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JUNE 2, 2017| SpeedPro

Organizing and hosting a successful trade show is a daunting task. While you’ve stepped up and accepted the challenge, you still sometimes struggle to ‘hit it out of the park.’ And that’s where SpeedPro Imaging, the nation’s most trusted trade show partner, comes into play. Producing a trade show can be a lucrative business. The top 10 trade shows in the U.S. drew more than three-quarter of a million attendees in 2016.

We here at SpeedPro Imaging are committed to helping you succeed with your next endeavor. That’s why we’ve created the Event Planners Guide for you. It’s six tips from the nation’s most trusted trade show partner designed to boost attendance and sponsorships at your next event. Consider it a blueprint to “see exactly how other event planners are making their events more successful than ever.”

Tip #1: Planning Far Enough in Advance:  Event shows are not built for those who tend to procrastinate. The larger the function, the more time it takes to plan. Typically, events can be planned up to a year in advance and no later than 3 months. This is also the time you should be asking some critical questions that can make your break your event. Questions include: What is the objective? What date/time will it be? What is the venue’s availability? What is the demographic of attendees?

Tip #2: Having Booths and Events Clearly Labeled: Being an event show organizer is just that, being organized! One essential component of planning a trade show involves navigation. Start laying out the floor plan and think of the signs that will direct attendees to the location their seeking. The good news, directional signs is where SpeedPro Imaging shines. We offer a wide variety of signage options including:

Tip #3: Selling More High-Level Sponsorships: It’s no secret, trade shows can be an expensive operation. One way to potentially offset those costs involves the tried-and-true method of sponsorships. SpeedPro Imaging, the nation’s most trusted trade show partner, specializes in helping you attract more high-level sponsorships. How you ask? Over the years, we’ve developed a three-step formula that you can easily follow to sell more high-level sponsorships:

  1. Prepare a list of potential sponsors
  • Be sure to include any previous sponsors
  • Research similar events and make note of all the high-level sponsorships
  1. Develop sponsorship packages that include maximum value
    • Clearly demonstrate what is included in their sponsorship package
    • Be creative with what is included
    • The higher the level of the sponsorship, the more exclusive the package needs to be
  2. Develop sponsorship presentation boards
    • Allow sponsors to see exactly what their logo will look like at the event on an assortment of items
    • Show creative ideas
    • Use 3D mockups to clearly visualize how much value sponsors are getting

Tip #4: Increase Attendees by Promoting Your Event: If you build it, there’s no guarantee they’ll come. Especially if you haven’t followed proper promotion protocol. We can’t put enough emphasis on the importance of making attendees aware of your event. How will you draw people in if they don’t know it is happening? SpeedPro Imaging has found some great ways to promote events – including Radio, TV and Newspaper Advertising. Social Media plays an integral role in promotion – and event planners can use it effectively at little to no cost. Good old fashion posters at local businesses always remain effective (and we can help you make them!). And of course, partnerships with local organizations is an efficient way to get publicity.

Tip #5: Preparing for Last Minute Changes: In Tip #1, we discussed the virtues of planning ahead. That’s because no matter how precise you are, something is bound to pop up. We encourage you to prepare for last minute changes.

  • Utilize Volunteers
  • Have on extra staff on hand
  • Hire a local large format graphics company, like SpeedPro Imaging, to manage your last-minute booth changes or printing of additional directional signage

Tip #6: Grab the Attention of Attendees: Know that you’ve gotten attendees to your show, you must keep them there. After doing this for several years, SpeedPro Imaging, the nation’s most trusted trade show partner, offers you these three proven ideas to grab attendees’ attention.

  1. Fish Bowl Raffle
    • They get a chance to win stuff. You get their contact info. It’s a win-win.
  2. Attractive Booth
    • You should be able to clearly tell what product or service you sell from 10 feet away
  3. Digital Signage
    • Moving images always manage to be an eye-catcher.

You’re on the right track. Let us help you take your event over the top. With your hard work and our expertise, your event could very well end up in a future ranking of one of the country’s most attended trade shows.

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