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Vehicle Wraps in Eyota, Minnesota

Are you tired of the boring old ways of promoting your business? Have you been looking for a newer method to spread the word? Are you interested in reaching an audience outside of your immediate community?

If you’re answering yes, you’ll be happy to know that SpeedPro All Stars has the skills and knowledge to help you succeed. Vehicle advertising is the perfect way to bring your business more attention with the customization of vehicle wraps. It gives the opportunity to be outside of your office building while still doing good things for your company.

Installing custom vehicle wraps can be a thorough process that gives a fun reward at the end. If your business or organization is looking for some additional advertising and is located in Minnesota, reach out to our studio! We’ll work to bring you bold branded visuals.

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Choose Your Vehicle Advertising Coverage Amount

Our goal at SpeedPro All Stars is to deliver your brand to as many people as possible. Carefully crafted designs are made to emphasize your business and fully and vividly colored to attract attention. As you’re driving along the street, people will not just notice your design but also be fully invested in checking it out!

Your business will be exposed to maximum visibility with our wraps, ensuring your brand is recognizable to a large audience.

SpeedPro All Stars offers several options for vehicle advertising, including:

  • Fleet wraps
  • Full vehicle wraps
  • Partial vehicle wraps

Fleet Wraps

If you run a trucking company or van delivery service, fleet wraps are made for you! They’re unique products crafted specifically for your large and multi-member fleet crew. Fleet wraps are designed to convey the same impressive message across all of your vehicles. The next time you’re helping move large machinery or working on a catering job, your brand will be on perfect display across multiple vehicles, allowing anyone passing by to truly take notice.

Full and Partial Auto Wraps

Owners of standard-sized trucks and cars can choose between two options for coverage. Full and partial vehicle wraps are designed in the same manner — the only impactful difference is the totality of coverage you’ll be placing on your vehicle. Full vehicle wraps will cover the entire surface of your car or truck, such as your roof, hood, doors, windows and back bumper. Partial vehicle wraps allow you the preference of a specific area to cover, whether that’s only your side doors or just your hood and back bumper.

Choosing between these two options can depend on the history of your business and the other branding methods you may currently be using. Our team is here to assist you with all of the decision-making processes, making sure the wrap you choose will effectively spread your message to the right people.

Stunning Custom Vehicle Wrap Printing in Minnesota

If you’d like to promote your business outside the office, call us today! Schedule a consultation to get the process moving right away.

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