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Fleet Wraps

Fleet Wraps in Cincinnati

It isn’t out of the ordinary to see multiple trucks carrying large hauls traveling down the highway together. Some of these vehicles are plainly designed trucks that don’t do much to distract you. Others will have you glancing over at every pause or break because the design portrays something you want to see and look at.

The intent with these designs is to share a message about a brand and business, allowing viewers to wonder who they are and what they do. With the graphics and bright colors, you’re more likely to remember these truck designs than those that only spell out a company’s name.

At SpeedPro Cincinnati East, we want to ensure your business can create the same effect with vehicle fleet wraps. Our team can customize these designs to fully brand your business and give you the visibility and exposure you’re looking for.

If your company or organization is located in Blue Ash, the eastern parts of Cincinnati or Clermont County, reach out to our team today to get started.
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The Perfect Custom Fleet Wraps for Your Vehicles

Typically, many eyes are already on shipping and hauling trucks as they pass down the highway. Their stature and noise give them a dominating presence, encouraging people both driving and walking to look around. So why not capitalize on that extra attention to further promote the products you’re carrying or the company you work for?

Creating a fully branded look for all members of your trucking company will generate widespread recognition of your business.

At SpeedPro Cincinnati East, we dedicate our designs and skills to ensure your graphics and visuals are durable and dramatic. We carry two types of vinyl — cast and calendar — to meet the unique demands of any brand.

Cast vinyl comes as a thin material that lasts for quite some time. It can roll onto the various side panels of your truck, creating a clean and full surface for our range of fade-resistant inks. If you want something a bit thicker and more prominent, calendar vinyl is the choice for you. This type of vinyl can easily wrap around the sharp corners and exposed bolts of your truck haul without causing any damage.

The next big decision you’ll have to make is how much coverage and exposure you prefer. We offer both full and partial fleet wrap designs to meet your promotional needs. Full fleet wraps will cover all sides, back and front exposed areas of your truck. They’re effective for full-immersion branding, and if you’re trying to set yourself apart from all competition, they’re the best choice. Partial fleet wraps cover limited, specific truck surfaces, whether that’s the back doors only or both sides of your haul.

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Our team is prepared to work with you and help you decide on the coverage that will benefit your business and brand the most. Call us today, and we’ll schedule your consultation appointment to go over all requirements for your new design.

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