Signs of HOPE & THANKS

Signs of HOPE <span>& THANKS</span>

What began as an effort to bring the Chicago community together by spreading HOPE and THANKS throughout the city has exploded into a National program.

Like all small businesses, SpeedPro Chicago Loop was significantly impacted by the ‘Shelter in Place’ order in Illinois.  While we are considered an essential business since we do printing for companies that need to remain open, business dwindled to levels never seen prior.   Emotionally and financially impacted, we knew that others were in the same situation- perhaps worse.

Rebecca Considine, Partner at SpeedPro Chicago Loop was adamant that this was not going to take us or the city down.  While we didn’t have the capability to cure the virus or save lives, we did have the opportunity to bring smiles, joy, hope and recognition to our fellow citizens and the 1st Responders risking their lives daily.

Rebecca quickly asked our production team to make a few HOPE signs, she and her young girls took them to a few locations, snapped a couple of pics and posted to Facebook– and it went wild!  In just a couple of hours, her posts received hundreds of likes, several shares and countless peoples replying and messaging asking, ‘where can I buy one?’  And then the idea began to take shape.

The next day, we had our production staff print 50 signs of HOPE and THANKS and we blanked main thoroughfares, parks and neighborhoods with HOPE, while taking the THANKS signs to surround hospitals, police stations and firehouses.  Well,  social once again lit-up with all the same reactions, however, this time, TV and Radio stations picked-up on the buzz.   We knew there was something good we could do with this idea.

In just two days as the media interviews were being scheduled, SpeedPro Chicago Loop built an e-commerce site to process purchases with the commitment to donate 25% of all sign proceeds to the American Red Cross.   We expanded the designs to include PRAY, HERO, A HERO LIVES HERE and A HERO WORKS HERE, and more designs are on the way.  More importantly, we now had a greater purpose than a local beautification project which encourages optimism and smiles; we could truly help support those on the front lines doing battle against the pandemic.

Within just two weeks of the first sign Rebecca and her girls planted, we were featured on NBC-5 News, then interviewed on FOX-32 News and WGN-720 Radio…and it was off to the races.

Our goal is to sell 10,000 signs and raise $80,000 to benefit The American Red Cross.  We ask you to show your support through the purchase of a sign, it clearly demonstrates your patriotism, camaraderie and appreciation- sticking together through this time is indeed the one cause we can all unite behind.

SpeedPro Chicago Loop is a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business and recipient of ‘3-Best Sign Shops in Chicago’ for 2018, 2019 and 2020.

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