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SEPTEMBER 27, 2018| SpeedPro Chicago

Participating in a trade show is a huge opportunity for most businesses. The level of targeted, industry traffic that trade shows can bring can be game-changing, particularly for a small business. But with the high number of trade show participants often on hand at these events, it’s very important to stand out. But how? Often standing out starts with your booth design.
Impactful, strategic booth design can help your business pop in a sea of participants, and you often have a limited amount of time to catch a visitor’s attention. These 4 tips for trade show display design can help ensure guests don’t pass your booth by at your next trade show event:

1) Research: The fact is real world research is invaluable in determining what works and what doesn’t in a trade show booth design. At your next trade show, it may be worth it to take the time to walk around and see which booths are getting the most attention and find out if their booth’s design has an influence on all the attention they are getting. Look at the design, the colors, the size of the graphics Do these elements make the booth stand out from the crowd in any particular way? Take notes and get some fresh inspiration from the booths that are killing it on the trade show floor.

2) Form Versus Function: Of course, design is a huge factor in what makes a booth standout at a trade show, but functionality is important too. It’s important to discuss with your designer the function your booth needs to perform and incorporate that seamlessly into the design. Say, for instance, your booth will not only display product samples, but will require a space where products can be tested or staff may actually meet with guests to discuss possible sales. It’s important that that activity not inhibit the primary function of attracting new visitors. Crowded spaces often put people off, thwarting any attention your graphics and layout might attract. Ensure that your booth design fits not only the need for attention, but also the function the booth will need to perform.

3) Attracting the Right Audience: Remember that even though you are presenting at an industry trade show, it’s still important to target to the right audience. Your business only has a limited amount of time to engage potential customers or partners at this event, so you want to ensure you’re engaging the right audience without a confusing message. Your graphics should give a clear picture of your brand, whom it fits, and whom it doesn’t. Ensure that your messaging and graphics are highly visible and communicate what you do, and by extension, what you don’t, attracting your core audience, while sending those who would not want to engage with your service to the next booth.

4) Make the Most of Your Space: At a trade show event, every square inch of space counts. With the smallest booths, it’s important that you take advantage of the vertical space as well. Hanging banners help to attract attention vertically and help to solidify your brand’s strengths and value. Product displays can also be made to take advantage of vertical space. High signage with bold graphics also helps to communicate your message at greater distances. Visual interest doesn’t have to be limited to the booth’s construction. Take advantage of every square inch and make the most of your chance to attract new customers.

If you’re considering design elements for your business’ next trade show event and have questions about how design can heighten the impact of your presence, call the experienced marketing and branding team from SpeedPro Chicago at 312.492.7760 or email From concept to design to installation, we have the experience you need to make your next trade show appearance a hit.

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