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Decals are making a resurgence in the world of promotion and advertising, and even professionals and businesses are getting involved. While some may think printed decals are just big stickers, they’re incredibly useful for advertising and can spread the word fast about your business. You can adhere them to the side of your vehicle, in window frames and on the exterior of buildings, passing around your branded image for people in your neighborhood to see.

The process of designing and printing custom branded decals isn’t painful and can save you time and energy when it comes down to brand promotion. If your company or organization is ready to try out this technique and is located in downtown Rochester or the surrounding neighborhoods, reach out to our team at SpeedPro All Stars today.

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Generate Marketing Success with Custom Decals

Our studio dedicates itself to providing you with the most durable graphic designs possible for your branding needs. We look at factors such as strength, integrity and longevity to make sure your decals last as long as you prefer. Each decal is paired with an adhesive of a particular strength to keep your designs looking sharp all year round.

Vinyl decals with fade-resistant inks create bold appearances, captivating everyone who comes into contact with them and earning new customers.

Designing Great Decals

The design, shape and size of custom business decals are all dependent on your business and industry. For example, retail shops may be interested in small decals that are designed to look like specific products, while professional sectors might want larger images to display on their buildings. You could even factor in your business status and characterization — if you’re a new company, you’ll want as many decals as you can get your hands on, whereas established organizations won’t need as many or as lavish of designs.

Where to Place Decals

Many decals are placed on cars and service vehicles. Whether you want one on your window or your side door is up to you — we’ll make sure it fits and is visible from various perspectives. You might want a small logo to fit in the bottom corner of your rear window or your business name and slogan plastered alongside the truck for people to read and connect with. At SpeedPro All Stars, we’ll make sure to print a design that closely matches your original request.

Temporary and Permanent Options

Another element to keep in mind is how long you wish to keep your decals around. If you’re looking to promote an upcoming event or sale at your store, opting for smaller decals in bulk can help you quickly spread the word — on vehicles, street light poles and restaurant community boards. These decals can be removed soon after application. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a fun design to get people to notice your business, you might want something for a more extended period for on the external wall of your building or some windows.

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The customization process is a lot of fun when you work with a team that knows design and marketing. Contact us today to schedule a consultation, and our design team will meet with you promptly.

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