Use the Warmth of Bold Window Graphics to Generate Business this Summer and Beyond

JULY 7, 2017| SpeedPro

There’s that old saying, “a picture is worth a thousand words.” If that is the case, what is the lack of a compelling window graphic saying about your business? Nothing, that’s what. Enter SpeedPro Imaging, the nation’s leader in large format imagery. We specialize in providing bold window graphics for business owners because, quite simply, human beings are visual beings.

We love putting all our senses to work, but there’s something about visuals that prompts us to act. Informational graphics are primarily in hot demand because 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual. Posts on Facebook featuring pictures elicit 39% more engagement than links, videos or text-based updates. 40% of people respond better to an image than 1,000 words.

What works online and in social media also works as people travel around town.  SpeedPro Imaging understands the importance for bold window graphics for business owners. Consider this game-changing data on the effectiveness of outdoor signage:

  • Signs attract half of a start-up business’ new customers
  • 35% of passerby wouldn’t know your business was there without a sign
  • The value of on-site signage is equal to 24 full-page newspaper ads every year

SpeedPro Imaging can transform your plain storefront into a powerful marketing tool. Our amazing graphics will get that coveted second look, whether we install simple cut lettering, logos, or some interior conference room doors.

It’s summer, schools are out, people are enjoying vacation. We’re not participating in our normal routines. Many of us are visiting different towns for family reunions, weddings and Independence Day celebrations. That means thousands of new eyeballs that could be fixated on your business. How can you effectively capture their attention? With a GREAT, BIG, SpeedPro Imaging window graphic, of course!

An investment into signage just makes good business sense. SpeedPro Imaging, the source for bold window graphics for business owners, is devoted to capturing your imagination and making it a captivating work of art for all to see.

Here are just a few examples of businesses we can help:

  • Restaurants and Breweries: Americans apparently have no issues with traveling long distances to eat and drink. Let SpeedPro Imaging help make your restaurant and/or brewery a go-to destination with imaginative graphic displays that will draw visitors from all over.
  • Colleges and Schools: School may be out for summer, but the learning never ends. Now’s the perfect time to add some new pizazz and flair to a facility for the recruiting/retention season that never ends. You can also use temporary window graphics to prepare to say goodbye to the class of 2018 or welcome the class of 2021.
  • Retail Shops: The fight for consumers’ dollar has never been more intense. Shoppers are trying to make their dollars stretch. Let our vivid and hypnotizing graphics help you lure customers inside to help loosen their grip on that cash.
  • Auto Dealerships: You have your convertibles front and center on display. Help accentuate those awesome deals with a graphic display that will drive car buyers into your lot.

Our graphics don’t just entice visitors. We have 2nd surface solutions (inside looking out) that will inspire your employees within the office. Examine this anecdote from a recent Daily Nation report entitled “Window treatments that help improve workers’ output”:

“Window graphics are a clever way to attract attention in an office,” says Mr. Lucas Mwangi, the managing director of Suntint Interiors. “Most businesses use window graphics on the exterior windows. This makes sense due to their properties and compatibility with natural light,” he says.

“Window graphics can easily be used to brand the wall of an office or business and they are best done on glass surfaces. Besides, window graphics stick well on the frames of aluminum and steel profiles holding the glass,” notes Mr. Mwangi.

Window graphics can also reduce the amount of light entering an office. More bang for your buck!

There is no end to the impact big, bold window graphics can make on your business.  For more information about SpeedPro Imaging, the nation’s most trusted source for bold window graphics for business owners, and to contact your local SpeedPro to get started, please visit

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