firm’s revenue.”

A similar SBA report indicates that outdoor signage:

  • Develops a memory for a location and the products or services available at the location
  • Reinforces a memory and extends recall of other advertising efforts
  • Attracts new customers by prompting first-time or impulse visits or purchases
  • Modifies customary purchase decisions or habits

Further, spring encourages freshness. The flowers are blooming and we can all look to the sky and not be concerned about treacherous weather. People want to be outdoors, not in seclusion. They’re driving more, which equates to more opportunities for you to grab their attention. This study from Arbitron discovered 40% of those who viewed a large format advertisement in the past month visited a store or restaurant they saw. Furthermore, 26% of those visitors did so immediately after seeing the advertisement.

The signs of warmer weather are everywhere. Let SpeedPro Imaging, the nation’s most trusted provider of outdoor graphics, assist you in your spring cleaning. We have a wide-variety of high-quality outdoor signage products designed to emphasize your business’ brand recognition and deliver your value proposition in a memorable and influential fashion. We offer big, bold customizable solutions, including flags, banners, floor and street graphics and much more!

Here are a few examples of industries/businesses that are a perfect fit to take advantage of what SpeedPro Imaging offers as the nation’s most trusted provider of outdoor signage this spring.

Auto Dealerships: Now is the time people are hitting the road for spring and summer trips. April is National Car Care month. Families are ensuring their vehicles are ready for the road. Our custom signage for car lots and showrooms will help drive customers to your car lot and service shop as the travel season shifts into high gear.

Hotels: Nothing says spring is in session more than an excursion to the beach. Folks are packing up and setting up camp at hotels and resorts across the country. SpeedPro Imaging custom hotel signs cater to the hospitality industry’s stringent standards. The vivid outdoor graphics will welcome your patrons to their home away from home.

 Trade Shows: Tis the season for various industry oriented trade shows. Our high-functioning, multi-purpose graphics will generate more attendees and a wildly successful show. Partner with us to create custom event graphics to fit any venue.

Restaurants & Bars: This season is the reason why you invested in that outdoor patio. We have an endless buffet of graphic options for your establishment, both outdoors and indoors.  In addition to our outdoor signage solutions built to attract more customers, we also offer in-house solutions, such as table coverings, that will surely help you differentiate your restaurant from others.

Local Races:  Now is the time people are participating in 5k’s, marathons, and various endurance contests. Before the starting pistol is fired, SpeedPro Imaging’s big bold sporting event graphics will have runners stop in their tracks to soak in the atmosphere. Our specialists will make the start/finish line pop. And our unique directional signs will deliver your organization’s message while keeping participants headed toward the finish line.

It sounds cliché, but Spring truly is a time to go “all-in” with an “in with the new, out with the old” mentality if you’re looking to make valuable first impressions that turn passersby in long-term, loyal customers.   And as the nation’s most trusted provider of outdoor signage, we’re excited to help you at SpeedPro Imaging.

Ready to get started?   Visit our locations page and type in your zip code to find the SpeedPro Imaging franchise owner closest to your business!

Amaze and Inspire Without Saying a Word with SpeedPro Imaging – the Nation’s Most Trusted Trade Show Partner

Trade Show Displays

It’s been suggested, “a picture is worth a thousand words.” And we take that to heart. Our goal at SpeedPro Imaging, the nation’s most trusted trade show partner, is to deliver eye-catching, mesmerizing event graphics that will leave your audience – exhibitors and visitors alike – speechless.

No matter the facility’s size or configuration, SpeedPro is the resource equipped to convey the event’s branding. We provide vivid outdoor signage and expressive flags, bright indoor signage, colorful directional signage, as well as dramatic elevator wraps, sharp window graphics, and animated floor graphics.  As the nation’s most trusted trade show partner, we can do it all for trade show event hosts – transforming stale and bland convention centers into monumental and unforgettable trade show sites.

Here’s the beautiful news for trade show hosts – statistics suggest 2017 is a comeback year for the industry. After being a bit groggy following the recession, there’s an emerging sentiment among trade show analysts for 2017— optimism. Multiple surveys among leading event organizers across the country revealed an expectation of growth this year. The Center for Exhibition Industry Research is anticipating a growth rate in 2017 3.5% higher than the record set back in 2007. SpeedPro, the nation’s most trusted trade show partner, will help any trade show host maximize their budget for 2017 events and ensure they elevate their artistic expression to match the renewed interest.

