Vehicle Wraps for Your Fleet: What You Need to Know

What You Need to Know About Vehicle Wraps

Are you tired of your brand getting lost in a sea of advertising?

For today’s businesses, one of the biggest challenges is to find an effective way to advertise. While there are now more advertising mediums available than ever, people tend to tune many ads out, such as small print ads in a magazine or a click-through ad on Facebook.

Vehicle wraps, which are large vinyl graphics or decals applied to the outside of a vehicle, are a more efficient way to get your product or service before a larger market.

Today, an increasing number of businesses are using vehicle wraps to boost brand awareness in their local areas.

Why Vehicle Wraps?

If your company already owns vehicles, trucks or trailers, it’s a wasted opportunity to not get them branded with at least the company logo.

Car WrapsYour fleet is seen by hundreds of potential customers each day. Seeing your brand while driving may remind them that they are in need of your services. It keeps your company top of mind, which can make all the difference when a potential customer is in need of what you offer.

This is also one of the rare instances where you own the medium. While you can rent ad space on billboards, you don’t have to worry about monthly expenses adding up over time if you already own a fleet of vehicles. You already paid for your business vehicle or fleet, now you just have to utilize them to their full potential!

How Many Impressions Will a Vehicle Wrap Generate?

The reach of your branded vehicle wrap will depend on how often and when you drive, how many vehicles are wrapped, and your location. It has been estimated that, during a typical day, a single vehicle wrap can generate between 30,000 to 70,000 impressions. According to stats from the Outdoor Advertising Association of America, vehicle wraps offer the lowest cost-per-impression than any other form of advertising.

How many impressions does a car wrap generate

Learn more about the reach and effectiveness of fleet wraps here. The power of vehicle wraps doesn’t stop with impressions.

Nielsen recently released a study that showed out-of-home advertising, such as fleet wraps, is the most effective offline medium to drive online activity. According to the study, within six months after seeing an out-of-home advertisement, 46% of people searched online for information about the company.

Vehicle wraps reach more people

Vehicle wraps are memorable. Even if they don’t call or click right away, they’ll think of you the moment they need your product or service.

Preparing Your Vehicle for Wrapping

It usually takes three to four days to print and laminate the graphics for the car wrap.

Several hours before taking your vehicle to be wrapped, use brushes or a pressure washer to remove road grime from low-lying parts, inside the door panels and other areas where dirt accumulates. All wax, polish and grease needs to be off the vehicle as that will interfere with the car wrap adhesive. SpeedPro will also clean the vehicle with chemicals to remove any remaining oily residue or contaminates.

Once your vehicle is at one of our climate-controlled SpeedPro studios, it takes our certified installers around eight hours to install the wrap. Depending on the size and complexity of the vehicle wrap, we may need the vehicle again a few days later to make sure everything is properly installed. Talk to a SpeedPro studio near you about your vehicle wrap needs and schedule.

How Long Does a Vehicle Wrap Last?

how long do vehicle wraps lastOn average, a vehicle wrap will last up to five years. However, the lifespan of a wrap depends on its quality and whether you hire a professional to print and install the wrap. A poorly made and haphazardly applied wrap could peel off long before its time and damage your car.

At SpeedPro, our highly trained studios have superior printing technology and installation methods that allow us to print and install beautiful car wraps. We use solvent long-life inks and laminate the vinyl car wrap with a UV protector to keep your vehicle wrap looking amazing for longer.

Perforated window film may not last as long as the rest of a car wrap. Because of perforation, the edges of window perforations may begin to peel under severe heat after 18 to 24 months. However, perforated window vinyl can be replaced without replacing the rest of the car wrap.

When you get your vehicle wrapped at SpeedPro, your service comes with a 3-year warranty on the vinyl and a 1-year warranty on the window graphics. Warranties do not apply to damage done to the vehicle or wear and tear.

The quality of a professional application will justify the vehicle wrap cost in the end.

Will a Vehicle Wrap Damage Paint Underneath?

Wraps are not likely to damage the paint on your vehicles. SpeedPro Imaging offers vinyl car wraps, which serve as a protective coat to paint when applied to the body of a truck, van or trailer. In fact, many fleets apply layers of vinyl anyway to protect trucks from the ravages of rain, hail and flying debris.

For vehicles that have recently been painted, the paint will need to cure for several weeks before the car can be wrapped. SpeedPro experts will pre-test your paint job prior to wrapping the vehicle. If your car’s paint is in poor condition, the car paint may peel if the vinyl wrap is ever removed.

Discoloration can sometimes occur if your vehicle comes into contact with acidic pollution. If the car wrap ever starts to discolor or turn brown, the graphics can be easily removed to avoid staining the car paint.

Do I Need to Design My Own Vehicle Wrap?

SpeedPro’s printing experts will work with you to create a stunning vehicle wrap design.

If you prefer to design your car wrap inhouse or with your agency, your local SpeedPro studio can work with the designer to make sure the images they create will work on your vehicles.

Need help creating a vehicle wrap design? Contact your local SpeedPro studio for their expertise.

vehicle wrap design

Vehicle wrap design ideas run the gamut from bold and colorful to direct and simple. Ultimately, the purpose of the design is to attract the attention of anyone who sees the vehicle, while at the same time keeping it simple. Not every wrap needs 100% coverage to get attention.

Any base vehicle color can be wrapped. Avoid text and logos that would be hidden in the body lines and contours of the vehicle. Some wrinkles and bubbles in car paint (changed “a wrap” to “car paint” – would this be appropriate/correct?) are common and can be easily hidden with a good car wrap design that includes the right shapes and colors. For other tips on how to design a vehicle wrap for your business, contact your local SpeedPro studio.

The cost of your car wrap design will depend on whether you get a simple decal, partial or full vehicle wrap.

Regardless of the type of vehicle you own – boat, motorcycle, trailer, van or semi-truck – we can design and apply your vehicle wrap. Check out a few of our vehicle wrap designs below.

SpeedPro Atlanta - boat vinyl wrap and trailer wrap food truck vinyl wrap Leaf Forward Academy Jeep Car Wrap Van Graphics Invisible Fence vehilce wrap lilly pulitzer

motorcycle custom vinyl wrap

How to Help Your Vehicle Wrap Last Longer

If you’ve invested in a beautiful vehicle wrap, you’ll want to make sure it lasts as long as possible.

How to clean a vehicle with a vinyl car wrap

Once your vehicle wrap has been installed, you’ll want to wait at least a week before washing your car. If your wrap includes window graphics, avoid rolling down the windows or using rear-window wipers as much as possible. It’s best to hand wash your car with a soft sponge and mild soap; however, you can use a car wash as long as they only use a soft brush and avoid high-pressure washes.

