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Mobile Advertising on a Budget

FEBRUARY 17, 2020| SpeedPro Cleveland East



A common misconception around mobile advertising is the idea that you need to fully wrap a vehicle in order to reap the benefits of vehicle graphics. With the availability of temporary, removable decals and spot graphics, that misconception is objectively false. Additionally, the benefits of mobile advertising with decals instead of full vehicle wraps are a wonderful alternative when a full wrap is not in the budget or simply unnecessary. That being said, when deciding for or against paying for a vehicle wrap, you should understand all of the options at your disposal. Keep reading for examples of how to take advantage of mobile advertising without assuming the costs of a full vehicle wrap. 

  • Magnets
    For small businesses, a full wrap or even a large amount of coverage can lead you to spend more than you can justify. A concept familiar to most, magnets often go overlooked in the context of mobile advertising. If you’re aiming for simplicity while increasing your brand awareness on the road, this could be the perfect product. If you advertise a business using a personal vehicle, magnets allow you to advertise only when you want to. So for instance, if you live in a community that frowns upon leaving a car with ads in a driveway, you can simply remove the magnet at the end of business hours. Additionally, vehicle magnets provide you with the flexibility of removal once you are ready to scale up your mobile advertising efforts permanently.
  • Decals
    One of the more versatile options for vehicle graphics is the decal. Decals are a great way to quickly and efficiently communicate the message without deviating from a set budget. Another benefit is that the decals can serve as a short-term alternative to a full vehicle wrap, or represent your company for the same amount of time a vehicle wrap would (5-7 years with proper care).
  • Cut Vinyl (Spot Graphics)
    If your marketing assets are thin and you aren’t ready to embark upon a full-fledged re-brand, you might be able to make use of spot graphics. Similar to decals, they get the message across efficiently to anyone viewing the message at the speed of traffic. For example, if you’re working with just a company name, phone number and website link, you wouldn’t necessarily need a full vehicle wrap just to spread those pieces of information. In this case, spot graphics would be the ideal mobile advertising solution. Keep in mind, if you were to re-brand and expand on the basic information you communicate, you could always scale up your mobile advertising from spot graphics into a full wrap.
  • Window Perf
    An unconventional, yet effective form of mobile advertising would be to make use of your back windshield with perforated window graphics. How long do you spend behind other vehicles in traffic on your day-to-day commute? Odds are it’s not an insignificant amount of time. Most drivers could say the same about their commutes. Why not take advantage of that concept by using window perf to add graphics onto your back windshield? Unbeknownst to some, window perf also allows drivers to view from the inside out.  Unlike our other vehicle products, the life span is shorter than with regular vinyl, although it’s sure to leave a big impression on any potential customers.

For more information on mobile advertising with a tight budget, feel free to call SpeedPro Cleveland East today at 216-342-4954. The staff is eager to answer any questions you may have regarding reaping the benefits of mobile advertising.


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