Guess who is taking notice and preparing for the projected uptick? The very convention centers with whom trade show hosts partner. The Trade Show News Network just published an article called “Convention Venues Big and Small Invest in Expansion and Upgrade Projects.” The opening paragraph suggests convention centers are planning to go BIG in 2017:

In order to meet the growing needs of convention groups, retain existing clients and compete with other similar-sized destinations for group business, more and more cities and their convention and visitors’ bureaus are recognizing the importance of investing in convention center upgrade and expansion projects.

Specifically, these five cities are among the dozens gearing up for what is expected to be multiple years of trade show success:

When people arrive at your trade show, we know attendees are looking for opportunities to be informed. We know they’re looking to network. But in 2017, event show hosts need to step their game up; it’s all about holding attention. Whether through engagement or entertainment, we’re confident the graphics at SpeedPro, the nation’s most trusted trade show partner, can accomplish that.

And while a few developing, high-tech trends, such as virtual reality and artificial intelligence, are sure to captivate audiences on show floors this year, trade show hosts must still do their part of setting the scene with big, bold graphics that instruct, inform, guide and WOW.   Here are some projects SpeedPro can tackle to help trade show hosts put their best face forward:

  • Event Graphics – SpeedPro can help trade show hosts, and any exhibitor, with trade show booths, table tops, table throws and so much more.
  • Wall Murals – SpeedPro can create custom-sized, awe-inspiring wall murals that make a statement as attendees navigate the trade show.
  • Directional Signage – Speaking of navigation, SpeedPro can ensure all attendees know where they’re going, taking the burden off your staff’s shoulders.
  • Retractable Banners – SpeedPro can also create a series of portable and adjustable retractable banners to help trade show hosts deliver key messages anywhere at any time.
  • And much more…check out our full list of services for more.

Richard Arrington is a SpeedPro Imaging owner with extensive knowledge on trade show event best practices. Arrington knows the importance of graphics designed to showcase the event. He says it’s best to let SpeedPro Imaging handle the printing while hosting companies tackle the logistics. According to Arrington, he and all other SpeedPro Imaging franchises across the country are committed to being a true partner for trade show hosts – one that handles complicated variables so hosts can focus on their logistical strengths.

“When you have a big event, there are so many variables,” said Arrington.   “At SpeedPro, we take care of any issues that come up and make sure everything goes right.   Even if displays are misplaced or are damaged, we are there to help in a crisis, too.  We will work with someone in the local market to ensure our clients put their best face forward when the conference occurs. If the show starts tomorrow, we will find a way to ensure a replacement is ready.”

For those reasons and so many more, SpeedPro Imaging is always there for trade show hosts as the nation’s most trusted trade show partner.   We’re ready to collaborate with you and will work diligently to deliver trade show graphics solutions custom-built for your needs.

It’s time for you to be seen, be heard, and be chosen with SpeedPro this year.   Reach out to your local SpeedPro studio to get started.

Former Retail Manager Brings Nation’s Leading Printing and Graphics Franchise to North Palm Beach

Slatons 1

SpeedPro Imaging’s Newest Franchise Owner, Mike Slaton, Says Affluent Business Community Makes North Palm Beach a Perfect Fit for the B2B Company

(North Palm Beach, FL – March 22nd, 2017) SpeedPro Imaging, the nation’s leading printing and graphics franchise, is set to open its newest location serving North Palm Beach, Florida in late May. The new studio will be equipped to handle any large format imaging project for local businesses, such as wall murals, event graphics, tradeshow displays, vehicle wraps, window graphics, and more.

The SpeedPro Imaging North Palm Beach will be owned and operated by local franchise owner Mike Slaton. The native Floridian brings more than two decades worth of retail managerial experience to SpeedPro Imaging.   Working for one of the world’s most recognizable retail chains, Mike enjoyed a lot of success, earned several promotions and even met his wife.   However, their professional obligations all-too-often resulted in decreased family time and Mike was seeking a better work-life balance.

Under the guidance of franchise consultant Scott Diener, Mike discovered the SpeedPro franchise opportunity. After reviewing the business opportunity in depth, Mike jumped at the chance to join the nation’s leading printing and graphics franchise because it was a high upside investment that allowed him to spend considerably more time with his kids.

“It was extremely tough missing out on seeing my kids achieve big milestones and accomplishments,” says Mike. “Now I have a chance to watch them grow up as I grow professionally. SpeedPro Imaging affords me the opportunity to work on my passion of art. It’s clear SpeedPro Imaging is a powerful national brand, provides long-term financial stability and awards locations exclusively to franchise owners who are a great fit for the system.”

Mike adds that the nation’s leading printing and graphics franchise will allow him to take full advantage of countless business opportunities North Palm Beach has to offer.

