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How to Make the Most Out of Your Holiday Event Graphics

NOVEMBER 23, 2019|

The holiday season can be just as enjoyable as it is hectic. From corporate holiday parties to special sales and customer appreciation events, there are countless gatherings and get-togethers.

Although finding the right food and venue may top your list of planning priorities, your signage is just as crucial to hosting a memorable and impactful holiday event. Your graphics needs will vary based on your specific business and event, but there are several universal best practices you should leverage to make the most of your holiday signage.

Here are a few tips to optimize your event graphics to create a memorable experience for attendees:

Get Strategic with Sign Placement

It’s important to consider the placement and positioning of your signage, based on your venue, event and overall objectives.

First and foremost, you should take your venue location and layout into account when deciding where to place your event graphics. Indoor and outdoor signs announcing your holiday event should be placed in high-traffic areas with clear customer and event-goer sight lines. Similarly, wayfinding signage that guides your guests throughout the event should be placed in highly visible and accessible areas.

The importance of retail graphics and the holidays

Also, be sure to evaluate the number of rooms you’ll be occupying, as well as their size and overall format. For smaller rooms with less square footage, look for creative ways to optimize your space with window clings, wall graphics, floor decals and other space-saving signage.

Holiday Signage Lettering: The Bigger, the Better

The size of your sign and its text are critical to its readability. In order to determine the letter size used for your sign, you’ll need to get a general idea of the distance from which your sign will be most often viewed. Typically, you will want to increase letter height by one inch for every 10 feet of viewing distance away from your sign. For example, if your sign will be viewed from 150 feet away, the text should be at least 15 inches tall.

Retail signs for the holidays

The graphics used throughout your event may not be as large as your outdoor signage, but the text for storefront and window display sign will likely be between 8 and 12 inches tall. This will help ensure the signs are visible and legible to passersby in high foot traffic areas. The text for directional signage throughout your event will actually probably be slightly larger than your window graphics, typically between 10 and 14 inches tall.

Keep Your Event Graphics Bold and Bright

When it comes to sign visibility, the colors used in your holiday event signage are just as important as letter size. Generally, you’ll want to use a light-colored background with dark letters and vice versa.

Fortunately, many holiday color combinations are already contrasting hues, so it’s easy to come up with signage that’s just as festive as it is impactful, legible and eye-catching. Leverage bright background colors like red, green or purple with white lettering throughout your party venue or to announce special sales and promotions.

If possible, try to incorporate your brand into your event signage — particularly if it’s a promotional event. Holiday signs provide a template to reinforce your brand personality using a strong, unique voice. By using fonts and colors consistent with your typical branding, customers will be more likely to recognize and remember your business long after the holidays have ended. According to one survey, 80 percent of respondents said color increases brand recognition.

Branded holiday graphics are a simple yet powerful way to enhance any event, advertise seasonal promotions and capture customer attention. Whether it’s foot traffic passing by your storefront or guests attending your holiday event, eye-catching signage is paramount to convey your message and create a memorable experience.

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