Do not use corrosives and solvents on the vehicle wrap. For tough dirty spots, try soaking the area with soapy water. If it’s still stuck, try 3M Citrus Base Cleaner. Always test cleaners in an inconspicuous area on your car wrap before applying to make sure it does not damage the wrap.

It’s ideal if you can store the vehicle indoors, under a cover or in a covered area when not in use.

Read through our detailed car wrap care instructions here.

How Do I Track Sales From a Vehicle Wrap?

When you begin advertising with trailer wraps, you’ll typically see a spike in customers. Most businesses that use this form of advertising see a large and immediate uptick. It can be difficult to track the amount of sales that come from a vehicle wrap unless you create exclusive windows of contact through the ad itself.

One way to go about this is to set up a unique phone number that will only appear on the vehicle wrap. This way, you can track sales from the vehicle wrap via calls from that number. A similar method would be to involve a unique but short URL exclusive to the vehicle wrap ad, which would lead viewers to a landing page for your business’s website. You could even run an exclusive promotional offer to people who respond to the car wrap.

Can a Vehicle Wrap Be Removed?

Can car wraps be removed without harming paint underneath

Yes, you can remove a vehicle wrap with the right anti-adhesive solutions. While you can remove the wrap yourself, it’s usually best to have a professional (can SpeedPro do this?) do it. When an inexperienced person handles the task, the wrap can split in various places and ultimately become a lot harder to remove.

Can a Vehicle Wrap Withstand the Rain?

Made from vinyl, fleet wraps are waterproof and can withstand rain and thunderstorms. On interstate and cross-country trips, fleet vehicles endure a range of weather conditions, from the hottest summer humidity to the rainiest falls and winters.

Vinyl car wrap for fleet

High-quality van graphics and wraps are designed to handle challenging weather conditions of all levels.

Do Vehicle Wraps Melt Off in Hot Weather?

As more parts of the country experience waves of 100-degree weather in the summer, SpeedPro’s professional fleet wrappers apply each wrap with care to ensure a snug fit throughout the life of the vehicle wrap.

It’s important to consider your area’s heat as a factor in design. While it may be nice to have perforated window graphics as part of your car wrap for both aesthetics and to keep heat out of the car, perforated window edges can detach when exposed to prolonged extreme heat.

How Much Does A Car Wrap Cost?

While the initial cost of a vehicle wrap may be high, keep in mind that it’s more of a one-time investment since you own that space.

The cost of a car wrap depends on the size, complexity of the installation, and the style of the design. A simple logo decal will have lower printing and installation costs than a partial or full vehicle wrap.

Find a SpeedPro studio near you for an estimate on a vehicle wrap.

The type of material used may also effect the cost of fleet wraps. If the vehicle is often driven at night, you may want to consider using reflective film within the design to enhance the appearance during nighttime driving.

A typical full car wrap could cost around $2,500 to $3,000. This pricing is based on average costs. Talk to a SpeedPro studio near you for an estimate on how much a car wrap will cost.

Where Can I Get a Vehicle Wrap?

When it comes to getting a vehicle wrap for your truck or trailer, it’s important to hire a team of specialists who can expertly handle the process each step of the way – from the initial vehicle wrap design to the final application. Whether you need a vehicle wrap on one truck or a whole fleet, SpeedPro Imaging can turn each of your vehicles into a dynamic, moving billboard for your business.

For more than 20 years, SpeedPro Imaging has been the nation’s leading provider of a range of large format printing, from window graphics and trade show displays to wall murals and vehicle wraps. With more than 130 locations from coast to coast, we service companies of various magnitude, from big brands to local businesses.

No matter what kind of market you cater to, brand exposure is more important than ever in today’s economy. Tiny ads in papers make little impression on modern consumers. Big, bold vehicle wraps get people looking, talking and clicking. At SpeedPro Imaging, we take satisfaction in seeing businesses succeed with dynamic advertisements on their vehicles. To learn more about our vehicle wrap services or to find a SpeedPro studio near you, check our locations page.

Interested in getting a vinyl car wrap, van graphics or truck wraps for your entire fleet, contact a SpeedPro studio near you

SpeedPro Imaging’s “Project of the Year” Featured in Wide Format & Signage Magazine


San Rafael, CA – based SpeedPro Owner, Steve Moran-Cassese, Discussed Complexities and Features of His Award-Winning Project

(Centennial, CO – September 15, 2017) – SpeedPro Imaging continues to earn its reputation as the nation’s leading printing and graphics franchise with another major feature story in a leading national trade publication – Wide Format & Signage Magazine.

An awe-inspiring, multinational project managed by Steve Moran-Cassese, an award-winning SpeedPro Imaging owner based in San Rafael, CA, has been featured as September’s leading cover story by Wide Format & Signage Magazine. Click here to read the featured article and view the masterpieces themselves.

Moran-Cassese is garnering national attention for his outstanding rebranding work with Hewlett Packard’s Welcome Center – a project that earned him SpeedPro Imaging’s 2016 Project of the Year. In her article entitled “Application Spotlight: A Welcome Rebranding for HP,” editor Jennifer Wilberschied detailed how Moran-Cassese, hand-selected by the information technology giant, spent nine months installing majestic, intricate and mesmerizing wall murals, oversized window graphics and multi-dimensional wall treatments.

“There were many moving parts to this project, with each graphic component offering its own unique challenge,” said Moran-Cassese. “On top of that, this rebrand was for the HP [Hewlett Packard] Welcome Center – the flagship facility for HP’s partner meetings and VIP guests. We approach all client projects with the intent to create an exceptional final product. But when it came to working with an industry partner like HP, the stakes for perfection were even higher.”

The collaborative effort with German-based creative agency, Art Lab Studios, is characterized by its attention to detail. Hewlett Packard wanted a bold statement – and SpeedPro Imaging’s Moran-Cassese delivered. The article describes in detail the obstacles and the solutions implemented to install such transformative prints, including the project’s most complex component: a visionary wall graphic of The Painted Ladies (a famous set of homes in San Francisco). The treatment was comprised of wall covering media and an overlay of secondary prints.

“We were tasked with printing approximately 80% of the secondary prints and color-matching each to ensure they matched the wall mural,” said Moran-Cassese. “Each of the 16 prints were mounted on more than a dozen different substrates of the various sizes. All substrates had to be contour cut, creating a puzzle of secondary graphics. In mounting the prints to the primary mural, we had to account for numerous variables including the print angles, exact spacing between each print and precise alignment overlay of the graphics.”

As of the time the feature story was published, Moran-Cassese’s installations had been in place for a year and are intended to stay up indefinitely.