“It’s a win-win from my perspective,” says Mike. “Outdoor living plays a significant role here in the North Palm Beach area. There’s a strong demand from the affluent businesses to capitalize on the area’s beautiful scenery. With SpeedPro Imaging’s large format printing solutions, I will be able to meet that demand.   Plus, the SpeedPro Imaging business model provides my wife, Alexandra, and I the perfect opportunity to work together as her financial acumen parallels my skills very well.   I am excited to work with her while also spending more quality time with our family.”

Despite just getting started, Mike expects to ramp up his SpeedPro studio sales in the first year due to SpeedPro’s Ramp-Up Program. With the Ramp-Up program, Mike has already begun building his list of paying clients and bottom line profit, even before opening his physical studio location.  SpeedPro Imaging’s Cheif Operating Officer, Steven Brown, believes Mike’s goals for rapid growth are realistic considering his skill set and the success similar owners have experienced.

“We are thrilled to open our next Florida-based SpeedPro Imaging studio and we’re confident Mike will be able to scale his business quickly,” says Steven.   “He possesses a perfect blend of skills that are an excellent fit for our business model.   He’s personable, experienced, and willing to get his hands dirty with his employees.   He understands the level of quality and professionalism our clients expect of our state-of-the-art graphics.   We’re excited to see Mike grow our North Palm Beach presence and believe he can meet or exceed his first-year growth expectations.”

SpeedPro Imaging has a nationwide network of 126 studios in 31 states, nearly a third of which have opened in the last three years alone. SpeedPro Imaging delivers superior display graphic products to deliver key messages and extend brand awareness on behalf of their clients.   The company’s mission is to be considered the premier choice for large format graphics and exceed our client’s expectations through unmatched timeliness, professionalism, and product quality.

As the nation’s leading printing and graphics franchise, SpeedPro Imaging can handle any printing project on behalf of their clients, including:

  • Banners, Decals, Digital Signage, Directional Signage, Elevator Wraps
  • Event Graphics, Event Tents, Flags, Fleet Wraps, Floor Graphics
  • Indoor Signage, Outdoor Signage, Point of Purchase Displays
  • Retractors, Signs & Graphics, Table Coverings & Table-toppers
  • Trade Show Displays, Vehicle Wraps, Wall Murals, Window Graphics

For more information about Mike Slaton and his North Palm Beach-based SpeedPro Imaging location, please visit http://www.speedpro.com/locations/north-palm-beach/ or call the studio directly at (561) 408-4214. The Studio will be located at 7763 Ellipse Way, Stuart, FL 34997.

For more information about the SpeedPro Imaging franchise opportunity, please visit www.speedprofranchising.com.  


High Quality Wall Murals – Transform Blasé Walls into Works of Art

6 Wall Mural_ Interior Design

The saying goes, “these walls have ears.”   No doubt – your customers are always listening.   They’re also looking – actively searching for new ideas and solutions.   And high-quality wall murals, one of the leading printing and graphics solutions we provide at SpeedPro Imaging, turn your walls into works of art capable of delivering powerful marketing messages.

Regardless of the business, you’re running, be it an auto dealership, a restaurant, a marketing agency or a medical practice, you’re missing out on a massive marketing opportunity if your walls aren’t speaking to your customers.

Part of the appeal of high-quality wall murals is the versatility. An easy application process allows them to be used in both indoor and outdoor settings. No stone should ever be left unturned when it comes to making sure your customers know what you’re saying…and wall murals provide you with a big, bold and vibrant vehicle that consistently delivers those messages.

Compared to “run of the mill” paint jobs, investing in high-quality wall murals are actually more cost-effective in the long run.   While standard paint jobs can be cheaper up front, consider the following:

Wall mural lifespans triple that of paint – 7-10-year lifespan for high-quality wall murals v. 2-3-year lifespan for paint.

  • Wall murals are versatile and act as a defense shield – high-quality wall murals are more durable and much easier to maintain than paint. They also assist in protecting the wall surface in ways paint simply isn’t capable.
  • Wall mural maintenance and repairs are simpler/cheaper – high-quality wall murals can be cleaned, protected and/or replaced in a more affordable and efficient manner than paint (which often requires you to re-paint your entire facility to match a new color choice)
  • And quite simply, wall murals are more effective – high-quality wall murals grab customer attention with vivid, vibrant graphics and targeted messaging.

Wall murals are certainly catching the eye of industry experts. It’s one of 6 of the top design trends of 2017 according to Houston designer Marie Flanigan, who adds, “it’s such a cool way of doing art.”

