Giant ‘TED Talk’ Letters

Giant ‘TED Talk’ Letters

Great. Big. Letters.

The American Marketing Association (AMA) came to SpeedPro Chicago Loop with a challenging opportunity.  As the organization recently changed their logo, and as they frequently travels to host several conferences throughout the year, they sought to capitalize on the large gatherings to reinforce and show off the evolution of their brand in large venues and stages.  The criteria were daunting:

  • Must stand 6′ tall
  • Free standing, not mounted or require special rigging
  • Easily assembled and disassembled without tools
  • May not be single units so that they can be broken down and shipped
  • Weight and size should not require use of freight
  • Light enough to be put together by no more than two people
  • Font and color specific
  • Completed in 30 days

Making the project particularly complex was the rounded edges of the letters and the inverted last “A” in the logo, which provided no natural man of standing– in fact, it had to ‘float’.

SpeedPro Chicago Loop began to engineer the solution to achieve all of the requirements:

  • The frame stood 6′ tall
  • Fabricated an internal skeleton of extruded aluminum tubing
  • Each letter’s internal frame snapped together without the use of tools, labeled at the ends to clearly show how they joined
  • The letters could be broken down into smaller elements and boxed at a size that could be shipped using standard carriers
  • No box was so heavy that it couldn’t be lifted by an individual or required a crate for reinforcement
  • A pillowcase fabric printed in the authorized brand blue pulled tight over the frames
  • The inverted ‘A’ was engineered with the use of a back-pole to give the illusion of floating
  • Completed and delivered to the client in less than 30 days in time for their first annual conference and the reveal of the new logo

The initial foam letter prototypes were effectively repurposed for the AMA’s conference room.

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