For more information about SpeedPro Imaging, please visit

For more information about the SpeedPro Imaging franchise opportunity, please visit

About SpeedPro Imaging

With more than 20 years of experience, SpeedPro Imaging is the nation’s leading printing and graphics franchise – creating professional large format imaging for a wide variety of companies in any industry. The company specializes in high-quality products including wall murals, event graphics, tradeshow displays, vehicle wraps and window graphics. Through extreme resolution levels and unparalleled quality standards, SpeedPro Imaging takes visual communications to the next level. Today, there are 125 studios open and operating in 31 states, with several more in various stages of development.

10 Creative Trade Show Booth Ideas to Attract Visitors

creative trade show booth ideas

You’ve secured your spot at THE upcoming trade show – the one everyone in your industry attends. There’s a 10×10 trade show booth with your name on it. But how do you make those potential clients stop and notice you?

Forget the generic table skirt and boring curtain background. Why spend money on a spot if you’re not going to stand out? People aren’t drawn to a dull booth that looks the same as all the others. By infusing your booth with your brand and implementing some of these creative trade show booth ideas, you’ll turn your display into a beacon that draws crowds.

1. Infuse Your Brand

You know strong branding is important in your marketing strategy. It’s how you share your message and let people know what makes your business unique. Branding can be just as important in your approach to creating a trade show display. By labeling every element of your display, you create a cohesive look that’s memorable. You also help your potential customers learn about your product or service at a glance.

Branding your trade show display goes beyond your logo and colors. Is your company playful and lighthearted, or serious and professional? Do you focus on being eco-friendly? Is it important that you give back to your community?

Bring your brand to life by generating an atmosphere that embodies your brand. For example, DoubleClick’s clean and simple design allows conversations to be the focal point. In addition to their modern trade show booth design, they add eye-catching bikes along with a QR code, allowing potential customers to connect on a technical level and keep the conversation moving online.

10x10 trade show booth ideas

Great branding is simply the first step to creating a trade show booth that will both spark attendees’ curiosity and be remembered.

2. Create a Photo Op

In a world dominated by the “selfie,” a photo booth or similar photo op at your stand can pull in some major traffic. The photo helps break the ice, which can get the ball rolling with a new client.

custom photo booth frame for trade showIncorporating a perfect backdrop for photos turns your booth into an interactive experience and a source of entertainment. A retractable banner or point of purchase display are two options – they easily set up anywhere and incorporate your logo and business information. Another option is to commission a picture frame that uses your company’s logo and branding colors.

Have a brainstorm session with your team about out-of-the-box ideas for a design that would prompt the average trade show attendee to stop by for a picture while aligning well with your brand.

Make your photo op even more appealing by incorporating fun props or costumed characters. Who wouldn’t want a photo with a bodybuilder at a fitness-themed booth, or with a video game character representing a gaming business? Think beyond the glasses and funny hats. For example, turn one of the fun elements in the banner design into a real-life object for people to interact with and give their picture a 3D-feel.

Snapping photos is simple. Use an iPad or even a phone to take the pictures. Get the most from this experience by having the passer-by type in their email to receive their photo digitally. You can also have checkboxes asking them to subscribe to your email newsletter for product discounts and for permission to use their photo on your brand’s social channels. Post the photos on your Facebook, Instagram and/or Twitter accounts to show a personal touch to your brand. Use a unique hashtag to encourage followers and fans to join the fun.

Want to reach beyond your current audience? Tag the people who are in the photos so their friends are exposed to your brand. You can reach new prospects beyond the event with this simple, interactive trade show booth idea.

3. Integrate Social Media

We already touched on incorporating social media with your photo ops, but there are other ways to use your social media accounts to attract people to your booth. Start long before the day of the event to build excitement. Use various hashtags to make your social media posts easy to find. Make sure you see if the trade show you’ll be going to has a standard hashtag, and create a unique tag for your booth as well.

hashtag trade show ideas

You might tease some of the amazing things you’ll have at your booth, share a little more about your business or convince people why they should visit you at the show. Sharing the social media posts from the official trade show accounts can also help get people excited about the event and visiting your specific booth.

At the event, continue using your social media accounts to generate excitement. Use hashtags specific to the event, and post throughout the day to give updates. Do a Facebook Live post from your booth, and invite anyone who couldn’t come join you on camera. An exciting, high-energy Facebook Live broadcast generates excitement online, but it may also attract people at the event. They’ll want to investigate the source of all the excitement. You can also encourage booth visitors to use the same hashtags you’re using to help spread the word.

For younger audiences, consider using SnapChat or putting together a geo-filter that includes the conference title and your logo. Geo-filters are low-cost Snapchat frames that can be completely unique to your brand, and are powerful in attracting selfie-takers to your booth.

Have your social media account information printed on your banners so trade show attendees can easily find and follow you. This helps you build a relationship with potential customers, even if they don’t buy, sign up or otherwise make a decision at the trade show.

4. Invite Them In

large custom trade show displays The layout of your booth can affect how inviting it seems. A long table running along the front of the booth keeps people at a distance; you stay on one side of the table while your potential clients stay on the other. This physical separation can sometimes create an emotional distance as well.

A personalized point-of-purchase display is an easy way to present information without cutting off traffic flow. Incorporate shelves with adjustable height options on the display if you have products, pamphlets, freebies or other items for people to see. Another functional option is an integrated tablet stand or kiosk. This gives you a functional base during the trade show without the need for a traditional traffic-blocking table.

5. Offer Something Everyone Wants

Have you ever found yourself on the hunt at a tradeshow for an intriguing item you spotted someone else carrying?

There is an art to swag. The perfect free giveaway will not only make your brand stay top-of-mind, but also attract others to your booth. If you’re in the gardening or landscape business, think rooted cutting, flower or seed packets. For the auto industry, consider sunglasses, bumper stickers or a car air freshener.

In the age of technology, a free charging boost is another major attraction. Trade show attendees spend a lot of time on their phones checking email, calling the office and engaging on social media. All that activity drains battery power quickly, creating a bothersome hurdle.

Attract more people to your booth with a convenient remedy for those common tech issues.  A charging station for various devices is simple enough to set up, and keeps visitors in your booth for long enough to learn more about your business. Create a high-top charging station with cords for different types of devices. Cover those tables with custom table toppers that bear your company’s logo and key message. While guests charge their devices, they gain exposure to your company.

You can also use this time to engage with visitors. Set up a screen with a video presentation that explains your business, or provide iPads with an interactive experience related to your company. Ask them questions about their current problems and needs as they relate to your products and services. 

6. Think Big

large custom trade show booth and signageYou can create an attractive trade booth display at the standard height, but going big makes your booth visible long before attendees reach your aisle. Incorporate components that stretch high above your booth to create a beacon for your business.

Overhead displays are visible from a distance and make visitors want to find out what’s below. Incorporate large-scale vinyl banners suspended from a high ceiling, for example, or suspend a large display showing your logo that seems to hover over your booth. Suspending large display pieces over your booth requires some logistical considerations, so make sure the trade show organizers can accommodate these types of displays.

