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Wall Murals in Chicago

If you’re working in an office that doesn’t have any dramatic or eye-catching designs anywhere, especially within the first few steps past the entrance, you’ll want to consider redesigning or remodeling. It’s not just a piece for decoration. Having a visual work can help represent your business and brand, communicating on another level with potential clients and coworkers.

At SpeedPro Chicago, we know the importance of selling your brand and making your business accessible and recognizable to as many people as possible. We also know that bare rooms or lobby areas aren’t doing anything for your customers’ experience, which is why we’ve designed large format wall murals that are 100 percent customizable to your business’s needs.

If you live in the areas surrounding Chicago and are looking to update your office with a new vinyl wall mural, reach out to our studio today. Our team will get right to work on learning about your company in our consultation phase.

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Perfect Printed Wall Murals

The goal of your business’s lobby area and front office is to make customers feel welcome and at home. You want to create an environment and experience that will allow them to feel comfortable and interested in learning more about your business. Decorative art is often a go-to for creating and setting the atmosphere of a workspace, inviting connection and conversation with customers.

SpeedPro creates custom printed wall murals to add color to your office space and build connections with customers and coworkers.

We’ll start off our consultation with two important questions: Where are you placing your mural in your office, and who is it intended for? Knowing the answers will allow us to create the perfect mural for your business and branding needs.

Installing a vinyl wall mural in your main lobby area can enhance your customer connections right away. Consider how many people walk into your office compared to the number of sales or negotiations you’re making. You might feel like your business isn’t performing as well as it may seem. Upon walking inside and seeing bare walls or entering a dull atmosphere, customers might question what makes you different from other companies.

This moment is your chance to shine! Adding a vinyl wall mural to your lobby will attract the attention of everyone when they first walk in. They’ll be intrigued by your design, especially if it represents your brand perfectly. It can provide an atmosphere that encourages people to want to know more about your business, making them more intrigued and open to initiating a deal with you.

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If you’re looking to recreate the look in your office and design a welcoming experience, consider adding vinyl large format wall murals! Contact our studio today, and we’ll set up a consultation appointment to begin our discussion.

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