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How Vibrant Vehicle Graphics Benefit Businesses

JUNE 3, 2019| SpeedPro Cleveland East



It’s hard to imagine a world where traffic jams and long commutes are desirable things — that is, unless you’re talking about commercial fleet wraps.

Mobile advertising lets you rule the road with your logo, company name, website, phone number and more. Car wraps for businesses are especially attractive if you’re pushing for broader brand awareness, recognition and reach. These days, who isn’t?

What exactly are vehicle wraps, and are they right for your business? Let’s explore how these visual advertisements can put some pep in your vehicles’ steps and curate more impactful branding.


Vehicle wraps are a premium way to take advertising on the road — literally. They are large vinyl graphics and decals installed on the exterior of your business’ trucks, delivery vans or service cars. When finished, they bring cohesive company branding to your complete squadron of vehicles, keeping them unmistakable in public.

Vehicle wraps can take up a portion or cover the entirety of a vehicle. They’re specifically fabricated for cars, so you don’t have sloppy, messy or unprofessional-appearing logos slapped on a side door, color schemes that clash or fonts misaligned with your brand.

In fact, the best fleet wraps go beyond merely labeling a car with your information. They relay your company’s values and give a sense of its personality, capturing real consumer attention along the way.

From a well-placed tagline to a moving visual catalog of your company’s products or services, fleet wraps are one of the most important visual-marketing tactics you can undertake. And they’re a good investment, too:

The Outdoor Advertising Association of America (OAAA) found that fleet wraps lend the lowest cost-per-impression of any advertising type.

Impression costs are so low, in fact, some estimates mark them at $0.04 per thousand views.

Vehicle wraps can average a staggering 30,000 to 70,000 views per day, depending on vehicle location.


Advertisements explicitly designed for business vehicles make your brand go mobile. If this sounds like industry fluff, think again. With Americans spending more time than ever in their cars, companies have a lot to gain when they direct advertising efforts toward those on the road:

The average commute is now 26 minutes one way — and worse in many cities.

The average driver travels around 37 miles a day.

Over 90 percent of media positioned toward vehicle drivers gets noticed.

Two-thirds of consumers say brand familiarity is a significant factor in deciding what goods to buy or services to use.

Translation? Installing fleet wraps on your business vehicles is a proven, cost-effective strategy to convert passive eyes into paying customers.

As vehicle technology evolves, businesses using fleet wraps to advertise are poised to reap even further benefits. Though it may still seem like something out of a sci-fi movie, self-driving cars and emerging vehicle artificial intelligence means those consumers “driving” around will be less and less focused on the actual driving — and more available to see, take in and remember surrounding information.

It’s a dream scenario for your brand.

If you’re still not convinced, here are more reasons to consider requesting a quote for vehicle graphics from SpeedPro Cleveland East.

  • Wrapping improves the appearance of used or older vehicles.
  • Wrapping makes your company appear more professional, credible and memorable.
  • Wrapping provides businesses with brand consistency.
  • Commercially wrapped fleets are unmistakable, as unique as your business.
  • Vinyl wrapping is considerably easier to update and manage



Vehicle wraps are a combination of high-resolution images and text printed as a large vinyl graphic. This vinyl is intended explicitly for installation on a vehicle’s surface, with a final protective laminate coat and a finish of your choice.

At their core, vehicle wraps convey what your business is about at a glance. This doesn’t mean they’re forgotten as quickly as they’re seen, though. Make sure every impression counts with designs that match your company’s personality and advertising objectives.

Installing vehicle wraps is a relatively straightforward process:

  • After a final design is agreed upon, graphics get printed in panels on a special, car-friendly type of adhesive vinyl.
  • This vinyl is treated with a durable laminate layer to protect its integrity as well as the quality and coloration of the graphics from UV rays, dirt and debris.
  • The car gets prepared for the vinyl. A thorough car wash is required beforehand. Once cleaned, panels are attached to the car one at a time. Panels are pre-marked and arranged for easy installation, fitted and pressed following a set design proof.
  • A final installation inspection is completed, and your wrapped cars are ready to hit the road.

