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You should always be looking to improve your visual marketing strategy in any way possible, especially in a competitive market like Chicagoland. While your options are varied, custom banners are one tried-but-true method that always seems to attract attention around town.

SpeedPro Chicago Loop understands the challenges associated with creating an evocative banner, and our staff will put its extensive knowledge and tools to work for you. We serve countless businesses in the Chicago metro area, so reach out to us no matter your industry.

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How Can You Use Custom Banners to Your Advantage?

You can utilize custom banners for just about any marketing task. Line the street lights near the stadium to promote your team’s season, or advertise your latest sale around the block.

From promotional to informational goals and more, you’ll never be disappointed by the effectiveness of customized banners.

We’re partnered with the nation’s biggest large-format graphics producer, which grants us access to cutting-edge printing technology and industry-leading materials. With that in mind, you’ll never need to worry about us failing to back up our claims. We’ll take all your requests and needs into account when we host you for a consultation. Every idea should be on the table, as we’ll strive to fulfill each and every request.

What Are Your Options When It Comes to Custom Banners?

First things first, we’ll walk you through our extensive product catalog, which will give the right options to help you excel in your circumstances. We offer all kinds of dimensions, so we can fit your venue with relatively little difficulty. Our top-tier materials allow for indoor and outdoor usage too, so you won’t have to worry about structural integrity or color sharpness.

In addition to our standard vinyl banners, we also offer the following types: mesh, smooth, blackout and scrim. The mesh is particularly useful for outside, as the design allows for 70 percent airflow. In the Windy City, that characteristic can be incredibly valuable. All of your products can be finished in matte or gloss as well.

We offer multiple mounting options too. Select from pole pockets or grommets to suspend the banners, or choose from floor stands to provide a ground view. The latter option allows you to take your banners on the road, which can be useful to companies that often attend trade shows, expos and festivals. These stands can be commissioned in a range of sizes as well, but we also offer three stand styles — retractable, telescopic and spring-back.

Finally, you can choose from our three models — economy, standard and premium. They vary in internal mechanism strength and metal gauge, and we’ll consult with you to find the best fits.

Trust SpeedPro to Create Your Custom Banners in Chicago

Contact us today if you’re ready to schedule a consultation. You can also visit our studio, which is located on South Michigan Avenue on the Near South Side in Chicago and check out all our large format printing services.

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