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How Small Businesses Can Leverage Environmental Graphics to Add Life to their Company Culture

JUNE 5, 2019|

Nearly nine in 10 organizations cite culture and engagement as one of their top challenges. That’s because a solid culture not only attracts, retains and motivates your employees, it also drives stronger profitability.

A strong culture may seem like an abstract aspiration, but its impact on your environment – and bottom line – could not be more concrete.

Building an engaging culture and environment doesn’t have to mean pumping thousands of dollars into a massive remodel, or investing in droves of dart boards and ping pong tables.

Instead, by using environmental graphics and strategic experiential design, you can elevate your current space to boost employee engagement – at a fraction of the cost of any alternative.

Here’s more on how to add life to your small business’ culture by leveraging environmental graphics:

If These Walls Could Talk – Tell Your Brand Story with Wall Murals

The walls of your building are blank canvases, perfect for conveying your brand story – from your company history and core values to your overall mission.

Wall-to-wall murals are the perfect medium to convey your mission and promote your culture in an authentic, artistic and unobtrusive way.

Large-scale vibrant murals are captivating signage solutions for small businesses in all industries, and their benefits extend far beyond aesthetics. While they undeniably upgrade your space and overall atmosphere, they also pay dividends in helping you build your brand identity.

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Regularly reminding your employees of their purpose helps foster loyalty and retention, while also upping their engagement and productivity.

Plus, with eye-catching artwork and vibrant colors splashed across your walls, you can help keep creativity flowing – an essential component of any agile business in today’s fast-paced world.

When just 34 percent of U.S. employees are engaged at work, reinforcing your brand identity and cultivating greater engagement will really set your business apart.

Putting it All Out on the Floor

Your floor is another expansive stretch of space you can leverage to completely transform your environment, and enhance your company culture.

You can use floor graphics to complement your wall murals, create a more immersive environment and promote a more cohesive look and feel to your interior design.

The New South city skyline logo on hardwood floor

By adhering floor decals bearing your company logo, industry-specific, inspirational images or other business or brand-related visuals to your floor space, you can further reinforce your brand story and identity.

At the same time, it will also help you foster a greater sense of community and belonging among employees, helping them better connect with one another, your brand and the business.

Open Up a Window of Creativity with Architectural and Glass Finishes

Glass surfaces and finishes are essential for branding, and window graphics are a powerful tool to maximize that precious real estate.

They also give you another opportunity to upgrade your environment and underpin your brand story and identity, while fostering creativity and engagement among employees.

Whether on an outside-facing window or an interior glass wall, vinyl graphics and clings instantly add a unique flair and point of interest to the environment.

Jimi Hendrix Aretha Franklin Stevie Wonder window murals in an office

Similar to storefront window displays, these graphics can serve as eye-catching visuals that capture your employees’ attention, while inspiring their creativity.

Removable static clings and other temporary materials make it easy for you to change out these visuals at different times of the year, letting you constantly refresh your environment and reinvigorate your staff.

Whether you’re trying to build internal excitement for new business development, or your employees just need a seasonal morale boost, window graphics offer you the perfect solution.

Building Your Business with Unparalleled Company Culture

As far as popular business buzzwords go, “culture” has quickly climbed the ranks in recent years.

Study after study cites the importance of solid company culture – especially as younger, culture-coveting generations enter the workforce.

Updating your office and elevating your atmosphere with environmental graphics is one of the most straightforward ways you can immediately create a stronger workplace culture within your small business.

Resilient lady in a field Wall Mural cropped

From visual communications to improving employee engagement, creativity and mental focus, environmental graphics play a central role in how we interact with our workplace.

By promoting your company mission and values in your everyday environment, in every square foot of your space, an exceptional company culture will naturally follow.

And, because employee attitudes are so closely tied to their environment, your newly-engaging office space will also heighten your employees’ morale and productivity – as well as your profits.

To learn more about how you can leverage environmental graphics for an enviable office design, find a SpeedPro studio near you today.

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