At SpeedPro Imaging, we have large format printers to accommodate all your printing needs. Find a SpeedPro location near you to begin creating your Great. Big. Graphics.

Add a custom flag to the front of your display to generate interest in your booth. Position the flag to stick out from your booth, if possible, to make your display more noticeable. A tall flag that stretches vertically draws attention from afar, and can be particularly useful for people trying to find your booth through a crowd.

Different shapes also help customize your look. SpeedPro offers blade, teardrop, feather and flutter flags with single- or double-sided designs. SpeedPro’s flags are suitable for indoor or outdoor use, so you can transport them to any event or use them at your main location between trade shows.

Why stop with just the booth? Think about other big elements that might be doable, such as custom-wrapped cars or bikes.

creative custom car wrap ideas

Take full advantage of your trade show space from the ceiling to the floor. At SpeedPro, we can create attention-grabbing floor graphics for your trade show booth.

custom floor graphics for trade show

7. Offer a Specific Trade Show Deal

A special offer designed just for trade show attendees is a great way to close deals that day. Specials generate excitement, which draws more people to check out your business. People who might buy anyway have a greater incentive to jump on board at the trade show, rather than waiting and potentially forgetting about your company.

However, you don’t want your “sale” to look like a bargain-bin thrift-store situation. Present the deal in a professional way that aligns with your company’s overall image. An easy way to do this is with digital signage. You can turn almost anything with a screen into a billboard for your trade show special. Because it’s a digital design, you can easily change the message to fit different trade shows you attend.

8. Demo Your Product

If you have a physical product, take the opportunity to demo it at the show, if possible. Talking about your product is all well and good, but letting people see it in action lets your product speak for itself. You can perform demos as people approach, or you can generate excitement and create a crowd by doing demos at specified times. A digital sign is an easy way to post the times for your demos while using a branded background.

The way the demo works depends on the product itself. If it’s feasible, let potential customers test the product instead of just showing them how it works. If you sell something industrial or something too large to bring to the show, a video of it in action is a suitable alternative. Incorporate a screen into your background display with the video on loop, so visitors can jump in to see the video at any time.

9. Bring Your Own Lighting

General overhead lighting at the venue is fine for most purposes, but integrating creative lighting into your display makes your booth more visible and appealing. Lighting also helps emphasize particular parts of your display, so you can influence where visitors focus their attention. SpeedPro’s point-of-purchase displays come with the option of integrated LEDs, spots and other lighting with adjustable positioning to customize the illumination.

trade show booth with lighting built in

You can also use lighting to create a warm, inviting atmosphere, if such a vibe fits your business branding. For example, you might set up comfortable chairs positioned next to a table with lamp lighting. Customize the table with a branded cover to incorporate your business into the seating area. Guests can take a break in comfort while still seeing your branding message. You also have a captive audience, so you can get a feel for what visitors need and how your company can fit that need.

10. Make It Interactive

An interactive trade show booth gives visitors something to do. It also makes your business memorable. Testing out the product is one way to achieve that interactive design. Another option is a game, contest or giveaway. There are several simple trade show game options that promote your brand without being overly cheesy. The game format adds an entertaining element and gets people to relax, which makes it easier to transition into making sales.

Try these game options for your next trade show:

  • Easter egg hunt: Before attendees arrive, strategically place postcards or other printed materials around the venue. The postcard should let whoever finds it know they won a prize. To redeem it, the winner must go to your booth. This gets more people to your display, and it provides a natural conversation starter. Order a customized retractable banner or other signage that lets finders know they’re in the correct place to redeem the postcard. Don’t forget to post about the game on social media using the trade show’s hashtags.
  • Check-in contest: Expanding your reach beyond attendees is always a good thing. Get the attendees to help by checking in at your booth or tagging you in a post. Everyone who completes the task receives an entry into a drawing. Make sure the prize is worth it, so you increase the number of participants. Have a custom sign printed with details about the contest. You can also create a QR code and have it printed on signage to alert visitors to the contest easily.
  • Trivia: A simple trivia game based on your industry is a great way to engage visitors. It also initiates a conversation and lets you easily transition into talking about your product or service. One option is to incorporate little hints or images on your booth background that relate to the questions. Visitors have to scan the background to find the answer. 

Easily Create Your Great. Big. Trade Show Display.

The additional tips below will help you create a visually stunning booth people want to visit. Have a question about what’s possible for your trade show display? Don’t hesitate to contact SpeedPro’s expert team in your area.

  • Start early: Start your booth design early to ensure you have plenty of time to organize everything. Give yourself several weeks to order custom backgrounds, tents, flags and other materials for your booth.
  • Research the competition: How do your competitors perform at trade shows? What can you do better? How can you set yourself apart? Researching the competition isn’t about copying their ideas. It’s about figuring out what they’re doing well and improving on it. You can also learn from your competitors’ mistakes.
  • Be consistent: An easy way to tie together the elements in your booth is through consistency with color, fonts, overall style and other elements. Those consistent elements make a major visual impact and help support your branding.
    • Invest in quality, custom pieces: Looks do matter when it comes to attracting potential clients at a trade show. Investing in quality materials is essential in creating a professional-looking booth. Quality, custom items are reusable at future trade shows, so you get more mileage out of those materials.

Custom trade show displays

  • Do a test run: Set up your booth in the office ahead of time so you can get a visual on the arrangement. This is your chance to make changes or add other components to make your booth special.
  • Train people for the booth: If you plan to have multiple people staffing your booth, hold a training session to ensure everyone has the necessary information. Explain your goals for the trade show. Practice being engaging and inviting. No matter how great the visual display, people in the booth who are grumpy or unapproachable will ultimately scare off potential clients. Being uninformed on the product or service also reflects negatively on your company. Ensure everyone in the booth represents your company well and promotes your branding.
  • Choose the right partner: SpeedPro has over 130 custom printing studios that listen to your vision and bring it to life. We have extensive experience in the large-scale printing world and are your one-stop solution for all your visual communication needs.

Be seen. Be heard. Be chosen. Big, bold graphics still matter in today’s tech-savvy world – SpeedPro can help you take your trade show booth to the next level. Find a SpeedPro Imaging studio location near you to get started today.

SpeedPro Imaging – Graphics Solutions for Breweries That Quench Marketing Thirst

1-B BrewerySummer is winding down, the leaves are slowly starting to change colors, the days are getting shorter and the heat is giving way to cooler temperatures. It’s autumn! For beer enthusiasts, there’s nothing more satisfying than the anticipation of that smooth, fall blend and a little pumpkin spice.

