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Trade Show Displays in Eyota, Minnesota

A few different levels of emotion can come with trade shows. The first is genuine excitement that you’re invited to one. The second is curiosity when asked to participate. The third is slight anxiety upon learning that you have to present. The final and fourth level is panic when you realize you have to set up your booth and have no idea how to make it look inviting or competitive.

Lucky for you, SpeedPro All Stars has the skills and knowledge necessary to make sure you’re set up for success! Our team knows how to create a display that accurately represents your brand and elevates your business above the rest.

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The Importance of Pop Up Trade Show Displays

Trade shows are wonderful events that will allow you to increase the visibility of your business and promote yourself to increase your sales. Attending these events gives you the inside scoop to see how other companies are promoting themselves and what allows them to be successful. You can always compare your methods to theirs, creating the right setup and marketing tools to effectively sell your brand. Trade shows are more than just outselling your competition — they also allow you to start and hold conversations with potential customers.

We’ll help ensure your portable trade show display booth presents stunning visuals that everyone will want to see more of.

You should strive to make your trade show display stand out from others. It needs to help guests feel welcome. Being too abrasive or upfront might intimidate some people, especially if you’re aggressively trying to promote directly to them. Allowing guests to naturally walk up to your display, see some sneak peeks and ask honest questions will ensure their interest and future partnership with your business.

Vibrant Trade Show Display and Backdrop Features

SpeedPro All Stars offers the following options for pop up trade show displays:

  • Flags
  • Portable banners
  • Pop up displays
  • Backlit graphics
  • Retractable banners
  • Step and repeat banners
  • Table-toppers
  • Tents


Banners are one way to go at trade shows. They can effectively put your brand on display, catching the attention of all attendees with our bold graphics and vivid inks. Their vinyl material ensures that they can stand strong and be reused multiple times for any future trade shows you might attend. Banners are also vastly versatile — you can hang them, position them on your table or sit them in a stand!

Backlit Displays

If you want to be as visible as possible, choose our backlit displays. Plugin perfectly placed LED lamps and watch your graphics come to life. Your designs and materials will look rich, clever and highly professional when you use these displays that show the audience exactly where the spotlight belongs.

Portable Options

SpeedPro also likes to focus on the characteristics that lead to a portable trade show display. Our tents are easy to fold down and compact into a carrying case, giving you ease with setting up, tearing down and moving on to your next setup. Pop up displays also have a highly portable nature, optional hard, molded cases and several options for size. You can choose straight or curved frames and even LED displays for the ultimate pop up display. With all of our features able to be set up without tools, you can easily use the same display for every event you attend!

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