Does it matter which type of window decal I choose?

Does It Matter Which Type of Window Decal I Choose?

MARCH 16, 2020| SpeedPro


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If you’re wondering about the types of window decals you need to use, you’ve come to the right place. SpeedPro has been serving companies for years, assisting them as they look to print and install decals onto their walls, windows, doors and vehicles. In our time partnering with other companies, we’ve found that it matters which type of window decal you choose.

To help you get a clearer understanding of the type of window decals that best meet your goals, you’ll need to know all about the different types of decals available to companies today.

Choosing Between Single-Sided and Double-Sided Decals

One main decision that companies have to make about custom window vinyl decals is whether they want the decals to be single-sided or double-sided.

Single-side decals are ideal for solid surfaces. The front of the graphic will feature the graphics, while the back of it will have the adhesive. Since walls won’t offer any transparency, they are ideal for decals that are only one-sided. With static marketing widow clings, a company that’s worried about vandalism to exterior graphics can place the decals behind a transparent window, making it viewable from the outside.

Like the name suggests, double-sided decals feature graphics on both sides of the decal. Studios print them so the decals are visible no matter which direction you’re looking at them. As these decals are viewable from both sides, they are most often used on windows and transparent doors.

Choosing between single or double-sided graphics comes down to the surfaces you’re planning on placing the graphics on. If it’s a transparent material, the chances are double-sided graphics will be the right choice. Say, for instance, you own a retail store. You’ll want your branding efforts to be visible from the outside and inside. With a double-sided graphic, your interior will have an extra piece of on-brand decoration that improves your customers’ experience.

Select a Short-Term or Long-Term Window Graphic

When it comes to custom window clings for businesses, you want to ensure you select decals that are designed for the appropriate amount of time you expect to have them up. Short-term graphics are crafted with unique materials that allow them to be affordable, easy-to-remove and adjustable.

Short-term graphics typically are made out of fabricated, re-positionable adhesive materials that are perfect for limited promotions and weekly deals. The adhesive used for short-term graphics will often be made out of a lower-tac stick formula designed to be easily installed and removed. Unlike long-term graphics, this adhesive will be designed to hold for a comparably short amount of time. Additionally, the lower-tac formula allows users to move and reposition the graphics after the initial placement.

One popular form of window graphics are static clings. Marketing window clings for businesses are incredibly flexible, and can quickly be moved around a surface. Instead of using an adhesive to hold up the decals, these window clings only use a static charge to keep the decal in place. Since they use static rather than an adhesive, they are very flexible and can move around a surface easily, though they are not as long-lasting as other options.

In contrast, long term graphics are designed to stay up for a long time. Rather than weekly deals or seasonal graphics, these window graphics are built to last and will offer messages meant to stay around for a long time. These messages can be a company slogan, name, logo or hours, among others.

Window stickers are often used when a company wants their message to last. The adhesive backing that comes standard with window stickers is designed to make sure the graphic sticks to its location. Unlike the static clings, once the sticker has been placed, it can’t be moved.

Long-term window and wall decals are made with a high-tac stick formula. This formula can be customized for your needs and will allow you to keep a graphic up for a significant amount of time. Perforated window graphics are an ideal option for long-term window graphics, as they are often meant to block visibility. As such, they need to be reliable and long-lasting to prevent prying eyes from peering into an office or another private area.

Top Window Graphic Options

Top Window Graphic Options [List]

Before you start designing your graphic, you’ll need to consider which type of commercial window decal you’d like to use — the most common options include:

  • Vinyl window graphics: Custom window vinyl decals are extremely durable and customizable. Vinyl graphics can be used on a wide selection of surfaces, from cement and glass to the exterior of a vehicle. These decals are also excellent at allowing natural light to pass through without blocking visibility and are exceptionally customizable.
  • Perforated window graphics: If you want to provide greater privacy for an office space or another location, perforated window graphics are the go-option. These decals block out any sight through normally transparent surfaces. They allow for one-way visibility, where people inside can see outside, but people on the outside can’t see in. Perforated window decals are often used on outside-facing window displays, as businesses often don’t want anyone passing by to be able to look into their office space.
  • See-through window graphics: For stores that want to draw people to their store with decals, but also show off their products from the window, a see-through window graphic is ideal. These transparent, window graphics bring curious viewers to your window, but have enough transparency to let potential customers also see the products they might be interested in purchasing. These graphics offer durability and can be replaced easily whenever your marketing needs change.
  • Partial window graphics: These types of graphics are the most popular, as they take up only part of a window. Partial custom window decals for businesses are often used to provide valuable information, like a new sale or store hours. This info only requires a part of the window space, making partial graphics the best choice.
  • Full window decals: Full window decals are another reliable option. They are perfect for businesses who want to turn their windows or doors into giant advertisements or decorations. Instead of blocking a small part of the window, you can make sure the entire window is covered with attractive custom graphics. The large, full window decals are great at generating attention and improving brand awareness.

Select SpeedPro for Your Window Decal Needs

With a greater set of knowledge about window decals now at your disposal, you’ll be ready to choose decals that fit your goals. Whether you want full, partial, single or double-sided graphics, SpeedPro has you covered. With a nationwide network of studios, we have the equipment and staff needed to supply you with a variety of commercial window decals that will represent your company well.

Find your local SpeedPro to speak to a representative about custom window clings for businesses and to receive a free quote.

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