SpeedPro Imaging, the nation’s leader in large format imagery, is just as pumped as you are for a new season. The months of September and October are loaded with beer-centric festivals. There’s Octoberfest Zinzinnati in Cincinnati, Ohio, Fremont Octoberfest in Seattle, Washington and the Great American Beer Festival in Denver, Colorado, to name a few.

For brewery operators, there isn’t a better or more competitive time to be in the business. We’re in the middle of a beer renaissance in America. Let’s digest some of these facts and figures: according to the Brewers Association, there were 1,803 breweries in America in 2010. In 2016, that number shot up to 5,301 – a 194% increase. The Beer Institute recently calculated that the combined economic impact of the brewery industry totaled more than $350 billion in 2016. And here’s an anecdote from Business Climate:

“Furthermore, just one job at a craft brewery will create an additional 45 jobs in other industries on average, such as packaging, business services, distributing, transportation and agriculture.”

As breweries become more of a familiar fixture across America, brewers need to start formulating a plan to stand out from the crowd. As we noted, it’s a competitive landscape. Just calling yourself a brewery isn’t going to cut it anymore. You need to show why patrons should give your establishment a visit. At SpeedPro Imaging, we partner with breweries who want to be seen.

You’ve got the right formula to make an outstanding product. Now is the perfect time to team up with SpeedPro Imaging to land the patrons who will keep the beer – and cash revenue – flowing.

Don’t take our word for it. Take a look at this testimonial from Jason Simonson, general manager at Rock Bottom Brewery in Denver, Colorado:

Just like your beer offerings, our Big. Bold. Solutions are never ending. Let’s examine five specific products and services SpeedPro Imaging offers to take your brewery to the next level.

Window Graphics: Crisp. Refreshing. Bold. That describes the graphics your local SpeedPro Imaging studio owner will design for your windows. We transform the ordinary windows into visual artwork that aligns with your brand. We offer both short-term and permanent impact graphics.

Flags & Outdoor Signage: Custom flags are sure to add flair standing tall outside your establishment. Our flags and outdoor signage are highly customizable and an effective advertising medium. We can help convey your message outside to draw customers inside.

Wall Murals: Let your walls entertain customers with coverings and murals. Brick, concrete, wood or your average sheetrock – no matter the service, we know how to add vivid colors and colorful display graphics. Leave your guests visually hypnotized as your beers captivate their taste buds.

Table Graphics: Often overlooked, but an essential player in your marketing game plan. This is where your patrons spend the most time. Reinforce everything that is special about your brewery with mesmerizing table coverings. Give notice to upcoming events, or show them how to engage with you via social media.

Decals: Small in name, big in stature. We’re not talking those little, annoying stickers you used on models. No matter the size, these bold, multi-dimensional graphics are durable and a cost-effective form of advertisement.

That’s just a sample of the exciting solutions we offer breweries and other companies. You can find the full menu when you visit, send us an email or call us at (844) 274-4784.

Let’s kick off the autumn season the right way: with a nice cold brew, and buckets of profits!

The Most Effective & Efficient Marketing Tool for Tradesmen: SpeedPro Imaging Vehicle Wraps

13 TradesmenThere are the certifications, the bookkeeping, the appointments, and – lest we forget – the customers. As a trade-based entrepreneur, there are many items you need to juggle.

Hey, we here at SpeedPro Imaging, the nation’s most trusted vehicle wrap provider, get it. We’re tradesmen at our core, too. Like you, our focus is providing excellent customer service. And in our case, that involves delivering superior printing and graphics solutions for a wide variety of clients – including hard-working tradesmen dedicated to improving their craft (if that sounds like you, click here to learn how we can help you).

Each of our SpeedPro Imaging studio owners across the nation are tradesmen just like you. Their focus is on delivering great service, not marketing themselves. They aren’t equipped with some big Hollywood marketing budget. Like you, many of our studio owners are working hard every single day to build their business. However, we at SpeedPro are marketers, too, and we know the importance of brand recognition. We have the time, equipment and personnel to deliver your message to consumers. And one proven way tradesmen are successfully bringing attention to their business with the help of SpeedPro Imaging is, indeed, through vehicle wraps.


  • AAA’s latest survey determined the average American driver spends more than 17,600 minutes behind the wheel each year.
  • The Outdoor Advertising Association of America says mobile advertising is the most effective and efficient form of out of home advertising.
  • The American Trucking Association recently found 90-plus percent of respondents to its survey noticed images wrapped on vehicles.
  • More than 95 percent of people who see a branded vehicle wrap remember what they saw.

Industry statistics aside, here’s what makes SpeedPro Imaging’s vehicle wraps so effective: we can transform your bland work vehicle into a bold mobile marketing device. Whether you drive a sedan, SUV, crossover, pickup or cargo van, we have the perfect solution for you. This is where you ask, “is it worth the investment?” And we respond with an emphatic, “YES!” From an ROI standpoint, vehicle wraps have the lowest cost per impression.

We understand your funds are tight and that you may be short on time. Vehicle wraps allow you to go fishing where the fish are…without spending much time off the road (we’ll turn it around FAST). In no time, you’ll be sending your message to potential customers without saying a word.

We’re a visual society. 65% of people are visual learners. 90% of information that 16 Tradesmencomes to the brain is visual. Speaking of fish, it appears the average human attention span has fallen below that of goldfish. That means you need to get straight to the point. And partnering with SpeedPro Imaging, the nation’s most trusted vehicle wrap provider, can help you do just that.

Here are 10 specific kind of tradesmen we that we know we can assist with our state-of-the-art vehicle wraps:

  • Carpenters
  • Plumbers
  • Repair and Restoration Professionals
  • Electricians
  • Locksmiths
  • Lawncare Professionals
  • Independent Mechanics
  • Pool Service Professionals
  • HVAC Professionals
  • Painters

That’s just a small sampling of the tradesmen services we assist. If you’re a tradesman, we want to hear from you. SpeedPro Imaging doesn’t take a cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to vehicle wraps. We offer a variety of options that are tailored to your specific needs. Let us reemphasize—we’re tradesmen just like you. We take our craft seriously. And we have the perfect solution to help maximize your marketing needs.

We’ll get you and your vehicle in and out the door in no-time. Let’s get the dialogue started right now. Reach out to us online at, send an email, or call us at (844) 274-4784.

Back to School, in Focus: Exceed Expectations With SpeedPro Imaging

3-B School Bus WrapThe first day of school. It conjures up images of excitement for millions of students, and nervousness for an equal number of others. For parents, it’s the realization that summer is wrapping up and their tiny tot is yet another year older. School staff is refreshed and ready to welcome in a new batch of students.

Now is the perfect time to sit down and consider how SpeedPro Imaging, the nation’s leading printing and graphics franchise, can help boost your school’s spirit and coffers. Your local SpeedPro Imaging studio owner is ready and willing to make your hallways bold, colorful, inspirational, and awe-inspiring.

