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Six SpeedPro Suggestions For Success at Your Next Trade Show

SEPTEMBER 20, 2019| SpeedPro Cleveland East



Six SpeedPro Suggestions For Success at Your Next Trade Show


This is the first of a three-part series which creates a roadmap for planning for your next big trade show.

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The value of attending and having a strong presence at trade shows cannot be overstated. Annually, trade shows generate roughly $13 billion in revenue. Part of the reason trade shows have become so valuable is because of the opportunity they provide for businesses to interact face-to-face and engage your customers and prospects.

Although they present a great opportunity for a business, trade shows can be costly. Employees spend lots of company time (and money) preparing for and attending trade shows. How do you know if it’s time and money well spent? The key is planning for your trade show far enough in advance that you know exactly how you’ll attract people to your booth.

Don’t wait until it’s too late to start planning for your next trade show. If you’re hoping to make strong impressions on your customers during the upcoming trade show season, follow the steps below.


  1. Start By Setting Goals You Hope To Accomplish at the Trade Show
    The first step in your trade show planning should be to establish the goals you plan to achieve while at the trade show. One common mistake to avoid is assuming everyone attending the trade show on behalf of your company is on the same page regarding expected outcomes and follow up plans. Well in advance of the trade show, establish your goals and follow-up cadence. Most of the time, these goals include generating new leads, recruiting new employees or to generate interest around a new product or service. Once you have established your goals for the trade show, and communicated them with  everyone who will attend, the next step is to organize your messaging around the goal of your upcoming trade show.
  2. Find Ways to Engage Your Audience Before The Trade Show
    Engaging your audience well ahead of the day of your trade show is  a great way to build anticipation ahead of the big day. This also serves as a great lead-generation tactic. One of the best tools for engaging your audience ahead of time is social media. Whether it’s LinkedIn, Facebook or Instagram, potential clients can interact with your company directly via social media which allows you to learn about whether or not you have an angle that’ll go over well at a trade show. For example, if you’re planning to launch a product and there seems to be a heavy amount of conversation around it on your social media platforms – it’s likely that the product will be a hit at the trade show if presented properly. Sometimes, trade show organizations give the event a hashtag for attendees to use to start conversations around the trade show. If your next trade show has an accompanying hashtag, try to make as much use of it as possible for the sake of increasing brand awareness ahead of the trade show.
  3. Create a Uniformed, Memorable Message with your Display
    When creating a trade show display, your main priority should be to provide a display that’s both aesthetically pleasing and consistent with your brand. Your display should have elements of your online presence (Twitter handle, Facebook name, LinkedIn page) visible. Things like your web address and company social media accounts should be as prominent as the name of the company itself. Also keep in mind that your customers are looking for more than your company’s name and slogan while at the trade show. Try to create a compelling story that sticks with your prospective clients as they move from booth to booth. One challenge within creating a trade show booth is running out of room before you’ve shared everything you wanted with the customer. In this situation, try compiling a portfolio of your work or accomplishments into a folder or binder you can place on a table for clients to look through as they pass your display. This is a great way to provide visual examples that allows your work to speak for itself.
  4.  Stay Up To Date With New Trade Show Trends
    It’s highly unlikely for the same trade show trends to remain in place year after year which is why there’s value in staying on top of trade show trends. Often enough, there’s usually changes in trends from one trade show season to the next. One of the worst possible mistakes you could make is assuming everything you did during your last trade show will go over well at your next one, especially since one of the biggest things companies look to display at trade shows is innovation. Staying up to date on both trade show and industry trends is a small, yet vital way to make the upcoming trade show season your best yet.
  5.  Decide How To Use Your Space as Efficiently and Effectively as Possible
    If you have to work within less space than you anticipated, it can leave you feeling as though you have no chance whatsoever to attract any visitors. By choosing to come to us for your trade show needs, you’ll find that we have access to a number of methods that’ll be vital in getting your messaging across. These solutions range from fabric towers to kiosk stands and hanging structures that can be customized to display your company’s key messaging. Regardless of what elements you choose to employ at your next trade show, choosing to work with SpeedPro Cleveland East gives you the best chance possible at having compelling, high-impact graphics on display at your upcoming trade show.
  6.  Find a Partner Dedicated to Helping Your Display Distinguish You From The Crowd
    By partnering with SpeedPro Cleveland East, you’ll have the benefit of working with not just a local printer, but with a trusted partner dedicated to helping you make the most of the upcoming trade show season. No matter what the main goal of your upcoming trade show is, we will do our part to provide you with an enticing display guaranteed to bring new prospects to your booth. Whether you’re in need of a basic step and repeat or you’re looking to produce stunning backlit graphics, we’re ready to meet with you to find out how we can help create your ideal trade show booth.

Before this trade show season gets underway, contact us to talk through your goals for your upcoming trade show so we can decide the best way to help you achieve them.



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