Steve Moran-Cassese is a SpeedPro Imaging owner garnering national attention for his graphic solutions. Steve recently helped Dabba, a popular San Francisco restaurant, covert bland walls into a stunning, eye-popping visual masterpiece.   His excellent work was recently featured in a QSRWeb article entitled “Restaurant Graphics: More Important than you Think.” a key excerpt from the story:

After vetting three graphics firms, (Dabba owner) Andy Mercy said he chose Speedpro Imaging because it provided the best combination of services, including its overall input on the process, color sampling, scheduling, and price. It designed a big, warm, brand-mirroring graphic that was perfect for that long thin wall that Mercy wanted to cover.


Andy Mercy is just one of many business owners who has partnered with SpeedPro Imaging to turn bland business walls into powerfully effective works of art.   Many of our clients love those high-quality wall murals are an environmentally safe yet effective marketing tool that integrates with their specific industry/business model.   Here are some industry-specific examples:


  • Restaurants – When diners feel more at home, they’re more likely to make a return visit to your establishment. Let SpeedPro Imaging improve the ambiance in your restaurant to get them to stay longer, drink more and order additional menu items.

Hospital clinic mural

  • Health Care – Wall-coverings establish a home aesthetic that makes patients feel more at home and less like they’re inside an industrial facility. That, in turn, supports wellness and helps promote the therapeutic qualities necessary for patient recovery.
  • HP Mission Wall Corporate Offices – Wall murals from SpeedPro Imaging add character and warmth to space. They transform a cold, drab cubicle filled office space into a positive, upbeat atmosphere filled with warmth that bolsters creativity.

13 Retail

  • Retail – Wall murals showcase a business’ logo and brand. They are a cost-effective way to highlight the brand’s key messages/value propositions or specific limited-time offer products.

Regardless of the high-impact statement, your company is trying to make, all SpeedPro Imaging business owners are ready and willing to tailor a customized, high-quality wall mural that will generate the results you’re seeking.  We’re proud to be leading the wall mural charge at SpeedPro Imaging and would love to help you customize a product that specifically fits your needs and budget.

We all know your walls have ears.   Now’s the time to give them a voice, too!  Feel free to check out the high-quality wall murals on our website and reach out to your local SpeedPro studio to get started.

Nation’s Leading Printing and Graphics Franchise Names Drew Tefft Director of Operations

Industry Veteran Joins Corporate Team from SpeedPro Imaging’s Omaha-based Franchise Location

Drew Tefft - Director of Operations

(Centennial, CO – March 7th, 2017) SpeedPro Imaging, the nation’s leading printing and graphics franchise, recently named Drew Tefft as the company’s new Director of Operations.  In that role, Tefft will oversee the business, production, sales and marketing support for SpeedPro Imaging’s rapidly expanding nationwide franchise network.

Prior to joining the corporate office for the nation’s leading printing and graphics franchise, Tefft spent the past 4 ½ years with the Omaha, NE based SpeedPro Imaging franchise location.  In his role as Vice President, Tefft managed the franchise’s day-to-day operations and business development, helping it become one of the top performing studios in the SpeedPro system.  Tefft held several sales and management positions over 18 years in the wireless and business equipment industry before joining SpeedPro Imaging.  He has also owned a wireless company and a 3D printing and prototyping business.

“Joining the SpeedPro Imaging management team is a great opportunity for me,” said Tefft.  “I think my experience with the SpeedPro Imaging franchise in Omaha, along with my deep knowledge of the industry, makes me an important asset for all the franchise owners in the SpeedPro Imaging system as they work to grow and develop their business.  My family is excited about the move to the greater Denver area and I am thrilled to work for the nation’s leading printing and graphics franchise.”

SpeedPro Imaging’s CEO, Boris Katsnelson, says Tefft’s field experience, engaging personality, and work ethic make him a perfect fit for the position.

“We are devoted subscribers to the Traction philosophy at SpeedPro and Drew is definitely the right person for the Director of Operations seat,” said Katsnelson.   “Drew possesses extensive field experience that played an integral role in our Omaha location’s success in recent years.  We are confident he will be able to use that proven track record to fuel the success of other franchise locations.  We feel very fortunate to add him to our corporate staff as he has already embraced the core values and company culture that have helped us develop into the nation’s leading printing and graphics franchise.”

SpeedPro Imaging has a nationwide network of 123 studios in 31 states, nearly a third of which have opened in the last three years alone.   SpeedPro Imaging delivers superior display graphic products to deliver key messages and extend brand awareness on behalf of their clients.   The company’s mission is to be considered the premier choice for large format graphics and exceed our client’s expectations through unmatched timeliness, professionalism, and product quality.

