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Dimensional Signage in Boca Raton

Dimensional Signage is a clean and impressive option for displaying your logo or company name throughout your office or organization. We often find that companies are installing inspirational quotes and definitions throughout their offices using 3D lettering to inspire their team and improve the office look.

While we can use multiple layers in dimensional signage, we recommend sticking to as few layers as possible. Too many layers will look odd if it’s sticking too far off of the wall. The graphic’s stability will also be improved with fewer layers which means that the graphic will last longer. With dimensional signage, you can also add lighting behind the signage if it’s sitting off of the wall. Adding lighting can easily improve upon the “wow” factor if used properly. We recommend requesting a consultation so that we can start discussing your project.


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Dimensional Signage Applications

  • Company Name/Logo: Having a three-dimensional logo at the front desk will improve your credibility among customers and clients entering your business. You’ll also be able to emphasize certain parts of your company name or logo that you wouldn’t be able to do with a flat graphic.
  • Quotes/Definitions: A very popular trend among the corporate world is to include quotes and definitions on walls throughout the office. With dimensional lettering, you’re able to make the quotes more noticeable than 2 dimensional wall wraps.
  • Murals: Murals throughout schools and stores can also benefit from dimensional signage. When added, key areas of the mural will pop and draw viewers attention. If your mural is telling a story, dimensional signage can help to properly lead people through the story. Since dimensional murals are so unique, you’ll also be able to gain earned media which is very effective at gaining exposure.

Needing something that will grab people’s attention? Dimensional signage is a great tool for increasing your graphics exposure.

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