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Using Wide-Format Graphics to Communicate Coronavirus Re-opening Guidelines

JUNE 17, 2020| SpeedPro Cleveland East



With Ohio’s slow reopening process underway, businesses will need to figure out the best ways to communicate the new social distancing rules everyone need to follow. By teaming up with a local large-format printer, you’ll learn about multiple options for sharing those guidelines as effectively as possible. Although it can be difficult for businesses to enforce that the guidelines are being followed, by vividly and prominently displaying the signage detailing the new guidelines your guests at least know the protocol for keeping the odds of spreading the virus at a minimum. 

It should also be noted that following social distancing protocols is not meant to circumvent the usage of personal protective equipment. The only way to mitigate the spread of coronavirus, while avoiding a full shutdown is by taking full direction of medical experts and the CDC. As members of the community, we strive to do whatever we can to make your reopening process as seamless as possible. We can do that by providing assistance with the following:

  • Floor Decals
    A great solution for business owners with a limited amount of space, floor decals are a great way to communicate social distancing guidelines or any other type of message. Before installation, the surface the floor graphic will be applied to needs proper preparation ahead of time to ensure its durability if it’s going on an indoor surface. 
  • Window Decals
    If you have a storefront that benefits from having big, street-facing windows, it may benefit you to consider using window graphics as a means for communicating new hours of operation or status regarding whether or not you are open. Additionally, by installing new window graphics, there’s the prospect of catching the attention of passersby who may have never visited your place of business.
  • A-Frames or Flags
    If you’re in a business where curbside service is an option, A-Frame signs or promotional teardrop flags should certainly be something for you to consider. A portable solution like this also works for flagging down customers who may be eagerly awaiting your reopening as they’ve traveled past your empty storefront. Also, this type of signage solution is great for any potential opportunities to make appearances at open air farmers markets or flea markets.
  • Wall Graphics
    Wall graphics can include decals, posters, and cut vinyl lettering either permanent or removable. If you’re in a scenario where you may need to remove any messaging you display, these options still allow you to get your point across. Similarly to floor graphics, the area the graphics will be applied to needs to be clean and dry before installation. 


The main benefit to prominently displaying these new guidelines regarding social distancing is the fact that you’ll have provided all the information available for your guests to properly protect themselves while in your place of business. Although following the protective measures will not eliminate the risk of transmitting or passing the virus entirely, following the protocols means significantly lowering the chances of transmission while in your place of business. 

While making additions to your place of business regarding covid-19 signage, this may be a good time to re-evaluate your branding overall. If that is apart of your thought process during this time, as always, we are happy to help.  Since we are all in this together, we at SpeedPro Imaging Cleveland East would like to be of assistance in any area possible so give us a call 

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