For example, let’s highlight the work of Ann Siburg. For Ann, the first day of school means new opportunities to reach out and improve her community. Ann is neither a teacher nor an administrator. In fact, she doesn’t work at the school. But her fingerprints can be found in schools across Scottsdale and Phoenix as an Arizona-based representative for SpeedPro Imaging, the nation’s leading printing and graphics franchise.

Ann is the co-owner and VP of marketing at SpeedPro Imaging of Scottsdale. For eight years, Ann and her team have supplied high-quality, big, bold graphics for various companies, organizations and individuals. However, Ann won’t think twice when you inquire about her favorite group of clients. “School’s, non-profits and churches,” says Siburg, without any hesitation.

Her primary focus specifically targets private and charter schools. “I’m a passionate advocate for private and charter schools, elementary through high school level,” says Siburg.

Unlike public schools, private and charter schools do not receive taxpayer funding. They’re left to their own devices to keep students educated. You don’t have to be a finance wizard to know operating a school isn’t cheap. From books to xylophones, operational costs rack up quickly for private and charter schools. That’s where Ann steps in to provide local schools with the best possible marketing tools – ones that won’t break their proverbial bank.

“We typically charge them half of what we charge retail. It’s our way to help local schools in need,” says Ann.

9-B School Window GraphicAs the industry leader of wide format imagery, SpeedPro Imaging’s wide range of services allows Ann and her team to be a one-stop shop for those schools to handle all of their graphics needs, whether administrators realize they need them or not.

“We do posters, banners, table tops and displays to encourage parents and citizens to give to the school,” says Ann. “It’s all about branding.”

Siburg has an eye for branding. She takes great pride in helping the schools realize the importance of marketing through graphic enhancements. Siburg says just the simple touch of adding dimensional lettering inside the front office, on vehicle decals and wraps, and on light pole banners along the roadway can make a major difference – and generate additional revenue – for the schools.

“It’s subtle, but critical, touches for private and charter schools that are necessary to attract enrollment,” says Siburg. “It’s all about their image, why they’re different and why they’re worth the cost for parents to send their kids there.”

One case study for Ann Siburg is a group of charter schools she joined forces with seven years ago. As they continue to open new academies, they always give Ann a call for their signage requests. Ann will provide mesh construction banners during the building phase, “Coming Soon” banners as the opening date approaches, and directional banners used to direct traffic as parents drop-off and pick up their children.

As time passes, Ann has picked up on one major theme with all of her school partners.

“They love their crests,” says Siburg. SpeedPro Imaging’s advanced production 23 Schoolstoolset, which now includes the HP UV Flatbed Printer, allows Ann to place crests on a variety of substrates. “I’ve put crests on steel to give it a pewter look. I’ve also done vinyl and gator foam. We provide the opportunity for schools to put crests in gyms, libraries, etc., all depending on how fancy they want to get and how much they want to spend.”

Ann’s hard work and dedication is paying off. In fact, she has even gone so far as to collaborate with a school to launch a postcard campaign. It involved sending out multiple postcards to parents detailing the school’s funding needs and how the parents could help. Ann says it was tough work, but it’s producing results.

“Last year, the school doubled its enrollment, says Siburg. “This year it appears they’re on pace to triple their enrollment.”

The approach Ann takes is simple – and it pays big dividends.

“I don’t have to sell you today, tomorrow or the next day,” she says. “If it takes a year or more, that’s fine. I’m all about the long-term relationship. Even if they hesitate or don’t need something immediately, these private and charter schools will keep you top of mind when they DO need help. As a salesperson, you can always pop in and see if the time is right.”

Ann Siburg is certainly teaching us the power of compassion and the power of local business owners doing great deeds in their community. We at SpeedPro Imaging are part of the same communities you call home. When our society thrives, we thrive.

We’re here to do what we can to help in students’ growth. Stop in and say hello. You can reach us online at, send an email, or call us at (844) 274-4784.

SpeedPro Imaging: Providing Inspiration for a New School Year

6 Schools-4 floor graphics_ schoolsFor millions of children across America, the first weeks of August mark the end of summer recess and the beginning of back-to-school priorities. For administrators and operators of schools, this is go-time!

SpeedPro Imaging, the nation’s most trusted graphics provider for schools and universities, recognizes you can’t have “back-to-school” without the school. Let us play the role of teacher’s pet as we help you prepare for another productive and fulfilling school year.

21 SchoolsFrom grade schools to college, SpeedPro Imaging has the graphics solution to help any school or university kick-off the new year with style, flair and pizzazz. It’s important, and lucrative, to make students and their parents feel at home when they arrive in your school’s hallways. Add some warmth and vitality to drab and dreary beige hallways with our bold graphics to help you 1) excite parents, 2) increase enrollment and 3) inspire students.

One of our many specialties at SpeedPro Imaging is to highlight branding. That applies to corporations, non-profits and schools. Let us help you maximize your recruitment and fundraising efforts through various graphic enhancements.


Wall Murals – What better way can you convey your message of school pride than an awe-inspiring wall mural? These custom printed wall displays can help feature your school’s thriving programs or show off your school’s potential future when certain fundraising efforts are met.

Banners – Strategically placed banners can call attention to your private school. Let your crest blow in the wind – bringing pride to current students and awareness to those who may consider joining your illustrious establishment.

Outdoor Signage – We have signage for you for every conceivable situation. What time is the big game Thursday? Remind students with a unique message to get them pumped up. Want to tell parents how to contribute to a PTA fundraiser? We can accomplish that with a sharp display that will have parents ready to write a check.22 Schools

Event TentsMany of your events are going to be held outdoors. Why not do it in style? An event tent provides the perfect opportunity to put your school’s branding on full display while offering a welcoming atmosphere. For example, fraternity and sororities use our event tents as an opportunity to show off their groups during special programs and Saturday tailgates.

SpeedPro Imaging is here to help retrofit your school to help bring out the best in the students, faculty and administrators.

The dawn of a new school year is important for a wide variety of local businesses. Let SpeedPro Imaging show you how to cash in the spending frenzy. Back-to-school spending is the second most important season for retailers, trailing only the winter holidays. According to the National Retail Federation, back-to-school and back-to-college spending will approach nearly $84 billion this season. That’s a whole lot of loot.

But wait, there’s more! Back-to-school shopping at brick-and-mortar stores outpaced shopping done online in 2016. That trend is expected to continue this August, which means shoppers of all ages will be out and about. You may not be selling pencils and clothes, but that doesn’t mean you can’t capitalize on this lucrative spending trend. Team up with SpeedPro Imaging to draw attention to your business.

