Lazar and Gartel by Chrysler 300 vehicle wrap


DECEMBER 18, 2017| SpeedPro

For golf fans, it’s the first full week in April. For fans of the Oscars, it’s late February or early March. And for football fans, it’s early February.

We’re talking about dates that devoted fans circle every year for the must-see events. Art fans circle early December for Art Basel Miami Beach, considered one of the world’s largest art shows. It’s an event for which SpeedPro, the nation’s leading printing and graphics franchise, was extremely proud to play a major role.

The international art fair just wrapped up in South Florida. It showcased some of the world’s best contemporary art masterpieces by newly emerging and established artists. One of those established artists included Laurence Gartel, the “Father of Digital Art.” Eric Lazar, owner of the SpeedPro Chicago Loop location, established a magnificent relationship with the world-renowned artist.

It’s collaborations and relationships, such as the one Lazar has with Gartel, that sets SpeedPro apart from other wide-format graphics providers. SpeedPro studio owners, like Lazar, don’t operate simply on a cookie cutter format. They take their craft seriously, and treat every assignment as a work of art.

Gartel is a household name within the art industry. He was featured as the official artist of the 57th GRAMMY Awards in 2015 and the 113th New York International Auto Show in 2013. Over the course of Art Basel Miami Beach (December 4-10), he unveiled three stunning Art Cars – a psychedelic Chrysler 300, a digital inspired Infiniti G37 and a trippy, purple spiral fashioned Ford C-Max Hybrid. These Art Cars, which SpeedPro helped print and install, were featured as mobile exhibitions throughout the week, and will be making appearances at other art installations throughout the year.

How did these collaborations between Gartel and SpeedPro Chicago Loop’s Lazar come about? Lazar was a big fan and he knew he could make Gartel’s grand vision a reality.

“I’ve been following Gartel since we were introduced on Facebook in 2010 and always wanted to reach out because we share a powerful personal connection,” said Lazar. “Gartel was a camper of my dad’s back in the sixties when he served as head counselor; anyone who attended the Bronx House camp had a great affinity for that place and my dad. Similar to lifelong bonds I developed while serving in the Marine Corps, Gartel is deeply committed to people he met at camp during his formative years – as was my father. Gartel and I both believe things happen for a reason, so it’s no coincidence we partnered in this spectacular effort—it was fate. On behalf of everyone at SpeedPro Chicago Loop and the entire SpeedPro franchise system, we are honored and humbled to be working with Gartel as the official printing, graphics, and installation partner for this winter’s Gartel Art Car projects.”

Thanks to the nationwide network of SpeedPro studios, Lazar was able to pull the project off in Gartel’s Florida neighborhood with the help of SpeedPro Ft. Lauderdale owner Anita Pickens. Lazar and Pickens coordinated tirelessly to ensure the extensive printing was executed perfectly.

The Art Cars are gorgeous examples of what all SpeedPro studio owners have in their repertoire. SpeedPro, the nation’s leading printing and graphics franchise, specializes in turning mobile advertising into pieces of art. Vehicle wraps are available to fit any need and budget. They provide a wonderful ROI. Full wraps cover an entire vehicle, delivering a dramatic message to anyone who sees it.

SpeedPro also excels in bringing innovative ideas to life. Whether one is interested in tapping into the trend of moving art installations or interested in applying cutting-edge materials to story-high surfaces, SpeedPro prides itself on meeting any need.

At SpeedPro, we’re advocates for artists because we consider ourselves artists. Our studio owners have won various accolades for their projects across America. Elevatorswallswindowsfloorstables and event tents are all blank canvases awaiting masterpieces. SpeedPro accepts the challenge to bring your imagination to life.

You’ve seen what SpeedPro Chicago Loop Eric Lazar can do for world-renowned artist Laurence Gartel. SpeedPro is willing and ready to do the same for your vision. You can find the full pallet of our offerings when you visit, send an email or call us at (844) 274-4784.

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