Benefits of Tabletopper Advertising

APRIL 12, 2021| SpeedPro



Tabletop advertising is crucial for any company that uses booths at public events, like trade shows and conferences, to generate new leads or business. These attractive displays will rest on tables or counters, presenting your message effectively. Since they are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, you can use them as accents for your overall design or allow them to take center stage. Whatever your advertising needs, tabletoppers are an excellent way to add visual appeal to a booth.

What Are Custom Tabletopper Ads?

Tabletoppers can take a variety of forms and are perfect for accenting your tables and booths. Tabletop ads will come in the form of displays that use fabric-based graphic systems to craft uniquely designed signs that match a company’s brand. You can think of tabletoppers as freestanding signage for a table, offering a variety of design options.

These tabletop displays come in many different varieties that are all highly customizable to fit your particular needs. For example, if you have a table set up in an open space, without any background walls, you can use round tabletoppers to provide 360-degree graphics and images so that no matter where a visitor is, they’ll be able to see your high-quality, tabletopper ad.

Advantages of Tabletop Advertising

Tabletop ads come with a variety of benefits that will take a booth to the next level. Whether you’re at a trade show, conference or anywhere else, you’ll have to set up a booth to advertise your company or a particular product. Tabletop advertising gives your display a variety of benefits that will assist your overall marketing strategy.

The following points illustrate the multiple benefits that come with using tabletoppers.

1. Attract Viewers

Conferences and trade show floors can be overstimulating to attendees, causing them to filter out anything that isn’t visually impressive. Tabletop advertising is excellent for capturing the attention of anyone passing by, getting them to visit your table. Select from a variety of styles, then customize them to your unique aesthetic.

Fabric tabletoppers are incredibly dynamic and can make your booth stand out to attendees who might be walking through passively. The displays allow you to provide an alternative to the more traditional setups of curtained backdrops and linear tables without much on them. With colorful displays that contain powerful imagery, engaging text and stunning graphics, custom tabletoppers make your booth and table much more visually appealing.

For example, you could use a folding panel display on top of your table to catch the eyes of passersby. This kind of display, which is available with either three or five panels, has multiple configuration options. The panels offer you a sturdy canvas to place your branded imagery and messages. They are also customizable, and allow you to take their visual appeal to the next level through spotlighting and hook-and-look applied graphics, among other accessories.

2. Set Yourself Apart with Tabletop Advertising

If you’ve ever set up a booth at a trade show or another event where competitors will have different tables set up, you know how crucial it is to differentiate yourself from the competition. People will be viewing tons of other booths, so you’ll want your display to be eye-catching.

To attract more attention to your booth, you can use tabletop trade show displays, as they come in a variety of engaging shapes and sizes. Their customizability will allow you to tailor your message to a target audience. With targeted messaging, you can appeal to your target demographic, presenting them with value-adding propositions in your ads that get them to stop by and check out what you have to say.

3. Professional Imaging

Once you draw in people, you want to retain them and keep their attention. Some displays will use a gimmick that does stand out to viewers, but, ultimately, makes attendees take the company less seriously. With tabletop advertising, you’ll get the best of both worlds, as you’ll gain attention and subtly relate to viewers that your company is professional.

Tabletopper ads help get attention and distance your brand from the competition.

When you choose tabletop advertising, you’ll leave attendees with a positive first impression. To help you accomplish that goal, your tabletoppers will come outfitted with attractive graphics, text and images that have complex designs, shading and linework. Along with being pleasant to look at, the tabletoppers will feature high-quality materials, avoiding any appearance of being cheap or poorly made.

With top-of-the-line materials and attractive tabletoppers, you’ll send a message to viewers that you’re a company to take seriously. Potential customers and clients will respond well to this, feeling more comfortable with doing business with you and trusting you with their needs.

4. Establish Your Brand

Tabletop displays represent an excellent branding opportunity for companies. If you’re trying to establish brand familiarity with a potential customer or client base, use tabletoppers that complement your company’s overall aesthetic, while also matching the booth’s design. Doing so will help you make an impression on attendees, lodging your brand into their minds. After they leave the trade show, they’ll be more likely to recognize your company by your color scheme, logo or particular slogan.

Tabletoppers will allow you to tell viewers what your company is about and what they can expect from you. You’ll communicate your company’s personality, tone and quality, all with carefully branded tabletoppers. If you want people to connect with your company and feel attached to it, communicating a brand they can identify with is crucial. A tabletopper gives you another avenue to communicate with potential clients or customers.

Interested in Tabletop Advertising?

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Consider speaking to one of our representatives by finding your local studio today. A knowledgeable representative will be happy to discuss ways SpeedPro can help you stand out from the competition with tabletoppers.

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