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If you’re looking for ways to capitalize on your restaurant’s windows to pull in new customers, window graphics are the answer. Window graphics can turn your restaurant’s windows into vivid displays that can share important information and inspire people to step inside for a great meal.


Window graphics are decals that cling or adhere to glass surfaces, including windows and doors. Window graphics are easy to install and easy to remove when you want to change them out. You have many options to choose from when creating window graphics for your restaurant. For one, sizes range from small stickers to large-scale displays that cover your windows completely.

Some window decals are more opaque while others are perforated to let light through. These translucent decals are a great option when you want to allow plenty of natural light to come into your restaurant while still dressing up your windows. You can choose window graphics that are made to face in one direction or double-sided graphics that face customers inside and people outside your restaurant. In addition to attracting customers outside, window graphics also provide some privacy for diners inside.

How to Use Restaurant Window Decals [list]


There are many ways businesses can use window graphics. For restaurants trying to attract customers, the possibilities are nearly endless. Let’s look at six ways you can use window graphics to make a positive impression on people passing by and encourage them to stop in or return later.


One way you can use window graphics is to brand your restaurant’s storefront. Every business has a unique identity, and that identity should come through in your storefront windows. You don’t want your restaurant to look generic or nondescript. This is especially important for restaurants located in a strip mall, where a lack of branding can cause your company to blend in with the adjacent businesses, causing someone to miss it entirely. Your restaurant should stand out.

The most important aspect of a company’s visual branding is their logo. Prominently feature your logo on your storefront, and someone passing by should notice. Even if they don’t step inside now, they are more likely to remember the name of your restaurant and where it’s located. If they see other marketing materials for your restaurant, they’ll recognize your branding and make the connection with the delicious smells or beautiful storefront they noticed when they were out and about.


A basic but essential use for restaurant window graphics is to display the days and hours you are open throughout the week. If someone passes by and is interested in stopping in, depending on the time of day, they may want to check first to see if you’re open.

Customers shouldn’t have to search for this information. Instead, it should be prominently displayed on your front door or right next to it on the window. Make sure you update your window decal if you ever change your hours so they remain accurate at all times. You may also want to install a neon sign to make it obvious when you’re open, particularly when it’s dark outside.


Another way you can attract customers with your windows is by creating window graphics that feature photos of your delicious menu items. If you’ve ever seen a restaurant commercial and felt your stomach growling, then you know how powerful visuals like these can be! Up-close photos of your most popular dishes can be enough to convince someone passing by to stop in for a treat. Studies have shown that photos of food have a greater attentional impact on hungry people, which is exactly who you want to target.

Be sure to change out these graphics periodically to feature new dishes. You may also want to include some variety to appeal to different appetites. For example, highlight one of your fresher dishes along with something more decadent. You can also show a frosty beverage glass to attract thirsty passersby.


You can also use window graphics to advertise specials. This could be a limited-time chef’s special you’re offering, or it could be a promotional deal. For example, you could advertise that kids eat free on Mondays, that you have a happy hour every weekday afternoon, or that burgers are half price on Tuesdays.

Promotional deals can be an excellent way to pull in new customers, but they only work if people know the deal exists. This is why window graphics can help you get the most out of your specials and promotions. Even if someone stops in when you don’t have a deal on, they’ll take note of your ad and may come back next week to take advantage of that great offer.


Window graphics can also help you decorate your store according to the seasons or holidays. This is a great way to spruce up your restaurant décor and keep it fresh. It can also create an attractive display that grabs the attention of people passing by. Seasonal displays are especially smart if your restaurant is located in a downtown area where you receive a lot of foot traffic. Make your storefront exceptionally charming, and people are sure to stop in to see what the inside of your restaurant has to offer.

You can feature seasonal dishes on these window displays or simply stick to seasonal imagery, such as snowflakes for winter or stars and stripes for Independence Day. See if you can also incorporate elements of your branding into these seasonal displays to keep them more personalized.


You can also use window decals to promote upcoming events at your restaurant. This could be a special Valentine’s Day dinner or a Mother’s Day brunch, for example. Or, it could be a recurring event like a live music night every weekend. These special events can entice new customers to visit your restaurant and convince existing customers to come back.

Window graphics provide the perfect means to draw attention to these events. You can post signs and flyers around town, but window graphics offer an advantage in that people will notice the advertisement right where the event will be taking place. Be sure to include the date and time of your event, as well as where they can find more information, whether it’s your website or a social media event page.

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