Printing and laminating the initial vinyl sheet takes around three to four days, depending on size, colors, the ink used and detailing.

Outfitting a whole fleet of trucks understandably increases that timeline. If you anticipate new additions to your fleet arriving, it’s best to reach out to SpeedPro Cleveland East, ahead of time so that your vehicles can hit the road as soon as possible.


The short answer? Custom fleet wraps should not damage the factory paint of your vehicle.

Freshly-painted cars should wait a minimum of two to three weeks before being wrapped. If anything, fleet vehicle wraps should actually help protect the surfaces of one of your most precious business assets. That’s because its protective laminate and glossy or matte-spray finishes give your vehicle an extra layer of defense.

Similarly, your vehicles’ base color does not affect the quality of the wrap. It does, however, present an aesthetic choice:


Yet another benefit to fleet wraps? As your business grows and develops, so too can the graphics displayed on its cars.

That’s because fleet wraps are inherently customizable. You can switch or swap panels as well as make vinyl alterations using graphic overlays, which are small labels added on top of the existing panels.


Most shops and studios recommend refreshing your commercial cars’ wraps every three to five years. This ensures no damage to the underlying paint or factory clear coat, plus lowers the chance that large amounts of residue will build up beneath the vinyl’s surface. This allows customers to refresh and refine their marketing messaging when necessary.

Removing fleet wraps completed by SpeedPro is also relatively quick. This ensures your fleet of cars won’t sit out of commission for too long. You can get back on the road — and back converting drivers into customers — in no time.


Caring for your vehicle wrap is simple and straightforward. Like you would with any un-wrapped car, basic cleaning, polishing and maintenance routines are encouraged:

Hand wash your car whenever possible to remove dirt and grime. Avoid using chemical solvents, corrosives or harsh washing equipment. A little soap and water can go a long way.

If you must get an automated car wash, opt for the gentlest cycle possible. Never put your wraps under pressure washers.

Wait a week or two after your vehicles have been wrapped to do any rinsing or washing.

For more specific cleaning and care practices, follow these part-specific guidelines:


Maintain a regular washing schedule. Dirt, grime and dust that’s allowed to build up will not only affect the integrity of the vinyl’s graphics, but it also makes your professional car look bad.

Keep your vehicles out of direct sunlight when not in use. This prevents graphics from fading prematurely and keeps the overall condition of the wrap pristine.

High-quality wax and polishes are safe on most vinyl films and their laminates. Opt for gentler formulas, never abrasive ones.

Do not wax or polish matte-finished or textured laminate vinyl, however.


Avoid ice scrapers on window graphics. Use your window defrosters on a high setting and gentle, sweeping motions from hand-held soft brushes to get rid of snow or ice on your windows.

Avoid rear window wipers on your window graphics as much as possible. Otherwise, the swiping streaks will begin to show on the pictures or text.

Minimize rolling down car windows outfitted graphics. Just as with the rear window wipers, rolling the windows down will scratch the graphics.

The graphics designed and printed at SpeedPro Cleveland East are designed to last 5-7 years, but proper care and maintenance can enhance the longevity and appearance of your vehicle wraps.

Additionally, any graphics printed are designed to last and endure throughout the changing of the seasons, including the mid-summer humidity and the ice and snow during the winter.


Professional graphics for your business means more than standing out from the crowd. It’s about conveying an experience — one that propels your brand identity and makes people want to engage with you, time and time again. With a range of quality, custom car wraps for your complete fleet of commercial vehicles, you can stand out from the crowd for all the right reasons.

For increased value for your advertising dollars, its best to consider taking advantage of mobile advertising. Contact SpeedPro Cleveland East today get started on a fleet vehicle wrap design for your business.

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