Benefits of Office Branding

DECEMBER 21, 2018| SpeedPro Chicago

Standing out amid a crowded field in the world of business (especially small business) is an important part of business marketing. Branding is an incredibly important way to achieve that goal.

For most businesses, this is an easy sell. Most businesses understand that fact, but what many don’t understand is that an important aspect of branding your business should take place in the office.

Face it. Offices today aren’t like they were 30 years ago. Thirty years ago, we didn’t have vanguards in office culture and branding like Facebook and Google to lead the way and show how a new generation corporate décor and branding can be cultivated to build employee moral, brand loyalty within the firm and workspace efficiency like never before seen in American industry.

Okay, okay. Maybe every company can’t create amazing workspaces that incorporate play areas, indoor farms and workspaces that incorporate social culture. But one aspect of Google’s and Facebook’s office planning smaller business can implement is bold office branding  with concepts that help to convey a business culture and stimulate unity within your business’s workspace.

Designing office interiors that take into consideration a brand’s chief character, personality and values goes beyond embossing your business logo on the company’s walls. It’s an integration of your online image and offline image into your office setting through branded elements that clearly delineate the strengths and culture of your brand.

Employees are spending the majority of their days in their workspace. One of the easiest ways to convey your brand’s values is by creating a workspace that incorporates those elements thoughtfully.

If you would like to get started with an office branding plan that can improve your business culture but don’t know where to start, call the experienced graphics, layout and branding team at SpeedPro Chicago. From 3D lettering to printed graphics and office signage, we can help implement an office branding design that will infuse your workspace with a unifying energy that can take your team to the next level. And, of course, from concept to design to printing and installation, we do it all.

Call us at  312.554.7559 or email MarketingChicago@SpeedPro.Com to learn more and get your project started..

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