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Event Graphics in Acadiana, LA

So, you have a corporate event coming up in a month, and you need some new visual pieces. Why not invest in custom event graphics that you can use again and again?

And even better — how about graphics that turn your event from dull and intensely professional to exciting and inviting?

Welcome to SpeedPro Acadiana, located in the center of Lafayette, LA. Our dedicated design team is eager to explore your brand with you and learn how to best represent your company in large, attractive visual solutions. If your company is based in Lake Charles, Baton Rouge or Alexandria, contact us today! We’d love to assist you as an extension of your marketing team for your next event.

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Attention-Grabbing Event Graphics

If you want to run a successful event, your display should be welcoming and eye-catching. Detailed visual solutions created by our team include:


Banners are one of the greatest ways to grab people’s attention as they arrive at your event. Maybe they saw a banner stretched across a street downtown promoting your event. Maybe they saw the banners lining the road outside your office building, hyping up the event. Or maybe they just happened to be walking by and saw a retractable banner sitting alongside the road, directing guests to park in the lot a block away. All of these and more can be crafted for you and highlighted with our vivid and bold printing inks.

Directional Signage

Directional signage is highly useful for large corporate events. Not only do you want to properly invite guests inside, but you also want to make sure they can make it around the venue with ease. With our event graphics designs, we can make sure your guests feel welcome and look forward to searching around your venue space. Bold colors and designs that reflect your business and brand create an atmosphere that will leave customers feeling free to explore instead of overwhelmed.

The directional signage we create can be used at all your events as far as entrances and arrows are concerned. You can also reuse our vinyl banners. Because of their versatility, you can consistently rely on these designs, whether your event is indoors or outdoors.

Reach Out to Our Studio in Lafayette for Eye-Catching Event Graphics

If you’re struggling to set up for an upcoming corporate event, and you’re tired of constantly creating new designs, reach out to us. SpeedPro Acadiana is ready to tackle any size project with the highest qualifications. Once we schedule a consultation, we’ll discuss at length your business and brand and what features you want to highlight at your event.

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