Benefits of Vehicle Wraps for Business Branding

SEPTEMBER 27, 2018| SpeedPro Chicago

For years, only large brands or businesses dipped their toes in high-profile advertising. Mediums like banners, billboards, television and even radio often offered a barrier to entry for the small business consumer in their high cost and the necessity for an experienced marketing team that can create ad content per appropriate technical specifications unique to the medium format.
Today, vehicle wraps offer a unique branding and marketing option for small businesses looking to take their message out to local consumers without the high cost. And with SpeedPro Chicago offers the team you need to get from ground floor to installation with your marketing. When compared to traditional advertising vehicle wraps offer a variety of benefits that may ensure your message stays on the minds of your audience. Consider these four top benefits of vehicle wrap advertising when you begin to develop a marketing plan for your local business:

1) Constant Sustained Messaging: Like standard billboard advertising, your message is constantly on view when you use vehicle wrap advertising to deliver it. Whether out for deliveries, parked or running errands, you are getting the message out to consumers nearby. Unlike other forms of advertising like newspaper, radio or television advertising, vehicle wraps never stop working for your business.

2) Targeting Versatility: Unlike standard billboard advertising, your vehicle wrap message can be used to target any given community at any given time. Adding a wealth of versatility to your targeting options helps to ensure you can serve multiple communities with the same advertising or change targeting strategy when conditions change.

3) Increase Your Business Profile: A small business can make a big impression with vehicle wraps at a comparatively low cost. Vehicle wraps offer high impact branding opportunities that high-cost television and billboard advertising make out of reach for most smaller businesses. The impact to brand perception when vehicle wraps are employed to communicate your message is huge. They give a big brand feel to small brand advertising budgets, increasing not only your visibility but your brand’s profile.

4) Preserve Your Paint: Vinyl wrap provides a shield for your vehicle’s paint, protecting it from UV rays, minor scratches and your vehicle’s resale value. While you’re out promoting your business, your vehicle wrap is protecting your car’s value.

If you’re considering large format advertising for your business and have questions about vehicle wraps and their impact on your business and your budget, call the experienced marketing and branding team from SpeedPro Chicago at 312.492.7760 or email From concept to design to installation, we have the experience you need to make your marketing work for your business’ growth and your brand’s visibility.

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