Vehicle Wraps

Vehicle Wraps

Stand Out With Vehicle Wraps in Cleveland, OH

Would you like to generate more leads?  Are customers confused about what company you work for when you are driving from place-to-place? Look no further!

If you do business in Northeast Ohio, you can benefit from vehicle wraps. Think about all the times you’re sitting in traffic or driving down the highway and another car catches your eye. It might have a cool paint job, a clever bumper sticker or a colorful advertisement on its side. Advertisements on vehicles reach people at an opportune time and increase visibility for the company.

Highway billboards may be effective because of their ability to grab attention with size and presence, now imagine if you could became the billboard. It may sound weird, but it’s something you can do with your own vehicle! According to the Outdoor Advertising Association of America (OAAA), auto wraps are the most effective and efficient way to advertise your business outside of the office.

If you’d like to get started with this form of advertising, contact SpeedPro Cleveland East today. We can discuss the look and angle you’re going for and produce bold graphics that will attract the eye of everyone driving by.

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The Benefits of Vehicle Wraps

Vehicle wrapping is effective is because of its return on investment. The amount you spend on the application will be less than the amount you receive on sales based on impressions. Think of how many vehicles you see and pass on a daily basis — there’s a great chance it’s more than the number of customers walking around your office building!

  • Cost-effective: When it comes to returns on investment (ROI), out-of-home advertising generates an average of $5.97 in product sales for ever dollar spent.
  • Well-received: People respond well to out-of-home ads (OOH) because they aren’t obstructive or intrusive to a person’s everyday life like some mediums are.
  • Increase brand awareness: Having a simple image in front of people is great, but by combining them to your social networking channels you can increase your daily reach by 212%.
  • Protect the vehicle: Everyone wants to avoid damages to their vehicle. With a layer of vinyl over the paint, the dirt and gravel that are bound to bounce off your car will affect the wrap, not the vehicle itself.
  • Flexible: Vehicle wraps are unique because they can move around to places where it is likely to be the most effective.

Think of yourself as a moving billboard — your ad is wrapped around your car for people to notice and read as you drive.

Click the video below to learn more about how vehicle wrap products can benefit you.


Custom Vehicle Wrap Options

Your selections for wrap customizations will depend on how durable and permanent you want the effect of your message to be. Benefits come with every option, so the consultation process is important in identifying what you and your business need. There are typically three types of wrappings to choose from:

  • Fleet wraps: A fleet wrap is ideal for companies that send multiple vehicles onto the road together, such as trucks or vans. These carriers will each display the same design wrapped around their doors, hoods and backs. The look is staggering as all of the trucks come down the road one after another, and the repetition of the wrap’s design is sure to leave an impression on anyone driving by.
  • Full vehicle wraps: A full auto wrap option allows for your vehicle to be dressed head to toe in colors and graphics. Your hood, windows, roof and bumper are all wrapped to vividly display your brand. These full wraps are perfect for businesses that want to invest fully in advertising, such as a company that has just started or one that’s seeking to approach and gain the attention of more customers.
  • Partial vehicle wraps: This option give less coverage but have the same bold and clear graphics as the full vehicle wrap. This alternative solution may work better for companies that don’t need to invest all their energy in this “mobile advertising.” Instead, partial wraps can be used as an addition to your marketing agenda or for a temporary advertising kick.
  • Decals: You can customize your vehicle in smaller ways with spot graphics. Display your logo without wrapping the entire car so that you can bring imagery to your vehicle at the lowest cost.
  • Window graphics: Although window graphics are typically an element in a full wrap, you can cover your windows with perforated vinyl. They are see-through from the inside so as to not inhibit the driver’s or passenger’s visibility, but they appear as a solid design from the outside.


When To Use A Vehicle Wrap

Custom car wraps are effective for local businesses with services that people can’t buy online, like plumbing, cleaning, or landscaping companies.

Some business owners believe that vehicle wraps are reserved only for large-scale companies with full fleets at their disposal. However, vehicle wraps are perfect for businesses of all sizes due to their low cost, high ROI and local influence. Smaller businesses can especially benefit from the boost in visibility that large businesses might already have established.

