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Environmental Graphics in Eyota, Minnesota

Are you a company owner who is proud of the area you’re from? SpeedPro All Stars wants to help you connect with your environment by alluding to your location through your building or office’s design. Create a whole new experience for your customers by dressing up your workspace to match your exterior scenes!

Our studio is located in the heart of Minnesota — an area known for its nature trails and natural parks. Why not incorporate these famous landmarks and iconic scenes into your building or office?

If your company or organization is located in or around Rochester, reach out to our team today to understand how you can use the land around you as inspiration for your business!

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Environmental Graphic Design for Boosted Aesthetic Appeal

Environmental graphics enable you to incorporate your environmental surroundings to help design your office or building space. Many times, you’ll see this strategy effectively used in coffee shops and restaurants. Whether or not they’re themed, you’ll notice many coffee shops use dim lighting and exposed brick to create a “homey” and secure atmosphere that allows guests to enjoy their visits. Restaurants often bring in the outdoor experience in all types of ways to give guests a unique experience while dining.

Being located in Rochester is the perfect situation for business owners looking to redesign their interior and exterior landscaping. Use nature trails as inspiration for interior road-mapping. Set a scene through the windows to allude to the many scenic outlooks. You can even name specific rooms or floors after the many nature trails and parks surrounding the area!

Custom environmental graphics don’t just catch the eye of people walking by — they create an interactive and immersive experience inside!

Creating the Perfect Custom Environmental Graphics

We can design your environmental graphics in multiple ways, including but not limited to employing:

Architectural finishes

Focus on the architectural structure of your building when you’re considering using the outdoors as your inspiration. You can use authentic wood instead of exposed metal structures, for instance. Consider keeping outdoor wildlife or replanting trees outside your building or office. Use your outdoor world as a guide for your internal setup!

Window graphics

Window graphics can be used to emphasize not only products and offers specific to your business but also the beauty surrounding you. Create external window graphics that interact seamlessly with the natural landscape around you.

Wall graphics

Inside, you can get creative with wall graphics. Install a vinyl wall mural that shows a map of the nature trails in your area. Invite customers to look at the beauty of what’s around you while interacting with the beauty inside your building!

Employ Unique Environmental Graphics and Design

If you’re interested in taking inspiration from the world around you to create your own little world, reach out to our studio now! We’d love to answer any questions you may have regarding custom environmental graphics, and we look forward to setting up your initial consultation to begin planning your next design adventure.

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