Urgent Care Clinics – Right now parents are rushing to get their children school and sports physicals. Let SpeedPro Imaging create mesmerizing flags of all shapes and sizes that highlight your clinic’s time-saving services.

Apartment Complexes – Several new folks are coming to your town. Whether you cater to college-age students or families relocating just in time for a new school year, draw them in to your lavish living quarters with our stunning outdoor signage.

Barber Shops and Hair Salons – Young men and women want to look their best from head to toe. Use our customizable retractors to grab potential customers’ attention and show off your hair wizardry.

Grocery Stores – Back-to-school means back to the daily grind of lunches that need to be packed. Show off your lunch specials—or even your pre-packaged meals with the help of our indoor signage. If you’re in a college town, let our directional signage point the health-conscious students to your salad bar.

Massage Therapy – Mom’s going to need some “me” time after being on her feet all day long shopping. As you prepare to provide deep tissue therapy, let your potential clients know about the relaxing deals you’re offering with our vivid window graphics.

The possibilities at SpeedPro Imaging are only bounded by your imagination. We’re ready to teach you a thing or two, while learning more about how you’re fostering new ideas for another generation of students. Reach out to us online at, send an email, or call us at (844) 274-4784.

SpeedPro Imaging’s Vehicle Wraps: Helping Drive Eyes and Revenue to Your Business

Planet Fitness3It’s time to put your fleet to work! You paid thousands to equip your business with the best possible vehicle (or fleet of vehicles). Now is the time to team up with SpeedPro Imaging, the nation’s leading provider of vehicle wraps (and fleet wraps), to turn your investment into something more than just a mode of transportation.

Americans love to drive. It’s embedded in our DNA. And we do a whole lot of driving. AAA’s latest survey determined the average American driver spends more than 17,600 minutes behind the wheel each year. That’s more than 290 hours on the road, or – to break it down even more – 12 days a year spent in a car.

While those drivers are focused on driving, their passengers may be looking for something to grab their attention. When it comes to grabbing and holding attention, nothing is more effective than billboards. The Outdoor Advertising Association of America (OAAA) says more than 95 percent of Americans are reached by media targeting vehicle drivers and passengers. And, check this out – the American Trucking Association recently found that 90-plus percent of respondents to a recent survey noticed images wrapped on vehicles. Furthermore, more than 95 percent of people who see a branded vehicle wrap remember what they saw.

Vehicle wraps work! And SpeedPro Imaging, the nation’s leading provider for vehicle wraps, specializes in high-quality, high-impact, and low-maintenance vehicle wraps. If you’re an owner of a business car and/or a fleet of vehicles, we urge you to call your local SpeedPro Imaging studio. Vehicle wraps offer:

  • Lowest cost per advertising impression among outdoor advertising media
  • Largest return on investment

Look at this report the OAAA released earlier this year. It is preparing for the incoming wave of driverless vehicles. Imagine the power of mobile advertising, when people are no longer distracted by driving! Unlike stationary billboards, vehicle wraps offer the advantage of mobility. You can strategically target specific demographic groups, including by routes and zip codes. You’re only limited to your imagination and the size of your gas tank.

Let’s not forget how vehicle wraps serve as a force field for your fleet’s paint job. Most of you have a form of shield protection on your mobile phones. Vehicle wraps operate in the same fashion. Wraps protect a car’s paint from debris, rocks and other items that always seem to leave a scratch. In turn, when you prepare to resell your vehicle, the vehicle wrap has protected its value.

Your fleet is ready to go to work. Let SpeedPro Imaging help convert it into a marvelous work of art. An investment in a vehicle wrap allows your business, large or small, to bring awareness to your brand for a significantly lower cost compared to other forms of advertisements.

Don’t take it from us – take it from a few of our satisfied customers:

Sal DeMartinis, Jr. – Co-owner, Planet Fitness

“John Barber and SpeedPro Imaging’s process for printing vehicle wraps is far superior to any other vendor I’ve worked with. My vehicles just pop! The colors are brighter and the detail is fantastic, it’s just night and day.  It’s so good I just want to go back and re-wrap my other vehicles. SpeedPro Imaging has been a great partner, I couldn’t be happier with John and the SpeedPro team.”

Melissa Thompson – Customer Service Supervisor, Enterprise Fleet Management

“There are a lot of moving parts to managing our customers’ fleets. Dan and SpeedPro Imaging make the vehicle wrapping process very easy. The quality is excellent; we don’t get any complaints from customers telling us the signage is peeling, bubbling or needs to be replaced. On the off chance something does go wrong, SpeedPro will fix it. As a result, we really enjoy partnering with SpeedPro for our customers’ vehicle wrapping needs.”

Jason Marquis – President, NPL Homecare, Inc.

“Vehicle wraps provide the best bang for my advertising buck and SpeedPro Imaging makes the entire process easy for me. I looked and shopped around at other places as part of my due diligence and quickly determined SpeedPro Imaging had the best value. I think their vehicle wraps are of excellent quality. SpeedPro Imaging has a good eye for the colors and the graphics to not make it too busy but enough to draw attention.”

Reach out to us online at, send an email, or call us at (844) 274-4784 to ask us more about our industry-leading vehicle wraps and fleet wraps.

SpeedPro Imaging, the Bold Cure for Summertime Boredom in the Workplace

4 Interior Design (6 Wall Mural_ Interior Design)

School is out. Family reunions are in full swing. The grill is fired up and the beach homes are filled to the brim with vacationers. It’s summer time – for many, it’s the most wonderful time of the year. It’s also the peak of daydreaming inside office buildings across the country.

July, not surprisingly, is National Anti-Boredom Month. Connecting the dots doesn’t take a Ph.D. It’s hard to stay focused on the task at hand as the summertime doldrums settle in (in fact, workplace productivity drops 20%). That’s where SpeedPro Imaging, the nation’s most trusted interior graphics provider, steps in. Let us help you fight boredom in your office with awe-inspiring visual displays that will keep the mind active, the ideas flowing, and the productivity strong.

Boredom can creep quickly inside a workplace. It can be mentally draining to be productive when summer time vacation is just around the corner…or if you’re just coming back from vacation…or if your favorite cubicle-neighbor is off and away. No matter the scenario, the last place many of us want to be on a bright, sunny July day is stuck inside in the office.

In addition to SpeedPro’s game-changing interior graphics, here are 4 ways to overcome boredom at work, presented by

  1. Change your commute: Start and end your day in a different way by making changes to your commute. You should even consider a new mode of transportation if possible.
  2. Find a new way to work: Shake things up at the office by changing how things get done. Re-arrange when you complete your favorite tasks. Start interacting with coworkers face to face as opposed to via email and instant messaging.
  3. Get and set a goal: Identify a goal and set an “achieve by” date for it
  4. Switch your seat: Change your outlook at the office by changing your office—literally. Switching desks with a neighboring coworker can offer a fresh perspective.

