Is digital signage more effective than traditional?

Is Digital Signage More Effective Than Traditional Signage?

SEPTEMBER 2, 2021| SpeedPro


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Signs are everywhere, spreading important information from businesses to consumers. From advertising a product to providing directions to the restroom, signs can serve many purposes. Brands spend time and effort choosing the correct signs to achieve certain goals for their business. In the past, traditional printed signs like banners, decals, posters and vinyl graphics were the only options available. Today, innovation has increased the possibilities with the introduction of digital signage.

Digital signage increases the capabilities for businesses to connect with their target market through a rotating screen. Although digital signs are extremely beneficial, printed signs can still come in handy. Depending on the situation, a printed sign may be more appropriate than a digital sign and vise versa. This guide will help you understand the pros and cons of digital signage vs. traditional signage so you can choose the best option to achieve your goals.

Digital vs. Traditional Signage

Companies utilize signs to increase brand awareness, provide information or simply for decoration. The sign’s intended purpose, size, and location are just a few of the many variables that determine which style is the best option. Consider these conditions to help you choose the best signs for your business.

1. Purpose

The purpose of creating a sign is one of the most important considerations to make when choosing between a digital or print version. If you want a sign to label the conference room at the office, a traditional poster is an obvious choice. However, a digital display may be more convenient for highlighting the daily specials at a restaurant. The perfect option is not always clear, and there may be times when both styles seem like a reasonable choice. Establish the purpose first and consider the remaining variables to help you choose the best sign.

2. Space

Signs can be stretched across the side of a building or wrapped around the doors of an elevator. The dimensions of the space where you intend to place your sign will influence whether you choose a digital or a print option.

Print signs can be customized into endless shapes and sizes to maximize nearly any space. Digital signs also come in a wide range of lengths and widths but are typically confined to a rectangular shape, making them slightly less versatile. Traditional signs can be wrapped around unconventional spaces, while digital signs are better suited for flat surfaces and open areas. Choose a sign that will fit within your space and make the biggest impact.

3. Location

In addition to the size of the space, the location is also important to consider when choosing a sign. Digital and print signs can both be used inside and outside, but other aspects of the location will help you determine the best option.

Is there power available? Digital signs are extremely eye-catching, but they require power to function. Electricity is easy to find in today’s developing world to power a digital sign. However, there are some instances where a print sign may be more appropriate. If you’re promoting your brand at a festival in an open field with no access to power, a branded tent can make an impact from off the grid.

High-quality signs will last for years

4. Reliability

Effective digital signage relies on a series of components, which may include a Wi-Fi connection and an up-to-date content management system in addition to the screen itself. The mechanisms that power an attention-grabbing digital display can malfunction, causing the sign to stop working for a short period of time. Learning how to work with technology can help you ensure your digital sign runs smoothly around the clock.

Due to the simplicity of the physical design, traditional signage is the most reliable option. Once installed properly, a high-quality print sign will last for years or until you decide to take it down.

5. Cost

Cost is an important part of the equation for any marketing project. Signage is an investment, and choosing the right design will help you maximize your budget.

For most projects, a larger investment is required upfront to fund the purchase of a digital display. However, once a digital sign is installed, it can show advertisements, upcoming events, special announcements and other important messages for many years. Over time, digital signage can save your business money on advertising.

Print signs are affordable and require very little maintenance, but they can be costly if you replace them frequently. If you launch a new product or rebrand, you’ll need new signage. Replacing print displays can add up over time, depending on how you choose to use them.

6. Versatility

Digital signage is extremely versatile. You can display almost anything on the screen and change it as often as you want. You can swap the graphics daily to highlight the latest sales. If an advertisement isn’t creating results, you can change it instantly. There are countless ways to reach the customer with digital signs. Touch screen displays can even create an interactive experience.

Since traditional print signs are static, they are better suited for long-term or permanent messages. However, their portability makes them versatile as well. Step and repeat banners, retractable banner stands, trade show displays and other print signage are easy to transport and can be reused at countless events.

Consider how you intend to use your signage to choose the option with the versatility that will benefit your company the most.

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Incorporate Traditional and Digital Signage

While digital signage has allowed brands to advertise in more ways than ever, traditional signage still plays a role in modern marketing. Choosing the most effective sign for every situation requires using a blend of both print and digital displays. Understanding the pros and cons of each will help you select the most appropriate option to achieve your goals.

At SpeedPro, we create the highest quality traditional and digital signage. There are endless options to take your brand to the next level. Captivate your target market with customized signage that can boost your brand awareness and increase your bottom line. With our wide range of unique signs and graphics, you are sure to find the perfect sign for any purpose. If you can dream it, our design team can create it.

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