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Introducing Smart Signage from SpeedPro

JUNE 30, 2020| SpeedPro Cleveland East



Originally slated for release later this year, Smart Signage is already making an immediate impact on businesses that have reopened. Offering businesses (specifically restaurants) an alternative from traditional printing, this new product uses NFC technology to communicate your messaging directly onto your guest’s smartphone. This innovation allows staff to keep touch points with customers at a bare minimum which is vital in helping businesses obey social distancing regulations. Additionally this new innovation allows businesses the ability to:

  • Reintroduce themselves to their customers with a new means of relaying information. Most businesses have been greatly impacted by lengthy shutdowns, and concerns regarding the virus are still prevalent. By introducing Smart Signage into your operation, you have the ability to provide your customers with the perception that you are pulling out all the stops to keep them safe. 
  • Generate sales and traffic by advertising promotions or new products specifically using Smart Signage. For example, a retail outlet may have a poster or window graphic advertising a 10% off all purchases. Passersby may thoughtlessly stroll right past the sign, but by using Smart Signage retailers add the possibility to explicitly draw them in by inviting them to press their phone next to the graphic to see the promotion or new product. This not only separates you from other retailers with normal signage, but it also invites and rewards new customers to try your products who may otherwise may not have ordinarily stopped. 
  • Enhance overall customer experience, along with your marketing efforts by making touch points with customers, both new and old well after you’ve made the initial greeting. Generally within the current climate, most people need a little more motivation to go into the general public. By providing an experience that allows you to communicate with customers, both while they are away from your place of business, and while there in person, you’re taking the extra mile the competition isn’t in order to meet the needs of your guests. 

    If you’d like to find out more details on whether or not smart signage is right for you or your business, get in touch with us today so we can do our part to help restart your business.

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