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Window graphics are custom printed and cut to fit your windows exactly. They’re great for stores wanting to promote their latest sale or even new products. They not only inform those walking into the store, but also attract potential customers walking by. They can also help a store with credibility because the additional branding on the windows helps reassure customers that your store is reliable. It’s important to know about all the types of window graphics before making a decision so that you know you’re making the best decision for your company/organization. If you would like to talk through all of our graphic options for windows, request a consultation and we can walk you through the process.


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Types of Window Graphics

  • Vinyl: A very popular and common choice is printing a design on vinyl and attaching it to a window with adhesives. Many people believe this is the best choice of window graphic, but it really depends on the situation and environment that you’re in.
  • Frosted Vinyl: Custom cut and installed frosted vinyl will improve the privacy and look of the window that it’s installed on. Installation of frosted vinyl goes quickly so that your team isn’t interrupted by the install. Since the vinyl is custom cut, you can choose any design you would like on your window.
  • Perforated Film: Wanting a graphic on your window, but still want to be able to see out through the window? Then perforated film is the answer. Perforated film has small holes throughout the graphic to allow light to pass through. When the graphic is viewed from the outside, all you’ll see is the graphic with your design. From the inside, you’ll still be able to see through the holes.
  • Window Clings: Clings are unique because they don’t require any adhesive. The vinyl surface acts as a suction cup when attached to a smooth solid surface. If installed on a smooth and clean surface, the clings will stay there for a long time. They can be installed on both the interior and exterior of windows, but we recommend the interior to avoid any problems with the weather.

Needing window graphics? We can print your custom designs on a variety of materials to best fit your company or organization.

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