Environmental Graphics

Environmental <span>Graphics</span>

Environmental Graphic Design That Immediately Grabs Attention

The concept of environmental graphics requires the use of your location and surroundings to decorate your building or office space. Sometimes you’ll see coffee shops creating homely little escape areas to avoid busy and chaotic city streets. Bars also like to use wooden or cobblestone features to set a theme for their guests’ experience.

With unique environmental graphics, your brand can come alive and invite locals and tourists to experience the world you’ve created.

Creating Custom Environmental Graphics

SpeedPro can assist you with enhancing your signage in multiple ways. Some of these options include:

Wall Graphics & Murals:

Indoor wall graphics are also an important area to focus on. They’re what will keep your customers intrigued and interested once they’re inside your building. Printed wall murals can be designed and rolled onto a wall, embodying the culture of your local area. These wall murals can be used to brighten the room as well as advertise your brand in a highly visual way. If you effectively design the wall graphics of your business, you could become a can’t-be-missed destination for tourists looking for innovative and interesting places to visit!

Floor graphics:

Flooring is another great place to add interesting graphics promoting your business and personality, from logos to directions to decor and more.

Window Graphics:

Window graphics can reflect your environment on the exterior as well. Provide your business’s information within some peach graphics or maybe some famous sayings or quotes.

Acrylic Graphics:

Acrylic is an incredibly versatile material that can be fitted to nearly any size or shape and designed to feature the brightest, clearest colors and nearly any type of image.

Georgia-Based Environmental Graphics:

With our studio based in Georgia, you might want to focus on the “peach state” motto or, if in Atlanta, incorporate elements of the Olympics. In this case, we could design parts of your building to resemble the shape of a peach or add some features to the outside perimeter of your building. We could have some Olympic rings etched into the side of your building to nod to the historical landmark.

Stairway graphic in school
Floor graphic in children's learning center

Benefits of Getting Environment Graphics in Alpharetta for Your Workspace

Environment graphics in Alpharetta, Georgia has become a trend in workplaces. Apart from its aesthetic appeal, business owners adapt environment graphics in Alpharetta, Georgia for useful reasons. Here are some points on why you should consider getting one as well:

Tell Your Company’s History

Your businesses’ background is something you should be proud of. With environment graphics in Alpharetta, Georgia you can share your company’s rich history in a creative way. Environment graphics in Alpharetta, Georgia allows you to highlight your business’ milestones. This can include changes in leadership, foundation day, branch opening, and revenue accomplishments. 

Reinforce Your Company’s Values

Employees should strive to always exhibit their business’ core beliefs. However, these things are sometimes pushed to the back of people’s minds. Environment graphics in Alpharetta, Georgia can serve as a great reminder of what your company is all about. Consider techniques like printing out your brand’s vision and turning them into environment graphics in Alpharetta, Georgia.

Increase Productivity

Evidence has shown that employees placed in aesthetically pleasing workspaces tend to be more productive. If your workspace is on the plainer spectrum, spice things up with environment graphics in Alpharetta, Georgia. When conceptualizing one, consider getting vibrant environment graphics in Alpharetta, Georgia as studies indicate they can make people feel more inspired.

Improve Customer Experience

Business owners often hold meetings with clients in their offices. As such, you should aim to leave them in awe with every visit. Environment graphics in Alpharetta, Georgia is an effective way to do this. Through environment graphics in Alpharetta, Georgia, you can create a positive experience and leave a good lasting impression on your customers.

Promote Positivity Through Environmental Signage

Studies show that certain color spectrums can bring forth positivity. If you’re looking for a way to increase good vibes at your office, environment graphics in Alpharetta, Georgia is an effective way to do so. Consider shades like yellow, blue, and green in your environment graphics in Alpharetta, Georgia as these are known to evoke happiness, calmness, and peace.

Reduce Work Stress

As a business owner, prioritize your employees’ emotional well-being above all. You can do this by getting environment graphics in Alpharetta, Georgia that remind them to take well-deserved breaks. Some forms of environment graphics in Alpharetta, Georgia you could use include signage with positive affirmations. These elements are also crucial as they help reduce employee burn out.


If you’re looking for more ways to customize your building to match your surrounding environment, give us a call! We’d be more than happy to provide you with the information you need to give your office space a makeover. Let’s schedule a consultation appointment and begin an adventure in environmental graphics today!

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