Here are only a few examples of companies that can benefit greatly from custom vehicle wraps:

  • Agriculture and Landscaping: Take the cost-effective opportunity to grow your company with the right brand visuals including indoor and outdoor signage, vehicle wraps, branded tents, and more.
  • Design shops: These companies include graphic design, print and copy shops, marketing agencies, photography studios, and more. Offer more to your customers than you ever imagined by partnering with you local Cleveland SpeedPro.
  • Event Signage: Whether you are planning a private, corporate, or charity event SpeedPro is here to help. Event planners know how attractive, on-brand signage can transform an event, making it an unforgettable experience for those attending. To get the best quality signage on the market today, consider working with SpeedPro.
  • Non-profit & associations: Since there isn’t a product to sell, nonprofits need to be involved with the advertising process, which should result in awareness and exposure. SpeedPro can assist with wayfinding signage, events, flags, and more.
  • Tradesmen Graphics: If your company does plumbing, HVAC work, home repairs or other service-based fixings, custom van wraps or truck wraps can promote your business while you zip around town from client to client. It’s an excellent way to put your vehicle to work doing the same things it already does.
  • Transportation: Maybe your company offers delivery on items like flowers, appliances, catering or baked goods. Maybe you own and operate a bus or limo service. Whatever the case may be, arriving to a customers home in a branded delivery vehicle lets you reinforce your imagery and advertise as you go. It can also help recipients note your professionalism and understand who is approaching their front door.
  • More

Other industries include food trucks, cleaning services, painters – the list is endless! While these are just a few examples, almost any business with a company vehicle can benefit from business car wraps, especially if they focus on business-to-consumer transactions.


Design Your Own Vehicle Graphics With SpeedPro Cleveland East

Are you unsure what the right solution is for you? No problem!

SpeedPro Cleveland East can help you with any project from conception all the way to completion. We can help customize your vehicle wrap design the way you want to represent your company. No matter your needs, our team will assist you to perfect your vehicle advertising. We have a membership with the American Marketing Association, so call us for a consultation to discuss how we can wrap your vehicle and advance your marketing game!

Contact our studio today to get started with your free consultation. Once we discuss your individual brand identity one-on-one, we can craft your vinyl graphics and provide a quick turnaround time.



Can anyone install a vehicle wrap? The short answer: you should leave it to a professional.

If a custom vehicle wrap isn’t installed correctly, it can damage your paint job on removal. Another issue is that a do-it-yourself installation can look unprofessional. You want to put your best foot forward on all marketing materials, and a bubbly, peeling paint job after a week is not the most professional look.

Once you hand your vehicle off to a pro, here’s how they install the wraps.

  • First: The installer appropriately prepares the surface of the vehicle. This includes removing any rust, dents or paint abnormalities that could get in the way of the adhesive or show through on the finished result.
  • Second: Several installers will stretch and wrap the vinyl panel around the vehicle’s components one at a time. They use heat guns to warm up the adhesive and smooth out bubbles, alongside special squeegee tools.
  • Lastly: They’ll conduct a final inspection and ensure there are no air gaps or other issues.

After they finish up, you can expect a car wrap to last for many years. However, excessive sunlight can cause problems like fading so you should consider parking the car in the shade when possible to get more longevity out of your wrap.

Click the video below to see a time lapse of the installation process.



How much is a vehicle wrap? Every project we do is custom made, therefore, there is a wide price range. The price of a partial wrap would be proportional to a full wrap. No matter the conditions, SpeedPro graphics are made to last. All of our vehicle wraps are printed with premium high-quality media that is outdoor-durable, and installed by an experienced professional. Four factors determine the cost of a wrap:

  1. The amount of material required (specific vehicle/coverage)
  2. The amount of design time and photo acquisition required
  3. The complexity (or simplicity) of installation
  4. The quality of the vinyl and laminate (will affect the longevity of the wrap)

Will a wrap hurt my paint? In most cases, vehicle wraps will not damage factory paint jobs. Typically, the wrap will actually protect your paint and leave it in far better condition had you not wrapped the vehicle. It is important to talk with us and pre-test your paint job prior to wrapping with vinyl. Paint in poor condition may peel when vinyl is removed. New paint needs several weeks to cure before a wrap is installed.

How durable are car wraps? While a custom vehicle wrap is low-maintenance, there are some steps you can take to keep your wrap in tip-top condition.

  • The main consideration is to wash the car regularly. Keeping your wrap clean can help make it last as long as possible and look as fresh as the day you bought it. Rinse the car and scrub with a non-abrasive, mild detergent without any alcohol. Give it another rinse and let it air dry or use a microfiber cloth. Spot clean the wrap as needed, such as after bug splatters or bird droppings hit. You can also pressure wash the car with care or take it through a non-abrasive drive-through if absolutely necessary.
  • Another way to keep your wrap clean is to protect it from damage in the first place. You can park in covered areas or use a fabric cover when your vehicle isn’t in use. Avoid driving on loose gravel roads, where rocks and debris can kick up onto the sides of the car.

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