4 Reasons to Consider POP or Standee Cut Out Marketing

DECEMBER 21, 2018| SpeedPro Chicago

Point of Purchase (POP) Standee displays offers a wealth of alternative business visibility to brands looking to get a leg up on the competition.

POP and standee displays create an energy and enthusiasm traditional marketing often lacks. With the wealth of marketing, signage and branding in the marketplace today, POP and standee marketing offers key benefits that just may make sense for your brand. Here are four reasons to consider these options the next time you’re looking to make a statement with your business.

  • They Stand Out: POP and standee displays, by definition, are made to stand out. How often do you walk past traditional signage or banners as if they weren’t even there? POP and standee displays work because as cut-out marketing, they stand out, become more visible and grab your attention. Whether promoting a special product or service offer, a special event or even bringing greater awareness to your brand POP or standee displays are a great way to capture the attention you are looking for in the marketplace.
  • They are Memorable: POP and standee displays often work because they often create memorable moments in your customer’s experience. With a high level of creativity, standee cutouts, for example, can offer a great way to enhance the experience of your customers and clients thereby making that experience more memorable. Standard signage and banners often disappear into the background. Stand out with a POP and standee cutout graphic and they will think of your brand the next time they are in the market for your product or service.
  • They are Less Costly: POP and cutout standee displays are often higher impact but lower cost than traditional easel display options. Easel displays offer the same impact as traditional signage but with greater cost. POP or standee cutouts offer higher impact without the added cost of an easel. The next time you are looking to draw attention to a product, service or even an event, consider a cutout standee display and see what savings you’ll enjoy over a traditional poster board and easel.
  • They Amplify Creativity: Cutouts present an opportunity to be immensely creative. Whether your signage is of a person or character or simply an imaginative graphic design, you can create a greater impact with your creativity when you employ a cutout display to deliver your message. Even though they are 2-dimensional, because they stand-alone in a 3-dimensional space and they often offer images cut out of scenes, they often carry a 3-dimensional effect, offering greater depth for your more creative signage.

The next time you endeavor to spread the word about your business, product, service or brand with marketing and signage, consider POP or cutout standee graphics as a way of amplifying that message while getting the biggest bang out of your buck.

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