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Architectural Finishes

For new construction, custom architectural finishes in Charlotte, NC can be very expensive. Custom architectural finishes by 3M (DI-NOC, Fasara, and others) provide an attractive alternative at a fraction of the price. Hundreds of finish options are available to change the look of wood into stone, metal into mahogany, or plain glass into a patterned tint. At Speedpro Imaging Charlotte, we provide alternative solutions for any of the following:

  • Custom upfits and renovations
  • New casework
  • Doors
  • Trim accents
  • and even Frosted glass 


3M DI-NOC Architectural Surface Finishes can be applied to a variety of surfaces, such as glass, wood and metal. They resemble natural and other finishes, in some cases even to  touch. With 700 finishes available to re-image your commercial environment,  interior designers have more flexibility than ever before!

3M Fasara, and Solyx Designer Window Films, offer myriad choices to customize interior / exterior windows, too. Create more or less privacy with embossing, gradient opacity, or contour cutting of shapes. Call SpeedPro Imaging Charlotte today to learn more about custom architectural finishes. The design alternatives are endless!

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