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What’s the first impression you want to make when someone steps inside your office or building? No doubt, it should reflect your brand. Are you a toy or videogame maker? Your visual identity will most certainly exude fun, excitement and interaction. Do you run a buttoned-down financial company or law firm? A first glance should telegraph competence, radiate success and inspire trust. Customizing your corporate interiors – and periodically updating them as the times and your brand evolve – may be one of the best investments you can make.

On-Brand Graphics

Whether colorful and uplifting, clean and conservative, or anything in-between, your interior design has an immediate and powerful effect. For clients, investors and other visitors, it declares your brand positioning through a distinct visual identity. For employees, it does that and more, with the potential to inspire and unify, to promote workplace engagement, satisfaction and pride.

A corporate identity is expressed through a logo, slogan, graphics and other elements. When considering interior design, components that can inform your corporate identity include your mission, vision, values, brand story, core competencies, culture and personality. Of course, budget also plays a practical role.

Lobby/Reception Signage

Back to first impressions: the design of your lobby and the graphics that give it meaning and character say a lot about a company. What materials convey your brand: natural wood, gleaming metal, painted plaster? Is there artwork in the lobby waiting area, and if so, is it a style that resonates with your brand? Is your logo prominent, well-lit and integrated with the reception area? Along with your logo in that entry space, corporate slogans, philanthropic initiatives and wayfinding signs can point the way toward brand identity.

Wall Murals

A large empty wall makes no statement. It’s wasted real estate. Murals take advantage of this expanse to make a big, bold statement, from reception and lobby areas to conference rooms to other common areas. One of the most impactful types of signage, wall murals serve as storytellers, highlighting the journey of your company over the years or telling viewers what it does daily. They reflect the company’s values and evoke emotions.

Contour Cut Signage

Contour cutting is like slicing a picture out of a magazine with scissors, except with corporate graphics it’s a machine and software program that facilitates the highly precise cutting of a shape, whether a logo or another graphic, from high-quality material such as acrylic, aluminum, foamcore or rigid plastic. The machine used for contour cutting is a digital cutter (router), and SpeedPro has some of the most advanced routers in the printing industry.

A Spotlight on Cut Acrylic

Acrylic is a durable material that provides a contemporary, visually appealing look. As part of an artwork panel, it creates the effect of depth and vibrancy and can be produced in any number of translucencies and colors. With our state-of-the-art technology, SpeedPro has the in-house capability of cutting acrylic into virtually any shape or size to fulfill a client’s imaginations. Three years ago we created a large-scale project for Jabil, a global manufacturing services company that was designing its headquarters near St. Petersburg, Florida. The project spanned four floors with two large feature walls and more than a dozen murals using over 80 pieces of acrylic along with LED lighting. Custom artwork like this immediately impacts viewers and dramatically distinguishes a company.

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