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Dressing up your building’s windows is a far bigger task than just making a look for decoration. A full business window display is an invitation for customers to come inside and get a glimpse or sneak peek of what your business can offer. Guests should be intrigued as they walk by your storefront, having their attention diverted because of the bright and bold colors on display.

Think about the various times you’ve been in a shopping mall or walking down a city street. What made you look around at the windows or building fronts? Was it their cool graphics? Loud music? Illustrations and vivid colors?

SpeedPro Chicago Loop wants to help transform your business window display into a visual promotion that enables you to connect with customers. If your business is located in the downtown Chicago area, reach out to us, and we’ll begin designing your custom window graphics!

Transforming Your Storefront Window Graphics

The graphics on your exterior windows should promote your business in a highly visible and attractive way. Whether your graphics are large or small, they can catch people’s attention by being brightly colored and presenting images of your brand. Give information about featured products, upcoming sales and offers, store hours and quick facts about your company.

Your goal — now achievable — is to turn your dull-looking storefront into an exciting experience for both old and new customers.

To invite people inside and make sure they feel welcome, you should make sure your customers are exposed to an environment that’s uniform in nature. You don’t want to present one idea with your custom window graphics and then switch the branding or vibe once a customer walks inside. Mixed signals are never good — instead of welcoming individuals inside, you might scare them away.

  • Enhance Your Business Window Graphics
  • At SpeedPro, we offer the following assortment of custom window graphics:
  • Frosted window graphics
  • Perforated window film
  • Vinyl lettering
  • Window clings

The frosted window graphics create an appearance that attracts everyone to look closer. A soft appearance is produced from the frosted material, separating the covered area and the harsh, clear glass.

A truly dynamic look is created with perforated window film. Vinyl makes up the perforated film, a material which supports our fade-resistant colored ink to brighten the appearance of your windows. You can customize the perforated film to represent a graphic that covers your entire front window or just one single window pane.

Our most popular feature for custom window graphics might be our window clings. They’re peeled stickers that are easy to apply and remove. Because of these qualities, they’re an ideal temporary signage option. Show off a featured product, update customers on an upcoming sale or display your company hours of operation so that guests know when to return for business. Big or small, colorful or not, window clings are the best option for brands and companies that change often.

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If you need a new way to attract more customers, consider updating and reinstalling your business window display with our custom window graphics. Visit us in our studio, or call to schedule your consultation appointment right away!

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