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APRIL 16, 2018| SpeedPro

The grimy, gritty look of the 1980’s urban graffiti seems to be making a dramatic return in the United States and beyond. But instead of the unsanctioned and illegal works that littered abandoned buildings and subways, we’re seeing colorful expressions in urban settings re-emerge as stunning wall murals.

The trend of large-scale wall murals coincides with the explosive growth of downtown living in many cities across America. That’s particularly true for educated millennials, who are opting to reside in the core of the city versus suburbia. Cities are being remade and wall murals are part of that transformation.

Wall murals are also being used to show off civic pride, as a remembrance of the city’s glorious past and to help bring business together for common causes. What was once seen as vandalism, is now big business. It is not uncommon to find graffiti artist advertising their services online. Artists who were once shunned are now being sought after by city planners and design firms to spruce up neighborhoods and buildings to add more charm to the area.

However, wall murals are not exclusive to the downtown setting. There’s an ambitious project underway at the U.S.-Mexico border wall. An artist is using the wall that separates the two countries as his canvas. His goal is to paint the world’s longest mural.

At SpeedPro, the -format nation’s leading large graphics franchise, the design, production and implementation of wall murals is one of our many specialties. When you’re interested in joining in on the trend, we’re here to help.

Outdoors Inside!: There’s no reason your office space should look bland and boring. If you’re paying a steep price to be located in downtown’s revamped warehouse district, let’s incorporate some of the scenery that surrounds your office outside, into your open space inside. Our SpeedPro studio owners are experts at experiential graphics, helping you make the most of any environment. We can help you deliver and re-emphasize your branding to guests and clients, as well as staff.

Crawl Before You Run: We get it, you want to take a leap of faith, but you’re not entirely sure street art is the way to go. Our materials and laminates are of the best quality to ensure your display graphics remain vivid for many years. They’re also set up to be removed at any time. Unlike graffiti, our studio owners know how to remove the displays without leaving a trace of remnants. On the flip side, that also gives you versatility, allowing you to design a quarterly campaign that will keep you the talk of the town all year long!

Like the skyscrapers that adorn the urban landscape, the sky is the limit when it comes to wall murals. Let SpeedPro show you all the possibilities.

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