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Highway billboards are effective because of their ability to grab attention with size and presence. Now, imagine if you could become a billboard. It may sound weird, but it’s something you can do with your own vehicle!

According to the Outdoor Advertising Association of America, vehicle wrapping is the most effective and efficient way to advertise your business outside of the office.

Think of yourself as a moving billboard — your ad is wrapped around your car for people to notice and read as you drive.

The reason vehicle wrapping is effective is because of its return on investment. The amount you spend on the application will be less than the amount you receive on sales based on impressions. Think of how many vehicles you see and pass on a daily basis — there’s a great chance it’s more than the number of customers walking around your office building!

If you’d like to get started with this form of advertising, contact SpeedPro Cleveland East today. We can discuss the look and angle you’re going for and produce bold graphics that will attract the eye of everyone driving by.

Custom Vehicle Wraps

Your selections for wrap customizations will depend on how durable and permanent you want the effect of your message to be. Benefits come with every option, so the consultation process is important in identifying what you and your business need. There are typically three types of wrappings to choose from:

  • Fleet wrap
  • Full wrap
  • Partial wrap

A fleet wrap is ideal for companies that send multiple vehicles onto the road together, such as trucks or vans. These carriers will each display the same design wrapped around their doors, hoods and backs. The look is staggering as all of the trucks come down the road one after another, and the repetition of the wrap’s design is sure to leave an impression on anyone driving by.

A full wrap option allows for your vehicle to be dressed head to toe in colors and graphics. Your hood, windows, roof and bumper are all wrapped to vividly display your brand. These full wraps are perfect for businesses that want to invest fully in advertising, such as a company that has just started or one that’s seeking to approach and gain the attention of more customers.

Partial wraps give less coverage but have the same bold and clear graphics. This partial option may work better for companies that don’t need to invest all their energy in this “mobile advertising.” Instead, partial wraps can be used as an addition to your marketing agenda or for a temporary advertising kick.

SpeedPro Cleveland East

If you’d like to get your vehicle custom wrapped, reach out to us today. Our studio serves businesses located in the counties of Summit and Cuyahoga. We have a membership with the American Marketing Association, so call us for a consultation to discuss how we can wrap your vehicle and advance your marketing game!

We love doing car wraps, but we many other ways to brand your business.  Take a moment and view our other branding products:

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