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Directional <span>Signage<span>

How Wayfinding Signage Helps Your Business

First impressions begin outside of your office or building as soon as people make eye contact with your space. Directional signs and wayfinding language are hugely effective ways to attract attention and draw potential customers into your store.  Whatever they see will affect their mindset as they make their way inside. Therefore, it’s important to make sure what a customer experiences outside is pleasant and will encourage them that what they find inside is just as great, if not better. 

Many businesses use directional signage to expand awareness of their brand and draw a crowd — not just from the storefront, but the streets. 

By properly customizing your directional signage, you can guide people around while staying true to your brand promotion.

  • Point guests in the right direction: Unless your customers are already committed to your brand, they won’t search high and low for long before giving up on finding your store. Directional signage provides a clear guide, pointing customers toward the parking lot, entrance, hallway or even the employees they need. Eliminate the guesswork by helping your customers navigate a new space.
  • Welcome your customers: Strategically placed directional signage brings the guest into your space in a friendly manner. They will feel welcomed and assured they’re in the right place. Event spaces hosting a large number of guests will find this feature particularly helpful, as they may not have enough staff to personally greet each guest as they arrive.
  • Reassure guests with instant feedback: Don’t leave your guests wondering if they’re in the right place or where to go next. Wayfinding signage reassures guests that they’re parked in the right place and can confidently start tasting the refreshments. Leave a lasting positive impression by eliminating your guest’s questions before they even come up.
  • Strengthen your brand: Expand your name and brand recognition by strategically placing directional signs in visible areas, not just inside your space but in the building, street or perhaps even further out. Permanent signs keep your brand visible long-term while you can swap out temporary signage to promote the latest products or deals.
directional sign that reads guest & preschool parking
outdoor directional sign for mount pisgah christian school's athletic complex

Signage For Outside You Business

Whether you have a parking lot adjacent to your building or only have access to street parking, it’s essential to ensure your customers know where to go and how to get to your door safely. You can use directional signage to lead cars into a lot or mark the sections of street blocks that are available for use. It’s also helpful if you’re in a city to incorporate street signs into parking lots. Doing so allows people to navigate and figure out where they’re going before leaving their spot.

Directional Signs for Inside Your Business

Wayfinding signage can include arrows, circles, text and more to identify the proper entrances, exits and “employee only” areas. You might need to differentiate which door is yours if your office is part of a large building complex. Guests should be led to stairs and elevators, attending to their individual needs. Alerting customers where these critical areas are without forcing them to ask will make your business more appealing and accessible.

The inside of your office or business space will thrive from the beneficial effects of wayfinding signage. In an office setting, you’ll want to identify the reception desk and waiting area. Individual private offices should be labeled, as well as any subsidiary conference rooms. It’ll also help guests if you provide an interactive directory that pinpoints where they are and where they may need to go to find what they’re looking for.

Digital Wayfinders

This modern twist on traditional directions uses screens to display directions and information. These screens can include branded visuals and programmed messages to add a personalized touch to the wayfinder. Digital directional screens can pinpoint guests’ locations on a map, provide building directories, display office schedules or provide information on events.

Custom Signs to Point Your Customers in the Right Direction in Alpharetta

Maybe you run a department store or grocery shop in the Atlanta area. Including wayfinding signage will allow customers to know where particular products are, where they can find someone to ask further questions and where they need to go to purchase or check out. Directing your customers to these areas will ensure they have a smooth experience with your company and leave them feeling comfortable and excited to come back.

When you’re ready to add some custom directional signage to your company, call our studio. SpeedPro Alpharetta is more than prepared to assist you in establishing your brand and helping your customers. Schedule a consultation today and let’s get started!

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