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MAY 22, 2018| SpeedPro

How do you know your wide-format printing partner will help you get the most for your money?

As a business owner, it’s important to consider which vendor will produce the right products and services that generate your desired return on investment (ROI).

The following questions can guide you through the decision-making process so you get the most out of your large-scale visuals.

1. What’s the value of a local vendor for wide-format printing and graphics?

There are numerous vendors capable of creating marketing materials. However, the level of quality and service vary significantly. Instead of zeroing in solely on the price point, consider which company will go beyond a transactional relationship and fully invest in a consultative approach to be your local partner.

“We’ve seen lots of customers get burned from ordering online,” said Patrick Finn, Director of Production Support. “Often our customers are on tight deadlines, so it’s important to work with someone local, who can get it done quickly and resolve any issues in a timely manner.”

As is evident in the name of our company, we work quickly to meet our customers’ deadlines. And the other component of our brand promise is the professionalism that businesses seek with a wide-format printing partner. Online printers are typically competing solely on price. Additionally, they’re either going to be in a different city or another country entirely. Local SpeedPro owners are dedicated to getting the job done right and will be there if anything needs to be adjusted.

Patrick estimates between 50 – 60 percent of SpeedPro customers don’t know what they specifically need. A local partner can walk you through your options for wide-format printing and help you select the right strategy or adjust your vision to deliver the best bang for your buck.

2. What other services will my wide-format printing vendor offer?

Ideally, your wide-format printer will not only produce your designs, but act as a solutions provider that will make sure the campaign is comprehensive and built to help you achieve your specific goals.

“People often come to us hoping to hone in on their current ideas,” Patrick said. “We’ll ask about goals, budget and venue – things we know to design for and that some business owners may overlook.”

Patrick added that customers are often surprised at what SpeedPro can do. They know about banners and signage, but few realize there are so many applications for which we can produce graphics, including floors, ceilings, windows, cars, elevators and countless others. We’re able to create a comprehensive plan with the best large-scale visuals to meet customers’ goals based on the venue or location and their purpose.

For example, a growing number of businesses are combining wide-format printing and digital advertising. Consumers tend to ignore a digital display by itself, Patrick indicated. But when digital signage is paired with wide-format printing that surrounds the interactive display, it does a better job of drawing potential customers in to learn more—especially when it’s well-designed and part of an integrated strategy. Your typical online vendor won’t be able to deliver this level of service.

3. How can I effectively measure ROI?

“It’s been a challenge for many years for business owners to figure out how much business a specific billboard is sending,” Patrick explained. “Is it effective or is it worth my money?”

Nowadays, tracking ROI has become more sophisticated with wide-format printing, whether you’re using a billboard, vehicle wrap or other types of environmental advertising. For instance, a growing number of businesses are integrating unique contact information for a specific graphic or advertisement, including unique phone numbers or landing page URLs, QR codes or special text message numbers. By doing so, you can determine that “X” customer visited my website or called my store because of “Y” advertisement.

Businesses have also begun testing out real-time advertising through vehicle wraps.

“You could have your car wrapped with a one-week special or it could be just a general service, and that vehicle might be driven through certain parts of town,” Patrick said. “And if a certain number of calls are coming from ZIP codes within those areas instead of others, you’ll begin to develop a heat map of where new business comes from during that time frame.”

Other business owners take the old-school route, simply asking customers with an online survey “How did you hear about us?” and providing a drop-down menu of options that include different marketing and advertising channels, including large-scale visuals.

With these measurement tools in place, you can more easily understand the ROI of your campaigns and use this data to make better decisions about future marketing and advertising campaigns.

To learn more about how SpeedPro can improve your bottom line with the right large-scale visuals and signage, check out our products and services.

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