The Most Effective Ways To Use Event Graphics

SEPTEMBER 24, 2018| SpeedPro

Promotional and corporate-sponsored events offer consumers the unique opportunity to interact firsthand with a company, their products and representatives, while getting a good feel for a brand’s personality. Not only does event marketing give companies a direct, engaging way to reach their audience, hosting promotional events also has a tangible, positive impact on sales.
Since event marketing is such a strong conduit for generating sales, events aren’t something your company should skimp on.

Powerful event graphics and consistent imaging are central to creating an immersive, memorable and engaging experience for event visitors.

From banners and wall murals to window graphics and custom-cut displays, there are many different event signage options to choose from. Here are some effective ways to use graphics to make the most of your event, and develop a creative strategy that allows all your graphics to complement one another for a cohesive, immersive atmosphere:

Direct Traffic throughout Your Venue

Be strategic with signage placement. Since event attendees will likely be unfamiliar with the venue, they’ll probably need help finding their way to the event, as well as directions for other important event locations. By putting essential signs directing guests to your event, you can ensure they’ll be able to find it quickly, which will maximize your turnout.

Making directional signs and information easy to follow once attendees are at the event – whether that’s signage pointing to restrooms, concessions or product demonstrations – will be key in keeping your guests engaged and attentive. This additional signage also gives you another opportunity to drive your message and theme home, and create an immersive event experience.

Think Big and Bold – and Outside the Banner

You don’t have long to catch and hold guests’ attention, so event signage should be big, bold and bright to have the most impact. Along the same lines, signage should be much more visual than text-heavy, since this is more attention-grabbing. And, since you want to create a captivating, fun experience for your guests, your graphics should also work more to transform your venue into a new environment, rather than relying on large amounts of text to convey your message.

Similarly, to transform your space into a coordinated visual experience, you’ll need more than a few plain banners and posters sprinkled throughout the event. Print your branding or theme on large-scale vinyl banners for overhead signage, floor decals, retractable banners and other creative signage products to extend visual ownership throughout the event. Window graphics, elevator wraps, table coverings or custom-printed canopies are other ways to make your message stand out, while creating a three-dimensional environment for guests.

Set the Stage

Although you should incorporate a variety of signage and graphic products, there’s nothing wrong with including some signage mainstays – whether that be an overhead banner or background wall mural. In addition to your creatively mapped-out digital, 3D and pop-out graphics, you should have a few large-scale signs to display your overarching theme.

With vivid, coordinated standout colors and crisp clarity, your overhead signage will quite literally stand above the crowd. Not only will it grab guests’ attention right away, it will also convey crucial branding and event theme elements to guests, so they can quickly identify the purpose and character of the event and your product.

Creating a Strategy behind Your Event Graphics

In today’s buyer-empowered world, marketers need to seize every opportunity to generate goodwill, build relationships and earn the trust of prospective customers. That’s just one of the reasons more businesses are including event marketing in their strategy – and finding creative ways to make their events stand out in the process.

SpeedPro experts not only create any graphic or signage you need to complete your event, they work with you to develop a comprehensive strategy behind each piece.

There are many event graphic choices, yet it can be difficult to know where to get started when planning an event. SpeedPro professionals not only make every graphic and signage collateral imaginable, they also help clients create the exact environment and branding strategy they’re hoping to accomplish.

To learn more how SpeedPro can make your event stand out with comprehensive graphics and signage, check out our products and services.

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