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Trade Show Displays
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Trade Show Displays in Boston

Boston has earned a reputation as a city that changes with the times to excel, and it’s wise that businesses in the area follow that same ideology with their marketing strategy.

SpeedPro Boston Metrowest services the entire city, as well as Cambridge and Newton.

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Creative Trade Show Displays

Taking your product on the road to festivals, trade shows and expos is a demanding experience, and we want to help make that process easier for you. Our staff has nearly a decade of experience in the large format graphics industry, and we’ll use our expertise to craft a suite of graphics and accessories that place your brand at the forefront of any place you go.

Throughout the entirety of the project, we’ll work closely with you to determine your needs and answer your questions. No request is too big for us, as we’re in the business of providing you with optimal solutions — not disappointing excuses.

We’re ready to bring your brand into the modern era with a bold, eye-catching pop up trade show display that demonstrates your forwarding-thinking philosophy.

We’ll go through our extensive catalog of products to find the right fits for you, but rest assured that your choices will offer flexibility and durability. Many of them are lightweight and easily collapsible, while others use top gauges of metal and strong internal mechanisms. Here are just a few of the options you’ll be able to select from when you partner with SpeedPro:

  • Banner stands: An easy, cost-effective way to gather large amounts of attention anywhere you go, retractable banners come in a range of sizes, styles, and models. The banners themselves can be single- or double-sided for maximum impact, while the stands come in retractable, telescopic, and spring-back styles. The three models include economy, standard, and premium.
  • Point of purchase (POP) displays: Our POP displays offer unbridled versatility and excellent brand recognition potential. You can choose from fabric walls, attachable shelving, monitor stands, kiosks, and more to serve any number of purposes. Whether you’re looking to display your logo with assertiveness or provide a better way for potential customers to interact with your products and services, these kits will get the job done.
  • Tents: If you’re more of an outdoor-focused outfit, tents are must-have advertising tools. Not only do they serve as beacons for your brand to event attendees, but they also offer practicality with protection from weather conditions. Our tents come in three styles: popup, tubular and inflatable styles.
  • Backlit graphics: Backlit displays use a frame and LED lights to shine through a fabric graphic overlay causing a dramatic and sharp image. Use the frame and lights over and over again and still be able to change the message by getting multiple fabric graphics.

We offer plenty of other options as well, and we’ll synchronize the appearances of all your new investments with our color-matching practices. In the end, your portable trade show display will create an atmosphere of solidarity and professionalism.

Designing Trade Show Booths

Try to visit the venue before the event to gauge how much space you have for displays or booths. If you hope to have digital displays, make sure you have the outlets, connectivity, mounts, and other features you need at the venue, or bring them with you. SpeedPro can source the materials you need to take your experience digital.

When you’re considering how to set up trade show displays, think about:

  • The venue: If you’re outdoors, flags and tents may be the right fit. Indoors, you may want to use banners, table coverings, booths, digital displays, and signs.
  • Size of your signage: We have options ranging from 8 feet to 30 feet inline displays. Want something smaller? Tabletop displays may meet your needs. Want something bigger? Try a 20×20-foot island exhibit.
  • Type of components: We have a range of banner stands, including fabric frame, spring back and telescopic. We also sell a variety of modular designs, such as kiosks and linear modular displays.
  • Rules of the venue: Some events may not permit floor displays or floor graphics, for example, while others could confine your display to a limited area. Read over the rules to understand whether you’ll need monitor mounts, outlets, banner displays, or something entirely different.
  • Your campaign goals: Consider why you’re taking part in the event. If you want to make sales, point of purchase (POP) displays might be ideal. For a networking event, digital displays with a professional feel may help you communicate plenty of information. For branding, a brightly-hued photo area with repeat banners will provide the ideal backdrop for photos.
  • Portability: You may need to set up and break down your booth or expo exhibit fast. SpeedPro can partner with you to create folding panel displays, pop-up displays, and other graphics products to help you take your trade show on the road.
  • Interacting with passersby: Consider how you want your setup to look if you have the flexibility to choose. Do you want to be behind a table or face-to-face with attendees in front of a banner with your logo? Do you want your product front and center? Would an island display with plenty of space around it be the right fit?

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