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How Wall Graphics Benefit Businesses

AUGUST 19, 2019| SpeedPro Cleveland East



Have you recently considered changing the look of your facility by adding new wallpaper?

Maybe you’ve considered hanging some photography, or posters to spruce up your workplace environment. While these are among your options, keep in mind that your walls are valuable real-estate you could be using to make connections with your customers as well as staff. Since you pay for the walls, why not get the most for your dollar by using them to provide key messaging?

You can rely on the team at SpeedPro Cleveland East to guide your interior wall project from conception to completion.

While a bright and lively wallpaper or coat of paint can initially ignite a spark into a workplace, it can also get old eventually. One of the benefits to working with your local large-format printer is the flexibility you’ll have access to when it comes to choosing an interior wall display.

For example, if you’re having a sale or promotion, your walls are a great way to communicate that with customers by using removable wall graphics.

Additionally, if you wanted to make some changes to your interior without the commitment of painting the entire facility, decals would be a great option. They can be custom made to be run from floor to ceiling or to simply cover a section of your walls.

The duration that you want the graphics on display for, along with the messaging itself will dictate the optimal material for your project. Other factors that should play into your decision making process are the environment in which they’ll be displayed and the surface of the wall where the graphics will be applied.

As an example, in an industrial setting placing graphics can be a challenge due to safety concerns. At SpeedPro Cleveland East, you’ll be able to find products with a high flame retardancy which are ideal for industrial settings. Whether it’s digital wall coverings or simple wayfinding signage that you’re looking for – the team at SpeedPro Cleveland East is more than happy to provide you with the graphics you’ve been missing.

Once you’ve decided on the type of graphics you’d want, the next step is installation. If the graphics are larger than your standard poster or decal, you’d probably be best off using a certified, professionally trained installer.

This is typically the preferred method when you’re working with a full-size mural or a graphic that will cover a larger-than-average area, such as a tall wall in the lobby of your building or the wall or an area within a stairwell.

Whether you do-it-yourself or work with a team of pros, here’s everything you need to know about installing wall graphics in your business:


You want to place the mural or wall decals in a high-visibility location. The best case scenario is for the wall graphics to leave a strong impression everyone present at your business. The positioning of your wall graphic also depends on the type of facility you have.

For instance, in a retail environment, the mural or other graphic can help you welcome people into your place of business while simultaneously encouraging them to make a buying decision.

Suppose you don’t have customers that regularly come to your place of business – you can still take advantage of using a mural or smaller-scale graphics to briefly explain history of the company, provide a mission statement or improve morale.

When displayed in areas that your employees see often, the graphics can make team members feel proud of the place they work. Some examples of locations where installing wall graphics could make an impact on your business include:

  • Lobbies: A wall mural can be a striking way to make an impression on visitors, customers, delivery people and countless others that may walk through your doors.
  • Showrooms: In a spacious showroom, leaving your walls barren means missing out on an opportunity to add a silent salesperson to your team. Short, concise messaging via vibrant wall graphics can go a long way when it comes to influencing buying decisions for customers entering your facility.
  • Waiting rooms: Wall graphics in the waiting room of a medical practice, attorney’s office or other office space can go a long way to help create a welcoming environment while people wait.
  • Conference & Meeting Rooms: A vibrant, unique wall mural on your company’s conference room can help to make a great impression on new clients during presentations and sales meetings.
  • Break rooms: Installing the right large-scale mural in the break room can transform it into a tranquil space that feels isolated from the hustle and bustle of the rest of the office.
  • Hallways: Wall graphics and murals can spruce up a common space or corridor that people don’t pay much attention to fairly quickly. For an area that does not see a lot of daily use, installing a wall display along a well-traveled hallway in your office can get people to slow down and take note of their surroundings.

Some spaces throughout an office are less than suitable for murals or graphics. For example, areas of your business that have high humidity might not be suitable for a graphic, as the moisture in the air can seep into the walls and interfere with adhesion. Any space in front of a cooling system or near water pipes might not be ideal either.


Ideally, the wall where the graphics will be applied should be smooth and free of any debris. The smallest bit of dust can interfere with the graphic’s ability to adhere, so you’ll want to clean the wall prior to applying any graphics.

Depending on the condition of the wall, it might be necessary to wipe it down with a damp cloth a couple of weeks before you install the graphics. Since you need the wall to be completely dry before you hang the graphics, you’ll want to wait a few weeks before moving forward.

The same concept applies to freshly painted walls. Wait at least three weeks before applying any graphics to give the paint time to cure and dry thoroughly.


Another asset that partnering with SpeedPro provides is the fact that we work with premium materials that are designed to last for years with the proper care and maintenance.

With the right care and treatment, wall graphics can serve as a long-lasting element of your workspace, maintaining a pristine look throughout their lifespan. When you’re caring for your murals or decals, the thing to remember is to be gentle. There’s no need to use strong, harsh chemicals or cleaners such as bleach or ammonia on the graphics. Doing so can damage the material and cause the images to fade.

To properly clean your mural, use a dry dusting cloth to wipe it down about once a month. You also want to avoid getting the graphic too wet. After cleaning the wall, gently dry it with a cloth.

If you’re ready for your wall graphics to get printed and installed, the first step would be to contact us to provide us with details about your project.

We would need to know the surface of the wall (we have a solution for all types of walls), the height and width of both the wall and the graphics, as well as the date you planned on having the install completed. Then, we would have you submit your art. In case you don’t have art, don’t worry. Our in-house design team can help you create the perfect graphic necessary to make your messaging come to life.

If you’ve been planning to transform the interior of your place of business, feel free to contact the team at the SpeedPro Cleveland East studio today.

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