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Wall decals are graphics that are very similar to wall murals and coverings, but on a smaller scale. We often see these graphics used for company logos and names at their front desk and throughout their business. They can also be useful for seasonal graphics throughout stores if you’re needing to give your store an additional visual pop. Wall decals don’t necessarily have to be placed on walls. They can be placed on any relatively flat and smooth surfaces such as doors, desks, cabinets, etc. If the decal needs to be placed on a surface that isn’t very smooth or flat, we recommend requesting a consultation so that we can get more information about the project.


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Creating Wall Decals

  1. Designing: The first step is choosing a design that you’ll want to use. Complex designs will require a designer to help you layout the decal. Designs will also need to be created using CMYK coloring as that’s what printers use when they lay down ink.
  2. Printing: After a design is chosen and submitted, the actual printing starts to happen. Our printing is extremely high quality because we use UV resistant inks to help extend your graphic’s life. We also ensure colors are accurate so that the everything gets printed correctly the first time.
  3. Cutting & Weeding: When the entire design is printed, we have the design cut so that it’s separated from the extra vinyl that it was printed on. The extra vinyl will then be weeded so that only the intended graphic remains.
  4. Masking: The last step is masking. If your graphic is all connected together, we may not have to mask. When masking, we cover the design with transfer tape so the design can easily be applied to whatever surface you’re using. The transfer tape keeps all the elements of your design including lettering exactly where it was intended. When it’s installed, the lettering and graphic will all line up and the transfer paper will lift off of the decal. While it seems easy to install, we recommend having a professional install the graphic to reduce any chance of error.

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We’re Boca Raton’s trusted printing partner in creating banners, vehicle graphics, signs/graphics, and wall wraps. We also work with other surrounding areas including Delray Beach, Pompano Beach, Deerfield Beach, Coral Springs, and many other areas.

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