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Trade Show Displays in Chicago

The excitement, chaos and competition that occurs at trade shows can be intimidating for anyone asked to set up for or organize the event. You know you need to draw attention. You know you need to engage attendees and sell to them. You know you need to put your business above everyone else’s and showcase why people would be better off choosing you over them. What you don’t know, however, is how to make this all happen.

With the help of SpeedPro Chicago, this process of identifying, branding and designing becomes much easier than if you were to do it alone. Our team will find out all the important details about your business and use the information to create designs and trade show display booths that encourage customer interaction to receive results.

If you’re in need of conversation starters to complete your pop up trade show display, reach out to our studio today. Our team is more than ready to partner with businesses all around the city of Chicago to make company success skyrocket. Let’s begin!

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Unique Pop Up Trade Show Display Options

Our team specializes in creating custom graphics for your trade show display booths and backdrops. Choose two designs, or pick them all — whatever best fits your branding needs! Some of our visual solutions include:

  • Flags
  • Popup displays
  • Portable banners
  • Retractable banners
  • Step and repeat banners
  • Backlit graphics and displays
  • Table toppers
  • Tents

No matter how many options you choose, we’ll transform your display to be an eye-catching conversation starter with curious customers.

It’s SpeedPro’s goal to make sure your trade show setup serves you not just for this upcoming event but for several to come. This aim is why all of our visual solutions are designed with attention to four characteristics — portability, versatility, durability and ease of assembly.

Portability is key to making sure you can set up your display at multiple events and locations. Our tents can fully collapse, and our retractable banner stands can condense into an easy carrying display. Instead of dragging around the metal frame of a tent, use our fabric bags to easily move your tent between a vehicle and setup destination. Our pop up displays come in several different sizes and curved or straight frames along with optional LED lighting and hard cases for easy transport. Add that to their lightweight nature and tool-free assembly, and you’re set!

Our desire to provide versatility is the reason we have so many different banner types to offer. Some banners can be placed in a retractable stand, perfectly situated at eye level to inform and delight. Smaller banners can be placed in tabletop stands, attracting attention with their vivid inks and intriguing graphics. Our backlit graphics even give you the chance to shine LED lights on your materials to draw additional attention from around the surrounding area.

Durable products come in the form of vinyl materials — or at least that’s what we believe. Almost all of our features used for trade show display booths, like banners, tents and flags, are made with vinyl that supports our bold graphics and features fade-resistant inks. Nearly everything is ready to be assembled without the use of tools. Our graphics and products are easy to set up and quick and easy to take apart, making it highly convenient for you to move from one show to the next.

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The next time you’re getting ready to prepare for a trade show, reach out to SpeedPro. We have the skills, knowledge and dedication required to make sure your display outshines the rest. Call us today for a consultation!

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