As the nation’s leading printing and graphics franchise, SpeedPro Imaging can handle any printing project on behalf of their clients, including:

  • Banners, Decals, Digital Signage, Directional Signage, Elevator Wraps
  • Event Graphics, Event Tents, Flags, Fleet Wraps, Floor Graphics
  • Indoor Signage, Outdoor Signage, Point of Purchase Displays
  • Retractors, Signs & Graphics, Table Coverings & Table-toppers
  • Trade Show Displays, Vehicle Wraps, Wall Murals, Window Graphics

 About SpeedPro Imaging

With more than 20 years of experience, SpeedPro Imaging is the nation’s leading printing and graphics franchise – creating professional large format imaging for a wide variety of companies in any industry. The company specializes in high-quality products including wall murals, event graphics, tradeshow displays, vehicle wraps and window graphics. Through extreme resolution levels and unparalleled quality standards, SpeedPro Imaging takes visual communications to the next level. Today, there are 122 studios open and operating in 30 states, with 10 more in various stages of development.

Cost-Effective Vehicle Wraps – the #1 Marketing Tool for Service-Based Businesses

Return-on-Investment – (ROI) – the acronym that sends many marketers into a tailspin when clients ask for it.   That’s not the case at SpeedPro, particularly when it comes to cost-effective vehicle wraps – the fastest growing marketing tool available in today’s world for service-based business owners.

Speaking of ROI and metrics, the industry growth numbers speak for themselves when it comes to the impact cost-effective vehicle wraps are creating for local business owners.   Consider:

According to Traffic Audit Bureau for Media Measurement (TAB), vehicle wraps generate 30,000 to 70,000 views per day and revenues for the US Auto Wrap market are expected to explode in the next six years – rising from $480 million in 2016 to $1.3 billion in 2022.

Vehicle wraps generate up to 70,000 impressions per day.

  • 97% of drivers remember ads on commercial vehicles (Only 19% remember billboards)
  • 48% of drivers view vehicle wraps as the most unique form of advertising
  • 27% of drivers buy products and services based on a company’s commercial graphics

As you can tell, we see things differently at SpeedPro.   We’re all about numbers, sales, and ROI.   We’re constantly searching for ways to improve the graphic solutions we offer our clients and are eager to show clients the marketing tools best-suited to elevate their marketing efforts.

And recently, we’ve noticed that nothing is outperforming cost-effective vehicle wraps.   Here are a few of the key advantages of SpeedPro vehicle wraps that are giving our clients a game-changing edge over the competition:

Vehicle wraps are cost-effective advertising – Vehicle wraps generate more than 2,500 impressions per dollar spent and are seen by 9 million other vehicles per year.

  • Vehicle wraps function as a powerful, traveling billboard – The average American drives over 300 miles each week, meaning your vehicle wrap possesses an incredible potential to reach and influence countless drivers in and around your community.
  • Vehicle wraps elevate the appearance of service-based businesses – Regardless of whether you’re a one-man-band or a multi-unit franchise operation, vehicle wraps provide you and/or your fleet with a clean-cut, professional appearance that enhances your reputation with current and potential customers.
  • Vehicle wraps are durable and long-lasting – Not only do vehicle wraps look good, they also preserve and protect paint and vehicle exteriors. Furthermore, vehicle wraps are easy to repair, patch up, and/or replace so your traveling billboard won’t be off the road for long!
  • Vehicle wraps can be custom-built for ANY vehicle – Bring any vehicle to us at SpeedPro and we can turn it into a powerful marketing tool for your brand. We wrap taxis, vans, trucks, boats, RV’s, trailers, buses, and everything in between!
  • Vehicle wraps are a mobile extension of your brand – Vehicle wraps aren’t just for service-based business owners. We love working with brick-and-mortar business owners seeking an opportunity to take their brand/products on the road.
  • Vehicle wraps are excellent for grand openings and announcements – Vehicle wraps are also an excellent way to spread the word on a new restaurant or business and/or showcase big changes/new announcements that your customers need to know.
  • And most importantly, vehicle wrap ROI is trackable and measurable – At SpeedPro, we work with our customers to ensure they include a custom phone number, e-mail address or landing page on their cost-effective vehicle wrap so they can track the number of leads they generate!

15 Vehicle Wrap

Oh, and here’s the best news – we can turn vehicle wraps around in just 72 hours at any SpeedPro location around the country, besting the industry standard of 5-7 days by 2 days or more.   So, not only do we make you look good, we do it fast!