Let’s elaborate further on the final point about offering a fresh perspective. The cure to boredom is curiosity. How can you spark curiosity within the confines of your office space? SpeedPro Imaging, the nation’s most trusted interior graphics provider, can help you do so by providing vivid graphics that will stimulate curiosity, creativity, and ingenuity.

Mood rings aren’t just a childhood item. Color changes how we feel and interact while at work. Consider this anecdote from Entrepreneur Magazine:

“A recent University of Texas study found that bland gray, beige and white offices induced feelings of sadness and depression, especially in women. Men, on the other hand, experienced similarly gloomy feelings in purple and orange workspaces.  Similar scientific studies have shown that colors don’t just change our moods, they also profoundly impact our productivity, for better and for worse. That’s why it’s best to decorate your workplace with a vibrant medley of stimulating hues that increase output and spark creativity.”

Science tells us colors are the way to go. But we at SpeedPro Imaging, the nation’s most trusted interior graphics provider, don’t settle for the simple. We like it BOLD. So, let’s crank up the office interior decorating a few notches by displaying graphics that will leave your employees mesmerized and clients in awe.

  • Window Graphics: Our studio owners have the capability to show off what customers 12 Interior Design (18 Window Graphics_Interior Design)see on your windows from the exterior. But our solutions also allow a story to be told on your windows for those inside looking out! Whether it’s a short-term cling or a permanent decal, we’re there to help you get what you need.
  • Wall Murals: These colorful display graphics can transform any space with vivid colors while not only conveying your message or brand to customers, but also reemphasizing it to employees.
  • Indoor Signage: SpeedPro Imaging produces a full range of custom signage. Coordinated wall and floor graphics that provide motivational quotes? We can do that! Single day signs that direct employees to the ice cream social? We’ll make sure they all POP off the walls!
  • Decals: This fresh and vibrant method of advertising draws the eye and gets noticed. It’s another quick and vibrant option to change up your office workspace.
  • Elevator Wraps: Communicate your brand or even your summertime theme in big, bold graphics. Transform an ordinary elevator into art in motion that will create a buzz in the building and leave employees in a good mood as they depart for the day.

Summertime is here, but let’s freeze out the boredom. Consult with your local SpeedPro Imaging studio owner to determine the best course of action to take part in national anti-boredom month.  There’s nothing boring about what we have planned for you! Find us online at or give us a call at (844) 274-4784 to get started.

Vehicle Wraps in Focus with SpeedPro Imaging of Denver Owner, Darin Schneider

Schneider and SpeedPro Imaging Owners Across the Country Offer Best-In-Class Vehicle Wrap Solutions for Companies and Fleets of All Sizes

IMG_7428 RTD-Skip-Bus

Show and tell. Do you remember it from childhood? It’s the elementary activity in which a student brings in an object and talks about it. Now that we’re all grown up, we still dabble with show and tell, only adults refer to it as marketing. Communicating the value of your product or service remains an integral aspect of marketing. So, how do you communicate your message to your intended audience? Darin Schneider, our Denver-based SpeedPro Imaging owner, has a proven and customizable solution for businesses and fleets big and small—vehicle wraps.

Even in today’s increasingly technological world, business owners can still struggle to reach and influence their intended audience. With the internet, smartphones, and social media, attention spans are short and breaking through the content noise can be a tall order.  However, vehicle wraps, like those offered by Schneider and all SpeedPro Imaging franchisees, literally ensure a company’s marketing message is visible while their customers are driving – one of the few times when they aren’t consumed by their phone, computer or another digital screen.

And yes – the numbers back up the power of vehicle wraps.   According to an Arbitron study, 71 percent of Americans “often look at messages on roadside billboards.” Now take those same billboards, and make them mobile – ensuring they reach more people throughout the community. That’s what you’re doing when you invest in SpeedPro Imaging’s vehicle wraps.  Vehicle wraps are an effective advertising method for cars, trucks, motorcycles, and boats. From an ROI standpoint, vehicle wraps have the lowest cost per impression.

For Schneider, his studio excels in single vehicles as well as full fleet wrap projects. Vehicle graphics helped lure Schneider from his IT consulting job into large format printing. He purchased his SpeedPro Imaging studio nearly six years ago.  Schneider told Sign Builder Illustrated when he took over, vehicle wraps represented 25 percent of their revenue stream.  “Over the past five years, vehicle graphics have increased to 50 percent of our revenue,” says Schneider.

Like many SpeedPro Imaging owners across the country, Schneider and SpeedPro Imaging of Denver are fully equipped to handle vehicle wrap projects of all shapes and sizes.  Specifically, once he saw the consistent flow of vehicle wrap projects, Schneider invested in a 40-by-14-foot bay to accommodate larger vehicles.

His portfolio of vehicle wrap clients reads like a “Best of” among Denver-area businesses. Schneider has wrapped vehicles for the Denver Broncos, Rocky Mountain Custom Landscapes, Swingle Lawn, Tree and Landscape Care and Lifehouse Construction.

“I used SpeedPro’s creative studio services to come up with stand-out graphics for my first company truck,” says Marty Harrison of Lifehouse Construction. “It has worked so well I have gotten comments that it may be a little on the obnoxious side but in a good, memorable way-which is exactly what I wanted! They are the one stop for design, printing, and installation.”

Two recent projects bagged both local and national attention for Schneider’s team. They are responsible for outfitting 600-plus Denver-area Comcast vehicles. The SpeedPro Imaging studio also takes credit for the Colorado Department of Transportation’s (CDOT) new “Bustang” fleet of buses. Schneider told Sign & Digital Graphics magazine:


“For this round of Comcast work, the client came directly to us,” Schneider says. “We have become the preferred Denver/Mountain region vendor. Initially, Comcast was a cold sales call. We were initially auditioned for a few of the upgrades but quickly supplanted the other vendor. CDOT was a sealed bid (request for proposal).”

While fleet wraps may be old hat for Schneider and his installation team, it’s not always easy…but he and his team find ways to deliver great work, on time.

“The Comcast work presented a huge logistical challenge,” Schneider told Sign & Digital Graphics. “Not only did a huge number of vehicles need to be completed in a short (under two months) time frame, but another primary requirement was minimizing their techs’ downtime as to not affect quotas. We were able to accomplish this using a few different techniques and best practices.”

The sweet science of marketing is ever changing. But one thing is certain, you can’t generate business if potential customers don’t know you exist. Darin Schneider and all other SpeedPro Imaging owners are doing their part to help their clients grab attention.

No matter where you call home, there’s a SpeedPro Imaging studio owner ready to tailor your fleet-wrap solutions to your specific details and budget. You can start the process now. Reach out to us online, at, send an email, or call us at (844) 274-4784.