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How Window Graphics Can Increase Traffic For Your Business

JULY 10, 2019| SpeedPro Cleveland East



The location of a business is imperative to its success. Have you ever stopped at a store location under the impression that you showed up to the wrong address upon your arrival? Did the storefront exterior seem inviting or send along any subconscious cues that you should be buying something? If not, the business was clearly missing vibrant window graphics that could have provided insight into what the business has to offer potential customers.

It’s pivotal to maximize the amount of traffic walking through the doors of your business however and whenever possible. People may consider storefront owners near living complexes or strip malls lucky since they benefit from having foot traffic nearby at all times, but it doesn’t guarantee them paying customers. Without a subtle invitation, passersby may not even realize the storefront exists. Window graphics are also beneficial when it comes to rejuvenating a mundane meeting or showroom.

Whether you need an efficient way to communicate a message that gets your products off the shelves, or you’re in need of a new look within your businesses headquarters, window graphics are an ideal way of accomplishing your goal.

Window Graphics and Hyperlocal Advertising

Window graphics aren’t solely meant to advance the message of your business. They can also help to increase foot traffic through something known as hyperlocal advertising. Hyperlocal advertising is often used to describe a type of web or mobile-based advertising that’s targeted at people who are within walking distance of your business. When someone’s out and about, gets hungry and decides they want pizza, hyperlocal advertising helps them find the nearest pizza place.

Hyperlocal advertising has been pretty effective for companies who have jumped in and given it a try online. From 2014 to 2015, the number of searches on Google for “_____ near me” doubled.

Although businesses have had success using web and search-based tactics to connect with potential customers nearby, you don’t have to be tech-savvy to reap the benefits of hyperlocal advertising. Window graphics let you connect with and advertise to people who are in the area. The people you can reach with your window graphics and displays are likely to be either right in front of your business or close enough to see your message.

Window graphics and displays are a type of out-of-home (OOH) advertising that allows you to take advantage of customer intent. For example, shoppers go to their local mall with a variety of intentions. Some are there because they want to buy something specific. Others view a trip to the mall as a social occasion, a chance to browse around while catching up with friends. Some people go shopping because they have a few hours to kill and browsing racks of clothing seems like an excellent way to pass the time:

Window displays and graphics can help a store use hyperlocal advertising to connect with the latter two types of shoppers. For example, use of large format graphics in your shop’s window advertising a 50% off sale or that your “sale is on sale” might be enough to draw in the casual shopper and the goals-based shopper who’s willing to be distracted. If your sale aligns with the goals of the purchase-focused shopper, you might even be able to draw them in too.

Window displays play a role in making your company’s exterior more appealing and welcoming to customers and passersby, but window graphics don’t only increase curb appeal. They also offer several other benefits to businesses, including the ability to:

  • Spur people to action: Window displays help get people to act. One survey found that nearly 80 percent of consumers took some sort of action after seeing an OOH ad. When a customer walks by a store that has a window display advertising a sale, new arrivals or something else exciting, they can take immediate action and check out what’s going on inside.
  • Grant flexibility: While certain aspects of a business’ curb appeal, such as an awning, paint color or lighting, are permanent or semi-permanent, window graphics aren’t. You can change the graphics you use based on the season, the promotion you’re currently running or any number of factors. You can even decide to leave the graphics on the window for the long run if you prefer.
  • Involve less red tape: Some aspects of your company’s curb appeal might require you to get permits or permissions. For example, some areas require companies to get a permit to hang large signs up or display a large sandwich board in front of their building. In malls, you’re often limited to keeping your displays inside your storefront rather than having any signage or graphics spill out into the main mall corridor. Since window graphics are inside your property and don’t interfere with walkways or right-of-way, you typically don’t need to get a special permit to hang them up.
  • Go beyond advertising: Window graphics are more than advertising. They can provide useful information to passersby and customers. If you have a glass door, you can use a graphic to let people know how it opens, either by pushing or pulling or automatically. Graphics can also let people know your operating hours and contact information as well as when you might be closed for holidays.
  • Protect your inventory and staff: If your storefront or business faces the exterior of a building and has large windows, it’s likely that the sun shines into the property for some hours of the day. Although the sun can feel great, it can also get pretty hot, which can make it unpleasant inside the property for your staff. Not to mention, the sun’s rays can cause fading and other damage to your inventory over time. Along with sharing information with customers, you can use window graphics to tint the windows or filter the sunlight, preserving your inventory and creating a more comfortable working environment.

While window graphics can help you connect with customers, there’s more to using graphics than simply hanging them in the window, crossing your fingers and hoping for the best. The ones that get the job done and boost foot traffic follow a similar formula.

The team at SpeedPro Cleveland East takes these steps into consideration so that your window displays and graphics accomplish your goal of bringing shoppers through your doors:

  • Remaining true to your brand: Ideally, your window graphics will be on-brand and on-message. If you have signature colors or a signature font, use those in the design of the graphics. Additionally, supplementing your window displays with corresponding wall or floor graphics is great for brand alignment because it reinforces the message your business is aiming to share with its clientele.
  • Get the size and placement right: Graphics that are at eye-level are often the easiest for people to see. Put the most important details at eye-level and less useful ones below that. Also, remember that size matters. You don’t want the graphic to be so large that people can’t take it all in at once, and you also don’t want it to be so small that they practically have to press themselves against the window to see it.
  • Combine graphics with another display: When you look at the holiday window displays made famous by the likes of Macy’s, Saks and other major department stores, they have one thing in common: They combine window graphics with eye-catching displays that show off the store’s inventory. Now is the time to think outside the box and use your inventory and message to entice people to come inside. Once customers have made it into your business, the challenge shifts to getting them to make a purchase or decision. This is where the wall or floor graphics take effect as they have the power to drive home messaging that may resonate with your customers, which could drive them towards making a buying decision.


Let SpeedPro Help You Boost Your Businesses Message

Our experts will diligently work with you to present you with all of the options you have to create memorable, engaging window displays that are bound to make an impact on your business. Whether you’re searching for vinyl lettering, removable decals, or perforated window displays, the team at SpeedPro is more than capable of providing messaging that resoundingly resonates with your clientele. For more info on how to create an inviting environment that aligns with your brand, contact SpeedPro Cleveland East for a free consultation today.

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