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SEPTEMBER 4, 2018| SpeedPro Acadiana

SpeedPro of Acadiana offers high-impact graphic & signage solutions that cater to all types of political campaigns, local or nationwide. Campaign signs can be used for political, judicial, school board & law enforcement elections, grassroots efforts & an array of ballot initiatives. We offer a wide variety of sign types to help you create the ultimate signage experience centered around your campaign

  • Yard Signs
    • Campaign yard signs are one of the most basic tools that a politician or political organization requires. Right from the local elections in a small county to the highest office in the land, political campaign signs play a huge role.
      The most common type of campaign sign is a yard sign (also known as bandit signs or coro signs) made from 4mm corrugated plastic with vertical fluting with a standard size of 24” x 18”.
  • Banners
    • Vinyl banners are affordable, versatile, easy to hang & store, and are available in any size from 6”x6” to 10’ x 164’. When candidates want a versatile, portable solution, a sure bet is 13 oz vinyl banner with grommets & hems. Vinyl banners will be an ideal solution for larger indoor or outdoor displays.
  • Magnets
    • Car magnets are another viable option for vehicle advertising. Magnets are a great choice because of the ease in attaching & removing from any vehicle. This is particularly desirable if campaign vehicles are also used as personal vehicles & the signage needs to be removed for any given occasion. Large vehicle magnets made of .030” magnetic material are a simple, cost-effective alternative to more permanent decals.
  • Perforated Window Decals
    • Perforated vinyl material that provides one-way visibility is a cost effective & easy to install choice for covering entire windows. These decals are printed on a semi-permanent adhesive vinyl & can be installed on the exterior or interior of windows facing a street. Window decals allow for logos & other images to be adhered to glass-like surfaces with easy installation & removal. We offer clear, opaque, perforated, & frosted window decals to help cover both indoor & outdoor glass surface at campaign headquarters.


We also offer additional signage that may be used for your campaign. These include mesh banners, fabric banners, feather flags, foam board & more. Your campaign signs can be fully customized with your name, picture, slogan, & printed at any custom size, giving you the liberty to create awareness and attention that will give your campaign its much-needed boost. We also do wholesale direct-to-substrate printing, so give us a call at 337-703-4995 or visit us at or 100 SpeedPro Lane in Scott, LA to find out how we can be your partner this election season!

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