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Directional Signage in Boca Raton

Customers and guests getting lost on their way to find you is not a positive experience. With directional signage, you can alleviate the stress of getting lost and lead customers or guests directly to your business or event. Since events are temporary, many people won’t know exactly where it’s located. Their experience of the event will be drastically improved if they’re able to comfortably and safely arrive there on time.


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Where to Place Directional Signage

A good practice in placing directional signage is to place yourself in the customer/guest’s position. Start walking from where they’d be located and act like you don’t know where you’re heading. Your signage should be visible and clear enough to get you directly in front of your office or business. If you find yourself stuck in an area or heading the wrong direction, an additional sign could be useful in that location.

You may already have customers and guests making suggestions and comments on getting to your location. Don’t pass up these opportunities because taking their suggestions into account can increase your foot traffic and improve your business. Directional signage can also increase safety when you add signs to potential hazards or areas that are off limits.

Why Use Directional Signage?

  • Strengthens Brand: Adding your company logo and name in additional spots will increase the visibility of your company and brand. You’re also attaching your name to directional signage which makes it easier for customers/guests to trust your brand.
  • Informs Customers/Guests: Customers and guests appreciate when you look out for them and help them out. Marking potentially dangerous areas helps inform them and improves their safety. You can also inform through labeling buildings and rooms. If they know that they need to arrive at Room 14, they’ll feel more comfortable once they see that the rooms are marked and will probably be able to arrive at their destination faster.
  • Leads Customers/Guests: Properly guiding people to and from your business should be an important piece for every business. Marking the entry and exit can help avoid car collisions and keep people moving smoothly.

Customized directional signage will allow your customers and guests to easily and safely arrive at your business or event.

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