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How long has it been since you added anything new to your office? Workspaces should be warm, welcoming atmospheres, but keeping the same signage and graphics for too long might make your office and building seem uninteresting and out of touch.

If you think you need to declutter, add some decoration or transform the atmosphere into a more positive and upbeat space, come to SpeedPro Boston Metrowest! Our custom office graphics can help shape the interior design of your office and keep your branding up-to-date and relevant. With fresh office branding, you can connect with customers, motivate your coworkers and increase your business.

Our studio works directly with companies and organizations located in Needham and the surrounding areas of Wellesley and Newton. Reach out to us today to begin your new design adventure!

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A Range of Aesthetically Pleasing Office Branding

The way you welcome guests into your office will greatly impact the first impression they build. You don’t want to have a shabby outdoor appearance — that could set up a miserable experience in the customer’s head! Whatever tone you set outside should only be reinforced as a customer continues the journey inside.

Vibrant corporate graphics dedicated to representing your brand will encourage customers to be engaged with and intrigued by your business.

Placing the right graphics in a specific, logical place will ensure your office branding is on point. Choose from the following options we provide at SpeedPro Boston Metrowest:

  • Banners
  • Directional signage
  • Floor graphics
  • Wall murals
  • Window graphics

Banners boldly welcome everyone and bring attention to your workplace. Emphasize your office building by hanging street-wide banners across an intersection or using nearby lamp posts to advertise your products. Retractable banner stands outside your front door will give customers that “first look” into your office.

Inside, you can continue the use of vinyl business banners. Combine boldly designed graphics with fade-resistant inks to capture the brilliance and impact of your brand. Greet customers at reception with hanging banners and tabletop designs. Follow their journey into the inner offices of your workspace by lining hallways with vinyl banners. Even including an additional retractable banner stand inside your conference room can inspire negotiations and reinforce your company’s goals.

Directional signage can also contribute to the completeness of your office branding. Making guests feel comfortable by ensuring they know where to go is crucial in keeping their impressions positive. Install some signage at the front entrance, around reception, throughout hallways and outside rooms and doors to reduce confusion and increase confidence.

Corporate Graphics by Your Printing Partner in Boston

If you’re thinking it’s about time to redo or update your office graphics, call us today! Our team is more than ready to sit down for a consultation and determine the best ways to emphasize your brand inside your office.

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