How to Wrap an Elevator Door

MARCH 23, 2020| SpeedPro

If you’re building has solid, opaque elevator doors, you’ve got dozens of square feet of potential advertising space at your fingertips. Don’t be “that guy” — you know, the one who plasters printed flyers on the inside of the elevator door and calls it a day. Instead, make the most of your space with an elevator door wrap. What is an elevator wrap, and is it something you can install on your own?

How to Wrap an Elevator Door [infographic]

What Is an Elevator Wrap?

Have you heard of vehicle wraps? Elevator door wraps work much the same way, providing you with a graphic print that can adhere to the inside or the outside of the elevator doors, the walls, the ceiling or even the floor, depending on your needs. The possibilities are endless. If you’ve got a glass elevator, as many buildings do, use a bright graphic to call attention to your business on the floor or ceiling of the transport.

How to Apply Your Elevator Wrap on Your Own

You don’t need to have elevator door decals professionally installed, as long as you’re patient and can follow a few simple instructions. Don’t rush, and start with a clean surface that’s free of dirt, dust or fingerprints that could prevent the adhesive from sticking. Make sure you take the elevators offline while you work, so you don’t have to worry about someone calling your work surface away mid-project.

To start, we’ll send an installation manager to take measurements of your elevator to make sure your wrap will fit perfectly. Then, decide if you want your wrap to be permanent or temporary. That will determine the kind of adhesive you end up using. You may not need adhesives at all for a temporary application, so consult with your installation manager to ensure you’re making the right choices.

Next, gently score the backing of the wrap so you can easily remove it in small sections as you work. Don’t press so hard that you cut the graphic.

Work from the top down, checking as you go that you have stuck each bit of adhesive firmly to the wall. Use a wide, flat tool to press any air bubbles out as you go, but don’t use anything sharp that might damage the wrap. The tools designed to apply window tint — which you can find at your local auto parts store — are ideal for pressing bubbles out as you apply your wrap.

Finally, peel away the rest of the backing and make sure the elevator door wrap is sticking solidly to your surface. Once you’ve applied the wrap, all that’s left to do is to enjoy your new graphic.

Give Us a Call!

Whether you’re applying a wrap for the first time, taking a graphic down or have questions about the process, SpeedPro is here to help. Contact us today to request a consultation or a quote for custom elevator door skins.

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